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  1. Thanks for the rules link guys. 5 min games. No offsides. No line changes. These are what dreams are made of! I love it! Cheers
  2. Anyone have a link to the game rules for the tourney? Such as are penalties on? Line changes on? Period length. Sorry, I'm still new here. but since the tourney is in my hometown, I should at least pretend to be prepared Cheers
  3. Hahha. Awesome! High school nickname finally paying off!
  4. Hey everyone. Saw the news for the King of 94 tourney to be held right here in Vancouver. Thought there would be no better time than now to be part of the community. Quick story. We used to have NHL tourneys back when the first Electronic Arts hockey game came out NHL92? We had this jar you would have to put a quarter in every time the following happened: If you yelled or swore (parents were upstairs) or when you would score an illegal/cheap goal. - The one where you would come in from the side and just kind of jam your stick through the net. No actual shot on net. After a month, that money jar will FILLED with coins I tell ya I'm sure everyone has a silly story or 2 associated with the early NHL games. Glad to be on board. Cheers
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