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  1. Thanks Naples! I always appreciated your original concepts/work as you raised the bar each time. Hope you come back to it one day!
  2. Hi All, A buddy of mine caught a mistake, in this ROM, which led to me catching a few more. They have been corrected and I have re-posted the file. Sorry about that! A couple of player new/changed jersey numbers were announced yesterday, after I posted the ROM, so I was able to make those updates too. I'll likely do a "Pre-Season" version in September (as I have done before) which will include more roster updates. ~Sauce
  3. Thank you and you're welcome!
  4. I did consider adding the ASU logo, at center ice, for the Coyotes home games. But, I decided that might be too much insult to injury for 'Yotes fans.
  5. Hi everyone!It's that time again... As with past years, I am posting my NHL94 2023 edition ROM (various updates, to come, throughout the season). I'll start with this “Way Too Early” Edition and post additional versions as the pre-season/season progresses.About the ROM:*32 teams. *The ROM is based off of the Slapshot67 32-team template. *60 Min. OT.*The ROM has the "weight bug fix". *The ROM has Clockwise's sprite patch.*The rom has the WAS/WPG freeze bug. When corrected, it causes an issue for the playoff mode. If you use Kega Fusion, it will not freeze the player cards for those teams.*Uniforms have been updated for Edmonton (both home and away), Columbus (Away) and Vegas (Home). The Vegas one has not been officially confirmed but it has been rumored and this year’s draft supported it. *Jersey numbers that have been confirmed (as of 8/3/22) are in the game and for those that haven’t… best guess. *Lines/d pairs are best guesses for now. *I didn’t include any UFAs except Patrice Bergeron. While he has not yet been signed, the Bruins GM confirmed that he believes he’ll be back and the signing delay is a salary cap formality. Bergeron has been on record as stating that he would only return to the Bs. *Some injured players are in the active rosters if they are rumored to be returning this season. If you notice any mistakes, please let me know... enjoy! "Way Too Early" Edition ROM (Posted 8/3/22) NHL94 2023 Way Too Early Edition.bin
  6. Hi All, My apologies but, I thought I'd have this live today but there is still some work to be completed. Unfortunately, last week was a busy one and got away from me. I didn't get a chance to finish it up this weekend as originally planned. I'm around 95% done so I just need a little more time. Don't want to make the mistake of forecasting the new go-live date but... soon. Stay tuned... -Sauce
  7. In sad news... https://thehockeynews.com/news/former-nhl-defenseman-bryan-marchment-passes-away-at-53 His significance around here is that he's the player on the left in this NHL94 in-game art. Gone too soon. RIP.
  8. That is awesome! Great/innovative find on your part. It could open some other possibilities. Thanks for sharing the concept!
  9. Nice job @kingraph! I don't recall hearing of the scoreboard hack... how does it work?
  10. I got your PM... I'll respond soon.
  11. The 3v3 playoff version of this ROM has been posted in its own thread as well. Cheers!
  12. Hi! The post-trade deadline/playoff version of this ROM has been posted at the top of this page. For important file details, please see the OP. Enjoy/Cheers!
  13. One thing that I forgot to mention about this ROM... For playoff teams, guys not expected to play due to injury (i.e. - Drew Doughty) are in the ROM but not within the active players if you play with line changes turned on. They may appear in the NLC defaults. If an injured player(s) is rumored/expected to return/play in the playoffs, they are likely in the active rosters. For non-playoff teams, guys (i.e. - Sean Couturier, Clayton Keller, etc.) who had season-ending injuries are in the active rosters for line changes and possibly, NLC default. It makes it more fun to play as those teams. Lines and D-pairings are not 100% accurate so change them as you see fit. Cheers!
  14. The playoff version of this ROM has been posted. I have removed versions 2-5. If anyone liked or needs one of them, PM me as I have them all saved. If you catch any mistakes, please let me know. Thanks!
