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  1. We have the most info on hacking those two games and there’s the most demand. It might seem like a no-brainer to hack the games with the most features (such as 96) but it also can cause some issues and you lose certain levels of customization/ease we have with 94 (and 95).
  2. Rotated center ice logos are soooo hot right now. (and also very cool, so I’m excited to see what you’re up to!)
  3. Ooo - this is cool. So much room for customization has opened up because of @Drezz's work!
  4. Hi Ronnie! Welcome to the cult. Our updates are typically played on emulators (PC, smartphone, modern console, other modern devices) or flash carts (which allow you to play on a Genesis via SD card). If you want to play digitally: Emulation is free if you already have a compatible controller and device capable of running the program. If you want a physical cart: Flash Carts are anywhere from $30 for cheap knockoffs to $100+ for the authentic high quality ones. Occasionally pirates will take work from sites like ours and sell real carts but they do not support our community so generally I’d recommend staying away and instead hunting for a flash cart (flash carts also store “unlimited” ROMs and you can update rosters in a matter of seconds). We have a Discord where people are able to help you set up emulators or hunt for equipment.
  5. All of the content is done and the “demo” for the updated project will be released tonight. This will have 2 ROMs, with East and West separated/unpodded. Assuming no one (including myself) notice any bugs, I’ll begin podding and have the remaining 4 ROMs out by the following Thursday/Regionals.
  6. It might be incompatible with the 30-team template too.
  7. It does not work with the 32-team ROM. It will work with 28-teamers
  8. To edit the random faceoff songs (regardless of ROM size), go to FE658. There are 8 slots.
  9. Holy [whatever expletive you so choose], is that a perspective warp on center ice?!?!? Curious about one thing though - why the late 90s Bruins logo?
  10. Cool to see the behind the scenes of how you track where thingies go.
  11. If you want custom music the easy way, I heard a guy who is really smart and handsome and cool made this patch:
  12. First, I just wanted to let you know that almost everyone’s first try at hacking this game takes a long time so don’t get too discouraged! My early work is especially terrible Second, I would recommend using a 32-team rom and then cutting the team sizes down BECAUSE a few people here have created TM bookmarks that’ll let you just click two buttons and get to the correct colors/format/byte order and location in a jiffy. I believe someone has a public file here… but if you can’t find anything AdamCatalyst has one and I have a fork of his I could share although certain tweaks may be confusing to others.
  13. Not sure if it’s dead but if it is it’s because Smoz has spent the years since doing other unbelievable stuff for us. Credits and Ron Barr can be edited using a hex editor. Not sure what offsets are… but if you just CNTL-F and put Electronic Arts and Ron Barr you get there within a few seconds. I would read about the formatting in AdamCatalyst’s hacking guide before doing this though just to get a hold on certain formatting cues.
  14. Hey all. I have finished my music patch and created an accompanying Excel Music Table Generator that will expedite the process for anyone looking to plug the songs into a ROM. I don't know if any of this is useful to anyone except me, but please feel free to use it if you want a more modern sound in your game. The music catalog has mostly stadium jams and a few pep/marching band songs just to accommodate my NCAA project, but also a feel references either to the original NHL 94, other video games (New Vegas and Undertale fans may find a surprise inside), and TV shows in NHL markets. The patch is compatible with any ROM and only updates the music notes, not the table because the location changes in different ROM sizes. There are 66 total songs added in, and only a few from the original game remain as the "tone" didn't match on many of the longer/more advanced songs. The Excel Spreadsheet has an input page you'll type songs in on, and then an output page that will spit out the hex combination for you to paste over your table. I recommend not leaving any song slots as "Random" if you're doing retro ROMs because I don't know how to control what that pool pulls from, and Kanye West or Metallica might throw off any 70s vibe you're going for. I don't plan on updating this any soon because it was a slog, but if there are bugs please let me know. Download here. v1.1 Updates I tried to live with it, but The Sopranos Theme midi was so bad. It's been replaced with some ABBA, and the spreadsheet had a new offset added for no music per discussion on Discord. Sean's NHL 94 Music Patch v1.1 Update.zip
  15. That's really awesome! I love how the black makes the actual sprite pop more too.
  16. Ping me on Discord if you need anything, quiet weekend ahead so will be able to help out.
  17. So there's this real cool thing I found where anyone can call city hall, threaten to relocate a sports team, and suddenly you get 9-figures of cold hard cash wired to your business bank account to build a new stadium. It started as a miscommunication while calling about a sidewalk shoveling question, but it's just what I do now.
  18. It's pretty easy once you get rolling with it and I'm sure that you'd be able to go beyond what I've done by a lot. Once I fill every slot (which is surprisingly coming up shortly) I will upload a patch for the in-game organ songs and some notes. Excited to see what you do!
  19. Hello all! Just wanted to share an update (one I am very excited about) on this project. drumroll... I have figured out how to really take advantage of Smozoma's midi2nhl94 converter and have begun work sweeping through my mental rolodex of stadium songs and pep band classics to create a more modern (yet still classy 16-bit) music experience. Take a listen to my rendition of You Should Be Dancing by The Beegees (better known as the "Gino Time" song here in Boston though!), along with the Bill Walsh College Football Theme, The Hockey Song by Stompin' Tom Connors, and Sirius by The Alan Parsons Project snuck in elsewhere. You can also grab a preview of the new audience, ice layout, and menu designs in action there. There is no ETA for this because I am not stupid enough to put one again knowing I'll miss it!
  20. https://www.ebay.com/itm/234905838803 You're famous (but also being plagiarized).
  21. '93 is fun because you get to punch people in the face and I think that's neat.
  22. Everything experimental with ROM hacking has a sense of masochism to it… but oh my. You have really raised the bar. Awesome work.
  23. What do you mean? The NHL is a major four sport if you don’t count European soccer, MMA, golf, NASCAR, college football, college basketball, or any of the others more popular than it. /s
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