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  1. An original/unique way to edit your ROM ratings... standing by your methodology...bringing in something "fresh"...
  2. Be respectful to me and my fellow modders. I'm proud of all of my work and my colleagues do great work too. If you asking what is the best season rom of any of the season roms (done by me and others) ... don't turn this into a competition! If you are asking which of mine is the best (against my other work), again, don't turn this into a competition.
  3. Howdy and Happy New Year's Eve! So, this is a ROM that I wanted to go back and work on. Looking back on the original, I feel, now, it wasn't "fully baked." I very much enjoy what it has now become and wanted to share. Please see the original post for all ROM details. Here are the major changes/updates from the original version: - Now 3v3. No Dmen this time. My season 3v3 ROMs are always 1 Dman, 1 center and 1 wing per line. This is just 3 forwards per line. - 16 NHL team lines and 2 special Olympic lines. Original had 25 NHL lines. Less is more! See OP for more details on said lines as well as a file with ratings. - Reduced checking and aggression for les hitting and in turn, less penalties. Apropos for 3v3. - Updated main title page art. While I liked the original photo of the '52 Production Line, I love this new photo as I feel it best represents the concept. - Some "clean up" of team logos. - Updated the music tables for the 18 teams. - Went with a light grey(ish) ice surface vs the blue. See screenshots above. If you have any questions, please let me know. Cheers!
  4. I don't know enough about Mac, especially as it pertains to OpenEMU, but I did a forum search and found this... Might be worth trying a different emulator program. That is, unless someone here has some additional insight for OpenEMU.
  5. Maybe the issue is you? If it works for him, do the math. Maybe you should apologize to him and actually ask him to help you understand why YOU can't get it to work. Afterall, you're the one with the problem and he may be the one with the solution.
  6. So, over the years, due to several incomprehensible posts, you've received little to no help in your projects. @#64MGwas kind enough to jump in and offer you some advice and then, you call him a liar. Way to go!
  7. Hi @chaos I would but, I don't. If someone else has that hardware, hopefully, they can volunteer.
  8. Much better and, good news, it worked. Tested it on GENS and no freeze for Vegas, Washington or Winnipeg. The only glitch is, the Washington player cards, on the Team Selection page, for GENS, show the 33333 glitch. It does that, for all 3 teams, on Kega Fusion. However, IMO, it's not a big deal if it is isn't freezing. Nice find/job!!! I haven't, and won't at this time, have/had a chance to test out playoff mode to ensure no issues as previously reported (with certain hex fixes). However, since this was such a simple change, and only in one spot, my guess is that it shouldn't impact that mode.
  9. That's about as clear as mud! LOL How about this, can you, in one post, write, step-by-step, where to do what edits? That will alleviate any guessing as to what you mean. If you can do that, I am happy to check it out and confirm. Things like "Only change that one, single, bit" aren't always clear.
  10. Since you edited your posts, can you please re-post (one all-compassing post) with the correct steps of what to do vs not do. That will alleviate any confusion and allow for someone to properly test. Thanks!
  11. First, I made this edit: Find offset F8ABO, and change the ensuing set of 6 hex values to 4E 71, 4E 71, 4E 71. Per, your (original, pre-edited note) above, I edited the first set of hex at F8AB0. Second, I made this edit: Revised @ 0x00F8B2C20 It didn't work.
  12. CONFIRMED: It works IF you use @seamor's hex edit. Not if you use the one that I posted (credit to @smozomafor that find). But, it still doesn't solve the bug issue, within seamor's hex edit, of player names being repeated (see his screenshot in one of the above posts). I didn't get to check out playoff mode to see if it still has the reported bug or not.
  13. If 3v3 is your "jam", like myself, I have posted (rather, re-uploaded) a 3s version of this ROM in the GENS section. If not, please disregard. Cheers!
  14. Greetings! I updated the 3v3 version of my NHL94 2022 ROM. Based on some feedback, I wanted to make certain changes to it for a while and finally got around to it. Unlike my NHL94 2022 season ROM, I added Jack Eichel to Vegas. As I'm not sure if (or when) I'll make another update for this ROM, I decided to add him. It should make for some fun 3v3 games. The playoff brackets, for this file, have been updated for multiple scenarios (as I recently did with my NHL94 2022 v2 ROM). Anywho...additional (important) details about this ROM are in the original post. Cheers!