  15. Hello! Targeting tomorrow to post the annual "playoff" version of this ROM. If I can post it sooner, I will... I will also update my 3v3 version of it but that may take a couple extra days due to availability. Cheers!
  16. Hi! Per my recent post (above), I have now posted new/updated versions of my Winter Classic ROM. There are 5 minute OT and 60 minute OT versions. With the former, after 5 minutes, you can challenge your opponent to a shootout in that particular mode (just like real life). What else is new/updated? Added the 2022 Winter Classic teams (STL vs MIN). All 650 players have been updated using an updated attributes tier structure. It is slightly different versus when I edited these players back in 2020. Approx. 90% of the NLC headshots have been updated with the remaining 10% "cleaned up" to some extent. With players who have been in multiple WCs, I, for the most part, used different images to show an age progression as well as document what they looked like as the years went by. "Cleaned up" a couple of the Team Selection logos. Several Team Rankings have been updated. Updated the music table for STL and MIN. This time around, I removed the kid pounding on the glass. It appears that this time, I did it correctly (I hope, as it was a little tricky). Updated the 2012 Rangers uniforms to be off-white/cream colored instead of white. Updated the 2017 Blackhawks away equipment to be a black helmet instead of white. For more details regarding this ROM and what to know, please review the notes in the original post. If you notice any mistakes, please let me know.
  17. Well, that's certainly a new bug... thanks for reporting it. I do not have an resolution for you now. However, it's also not much of an issue as you can still edit the lines and D-pairs within the game (at anytime) and it/they will take affect. Just make the desired change(s) and click "exit" to go back to the gameplay menu. Don't save or load anything. Your changes will still appear within the game that you are playing. Thanks for downloading!
  18. Hi! Been working on an updated version of this ROM. I added Minnesota and St. Louis from this year's matchup as well as some other bits and pieces (including new title screen)... ...updating and cleaning up some graphical stuff, at the moment, and I anticipate having it posted by end of this week (if not sooner). Coming soon...
  19. If it's your "jam", I just posted a post-trade deadline version of the 3v3 version of this ROM. Cheers!
  20. Post-trade deadline version now available in the OP. I kept the pre-trade deadline version as well. Cheers!
  21. Howdy! I got two requests to make Jeremy Swayman the default number 1 goalie on the Bruins. I wasn't aware he has taken over as such. The request seemed pretty reasonable to me so... done. Re-posted the file in the OP. If you already downloaded the file, and don't wish to re-download it, then you have Linus Ullmark as the default #1.
  22. I just noticed one player on two teams ... DOH!!! Been fixed and re-posted in the OP.
  23. The Trade Deadline version of this ROM (v5) is now available in the OP. *Rosters are "post-deadline" with one notable absence. I did not include Evgenii Dadonov. Thanks to the ineptitude of the NHL, and possible negligance of Vegas and/or Ottawa (as finger pointing continues), he is now back on the Vegas roster as the traded was voided. Unfortunately, Dadonov is rumored to still be on the trading block (which can still happen). Because Vegas screwed themselves, and have massive cap issues, there is a growing liklihood that Dadonov gets traded once certain injured players return (to be cap compliant). TBD. If he gets traded, he can no longer play until next season per league rules. If somehow, he manages to stay on the Vegas roster come playoff time *cough* mysterious LTIR of a player(s) *cough*, then I'll add him to my playoff/final version. *Injured players that are rumored to be returning this regular season, or for the playoffs, are still in active rosters (Stone, Ekblad, etc). There are some that are in the NLC mode (Couturier, Chabot, etc.) who are out for the season (injuries/surgery/whatnot). But, they are not in the active lines for line changes mode. *As per usual, all 800 players have been updated one way or another. As were several headshots/NLC players. Team ratings, per usual, were updated as well. *Lines and D-pairings are not 100% accurate. Change them as you see fit. If you notice any mistakes, please let me know. Cheers!
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