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  1. https://youtu.be/o--vwFE52iM - Kernkraft 400 (the woaaaaaaa, aaaaooooo, aaaooooaaooo goal song the Bruins have - needs tweaking) https://youtu.be/SNA5cbHp6YY - Dirty Water Just a few notes so other newbies can try this tool out: I used Visual Studio and imported Smozoma's Github through the repository download feature - I recommend doing this and installing mido using the built in features if you're new to Python like me. MuseScore has free trials and all of their notes sheets allow you to download midi versions. MidiEditor then is good tool to combine tracks or delete things you may want to. These were more reliable since they were midis made for transposing/learning and not for listening. If you see any values on the Excel output column fourth from the right or furthest right that get up above 30-40, you may want to shorten them if there aren't major gaps in your song. Count the # of bytes whatever track you're replacing has and then convert to decimal and divide by 4 to count how many rows of Excel cells to copy.
  2. Hey all, Caught a bug that needed quick patching while playtesting something else, so you get a bug fix and the new rink template I was toying with. Have a nice American Thanksgiving.
  3. Good question - I personally consider the neutral site ROM to be the playoff ROM. The only reason I used the general NCAA Hockey logo instead of the Frozen Four logo was to make it flexible for anyone who wanted to play conference championships or in-season tournaments (as a proud Bostonian, I love the Beanpot!). If you look closely at the splash photo, it’s actually from one of the NHL rinks they had the FF tournament at a few years ago. In terms of future updates - I have a small graphics tweak (added scorekeepers, coaches, and refined bench players) I hope to publish soon after some more testing. I may or may not add a separate pod with all of the major club teams that people speculate could go D1 within the next few years around Christmas time. Thanks for the continued support!
  4. Hey all, 4.0 just went up. Included in the update... Spreadsheet Season Simulator Regular Season schedule tracker, conference playoff seeding randomizer, and NCAA tournament seeding randomizer There is an example spreadsheet so you can get a feel for how it works - feel free to delete my notes or the conference/non-conference game designations, but make tweaks to the total games played or formulas at your own risk. I tried to make this as user friendly as possible, but it may be finicky for some and hell, there's a chance no on even uses it! If you have any issues, send me a Discord message and I can try to help you out. Updated ROMs with small visual tweaks ESPN+ scorebug updated, bracket banners restored to original pallette, and portraits updated Anyways, let me know if there are any problems.
  5. I heard some really handsome and cool and smart guy made an awesome set of NCAA roms this year. Maybe those could be added here. Just a thought.
  6. One of my favorite series of ROMs on the whole website, and of course another awesome update!
  7. Bugs patched - sorry to those who downloaded! Typically playtest as BC vs BU, didn't expect there to be an issue with a team pointer table. This is also the final patch for the next few weeks. Hope you enjoy!
  8. Found a bigger bug in the Pool B/D version - will patch soon. Apologies to any Michigan State fans who cannot play outdoor games in this specific ROM.
  9. Thanks! Let me know if you need anything from me that might help with whichever path you choose. Excited to see what you do!
  10. Hello (again). 3.0 is live now. Outdoor Rink is set up, with lots of details I enjoy. There have been a few outdoor rink templates (including my own), but this is in my opinion the truest look. The glass is "transparent" and the lighting is ever so slightly tinted yellow to give a sunshine/stadium lighting effect. The scoreboard is snowy, the splash screen is Soldier Field, and teams that I have seen wear alternate uniforms outside receive updates to wear those jerseys. A few football inspired uniforms too. Bugs have been tracked and fixed.
  11. Hey all, 2.0 is out now! There is now a folder in the download with all six ROMs redone with neutral rinks The advantage is set to 1/1, which in my opinion, creates good balance The dasher is now yellow to look more like an NHL rink, and the ice logos is this stock logo the NCAA uses for hockey so you can make whatever tournament you want (if you want to edit it, it's in the first logo slot and uses the arena palette) Hopefully can get the outdoor ROM done before December. Edit: finding some bugs that came with the change. Marking here so I know: benches, and color of boards on ref screen.
  12. I’ll have to look at mine this weekend! Cool thread.
  13. Thanks! Maybe at some point I’ll do special editions for a few teams (Michigan gets a “GO BLUE”, Penn St. gets a “WE ARE”, BC gets “SUCKS TO BU”), since it’s my favorite part of the ROM too.
  14. Thanks! So much of it was because I was able to build off of your work and JKline's, I really appreciate the foundation you guys laid!
  15. Forgot to add this! My best work, in my opinion. Forward momentum on another project right now, excited to share and also release CHGD updates this winter.
  16. Your high praise really means a lot - but I do this simply for fun and also would never want to get paid, since I think it puts us in tricky copyright territory and if you're paying the other hackers here who are much more talented deserve it! I ended up transitioning that book project into something else and it was pretty neat - got to talk to some NHL and media guys and practice some digital design/content stuff. If you ever have any ROM ideas or notes on how projects like this one could be better, shoot me a PM and I can add it to the list. Have a good one
  17. And you've always checked out my projects Hope you're doing well!
  18. Thanks! If it gets enjoy traction, maybe at some point there can be a short tournament like some of us Discord folks did in 2020.
  19. @Jkline3 @von Ozbourme Thanks for the tips - we have the best community.
  20. Version 1.1 is live, with JKline's NCAA trophy mod added in. Also, some developer's notes: I enjoy playing with either 5 or 10 minute periods and line changes on - the game was tested and rated that way as well, so if you want to feel the biggest difference between a powerhouse like Michigan and an upstart like Stonehill, then take that route. Penalty box player sprites could be better - I will see where I missed something before v2 Replacing the cup on the bracket screen does not mean that the cup is completely out - they lift it at the end of a tourney. I will also check that out and see what I'd be working with to change it. I believe it's the rink palette, which may be a challenge Thanks for trying this out everyone - 21 downloads on V1!