  15. He who must not be named. -Rangers Nation
  16. Update to the previous post... I just re-posted V2. I forgot to add some additional playoff scenarios to this version. Using @baronsfan88's feedback, I added some additional bracket scenarios. I still included last year's bracket (MTL vs TBL finals), as well, but wanted to incorporate this feedback into this ROM. If you notice any mistakes, please let me know. Cheers!
  17. Happy Belated Thanksgiving! V2 of this ROM has been uploaded in the original post. *No Jack Eichel (yet) - let's see if he actually recovers and plays this season. If so, he'll be added to a later version. Alex Tuch, who was part of the VGK/BUF trade that included Eichel, has been added to Buffalo's roster. He is rumored to return in early 2022. *As with prior versions of my ROMs, if an injured player is rumored to return this season, I left them in the game (more fun that way). In some cases, I left a few in even if they won't return. Do with them as you will... *No Evander Kane. Since he was waived, yesterday, I took him out of the ROM. There is a chance that he won't play for the Sharks again but, we'll see... *Updated player and team ratings. *Updates to some NLC line-ups/headshots. If you notice any mistakes, please let me know. Cheers!
  18. @AdamCatalyst My recommendation is to start here, with the link below. You'll need to download and learn Tile Molester, for doing in-game photo/image edits. Below is a thread that is a good starting point to help folks understand how to do so. There are also some other "how to" articles for GENS rom editing, in this forum, that may be of good use.
  19. No worries...all good. Thanks for the kind words/checking it out!
  20. He's the LW only if you play with no line changes (NLC) on. If you play with line changes he is the 2nd line center (SC2) and Nick Ritchie is the 1st line LW (SC1).
  21. (Assuming a typo) I haven't edited/posted a NHL95 rom. I'm guessing that you meant UltraMagnus' '95 rom (2022 edition) as that is the link that I posted in this thread. His and Naple's roms (as you referenced it) are both solid work. And more times then not, the errors we find are likely tied to what we didn't do or shouldn't have done.
  22. Half the playoff bracket programming is based on the 16 playoff teams from last season. The other half is based on the 16 teams that didn't make it. With them, I structured it based on how they finished in the standings as I have done with my previous season ROMs. I think I made Seattle an 8th seed because they had to be included and it made sense. Last season/playoffs was unique, to say the least. Thankfully, we get to return to a normal structure this season. I will update the playoff trees when I do a playoff version of this ROM, later this season. I'm not going to do it sooner unless you have a crystal ball.
  23. I know it's not NHL98 but, UltraMagnus created an updated version of NHL95 that includes the 32 teams. It has season mode. Might be a nice solution for you until you have NHL98 figured out.
  24. Welcome to the Forum! As this is a 2 part question... Import Teams - no. I don't play NHL98 to know but unless it has 32 team available, you have to alter the actual hex code to expand to 32 team for the rom. NOT an easy thing to do. As there was only 27 NHL teams in 1998, I'm assuming that it doesn't. If it does have 32 team spots, then it is just a matter of editing them to be the right team names, cities, colors, logos, etc. Not impossible to do but, not a quick fix either. Unless you have some familiarity with hex codes and various editing programs, you may need to ask around for some Q&A. As NHL98 isn't as popular as NHL94 or even 95, there may not be much instruction on how to do so around here. However, if you poke around the NHL98 thread, on this forum, you might find some useful info and feel free to ask questions. With the latter, do yourself a favor, give as much detail to what you are doing, or trying to do, so that folks can maybe help troubleshoot or advise you. There are some folks around here who have dabbled in that game. I won't name-drop them as I don't want them to be put on the spot. However, if they see this, they can certainly chime in with whatever help they can offer. Importing rosters - technically, sorta. Realistically, no. There is a csv roster import/export tool on this site. I use it for NHL94 and NHL95. I could have sworn I read that it only works for NHL93-97. However, I cannot 100% confirm. Furthermore, it depends on what roster that you are importing. If your ROM's teams have a different amount of forwards, Dmen or goalies then another ROM's roster, it will not be a smooth import assuming it doesn't error-out. NOSE allows folks to copy and paste players from one roster to another assuming the player attributes are the same for each game. If NHL98 (again, never played it) has certain player attributes different then NHL93, 94 or 95, for example, then copy and paste won't do the trick. My recommendation is to visit the NHL98 thread on this forum and see what's there. Plus, allow folks a chance to see this post and perhaps, someone in-the-know for that game can chime in with recommendations.
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