  21. Thanks! I appreciate your support through the years with all my weird little projects
  22. Yes, ideally. Cool if I use the tiles from your stuff as a reference for that?
  23. Hello! This project has been brewing for a few weeks - it's a NCAA ROM set with all 62 current D1 teams, and two teams confirmed to launch/reinstate their program within the next season. I wanted to capture the atmosphere of college hockey and allow for as much customization as possible - so there are 6 ROMs which can be played in tandem to allow any match-up someone one can think off. If you're not into the minutia, skip to the bottom for a download. Features 2023 Rosters Every NCAA star makes an appearance - some 4th line/healthy scratch players are missing because of a lack of information and a smaller original scope for this ROM. I apologize if anyone is disappointed by this, but 64 teams with 20 players each is a lot of data. Updated Sprites & Rink The sprites in this game have the composite sticks that AdamCatalyst added in his NHL 23 ROM, and the stripe/rink format that JKline3 added in his NCAA ROMs. I think this gave some great realism and detail while still keeping the NHL 94 look. The uniforms and logos are mostly authentic, however, some teams received partial makeovers to match the aesthetic of the game or whatever assets I could find. Most notably - BC and Western Michigan go with the modern retro look to match their football programs. I'd estimate a dozen or so teams have alternate uniforms throughout the ROMs - these are only road uniforms, so if you want to change them back to their standard dark ones, it won't impact the ice logos. Student Section The crowd has been updated to feature student sections in every rink, with signs that change based on the home team's colors. There are different signs in every ROM, as to keep the game fresh. I spent a lot of time on this, so you'll notice a few big differences beyond the white from the base game. The hats have been recolored to more common colors (black or blue), and the bald guy got his hair back. 4 "pods" of 16 teams, fit into 6 ROMs to allow match-up customization The scope of the project changed quite a few times - so the teams are grouped by east/west instead of conference. I separated each region into 2 pods, and then mix-matched pods into 4 more ROMs. I explain this a bit better in the download, but this means any team can play VS any team - as someone who simulates lots of seasons and loves college sports, this is something I'm super excited to share. Every ROM has unique touches as to make the game feel fresh - each has its own cover and Barry Melrose dialogue, and there are some alternate uniforms as well. (Hopeful) Future Updates Neutral Site Games - target date: American Thanksgiving 2023 Released: Version 2.0 Outdoor Games - target date: January 2023 Updated Target: December 2022 Released: Version 3.0 Update rosters and ratings before NCAA playoffs - target date: late February 2023 Spreadsheet season simulator - target date: ? Released: Version 4.0 2024 version of the game - target date: ? Authentic NCAA rules (OT, delayed penalties, etc) - target date: ? Lastly, special thanks to... AdamCatalyst for allowing me to use his NHL 22 ROM as a working base, sharing his TileMolester references, and generally being a great help. Any rookie or veteran ROM hacker looking to get better should look at his stuff - it's wonderful. JKline3 for allowing me to use his NCAA ROMs as references and allowing me to work off his sprite/rink updates. ComicalFont was the one and only beta tester from Discord - thanks! UltraMagnus for helping me get rid of the glass-banging guy. CoachMac, VonOzbourme, and KidsWasted for doing amazing work that inspired me to try my hand at this hobby again. Clockwise, Smozoma, Slapshot67, and wboy (among others) for laying the foundation for amazing ROM hacks. The College Football Revamp and March Madness Legacy mod development teams for inspiring this. EliteProspects, SportsLogos.net, and Wikipedia for being amazing resources. Everyone I dragged to a college hockey event over the last three or so years. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Download here! Current Version - v4.1 - Released 11/23/22 College Hockey Gameday v4.1.zip Fixed graphical error in Pod A - when you make 64 teams three times each, sometimes things slip through! Updated my rink template to feature time keepers, better bench sprites, and coaches To fit this in with the JKline Blue Line logo hack, I got rid of the I.R. buttons - I never reference them, so it didn't bother me. Sorry if it bugs you, but getting the rink to look how it does now was a goal of mine. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Release Log v4.0 - Released 11/23/22 - Excel Season Simulator added, along with sample spreadsheet - Multiple visual tweaks - new scorebug, and default player portraits updated College Hockey Gameday v4.zip 3.1 - Released 11/14/22 - Various bugs from outdoor patching process addressed College Hockey Gameday v3.1.zip 3.0 - Released 11/13/22 - Outdoor hockey has arrived (and holy smokes... two months before I thought I would do it). The outdoor ROM pack has the neutral site settings with a few more alternate uniforms. This is my favorite outdoor rink template yet, there are more details in my post below. - New splash screens for neutral site and outdoor games to differentiate ROMs. - More bugs have been fixed as they have been found College Hockey Gameday v3.0.zip 2.0 - Released 11/11/22 - All six ROMs updated with an alternate ROM that features a neutral fan section and "under the hood" tweaks to simulate neutral rink/eliminate advantage College Hockey Gameday v2.0.zip 1.1 - Released 11/4/22 - Added NCAA trophy to playoff screen - Fixed name bar at top of emulator in Pod A & C and Pod B & C ROMs College Hockey Gameday v1.1.zip 1.0 - Released 11/3/22 College Hockey Gameday v1.zip ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  24. Are you a photoshop user? I have a banner template that works wonders.
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