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  1. 2 hours ago, baronsfan88 said:

    One thing I noticed about the playoff format on this ROM, I chose to be the Columbus Blue Jackets and my first round opponent was always the Chicago Black Hawks.  It seems the game is still remembering last year's division format.  Now that the original divisions are back for 2022, shouldn't the playoff format change to that as well?  Is there a way to fix this so an Eastern Conference team isn't playing a Western Conference team in the first round?  Thanks for all the hard work on this ROM!

    Half the playoff bracket programming is based on the 16 playoff teams from last season.  The other half is based on the 16 teams that didn't make it.  With them, I structured it based on how they finished in the standings as I have done with my previous season ROMs.  I think I made Seattle an 8th seed because they had to be included and it made sense. 

    Last season/playoffs was unique, to say the least.  Thankfully, we get to return to a normal structure this season.  I will update the playoff trees when I do a playoff version of this ROM, later this season.  I'm not going to do it sooner unless you have a crystal ball.  :)


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  2. 1 hour ago, Coronus said:


    I downloaded and installed NOSE and I am wanting to update NHL 98. Is it possible to import teams and rosters from other Sega NHL roms? Also is it possible to have all the teams in season mode including more recent teams like Vegas and Seattle? If this has already been answered I apologize as I am a noob here. 


    Welcome to the Forum!

    As this is a 2 part question...

    Import Teams - no.  I don't play NHL98 to know but unless it has 32 team available, you have to alter the actual hex code to expand to 32 team for the rom.  NOT an easy thing to do.  As there was only 27 NHL teams in 1998, I'm assuming that it doesn't.  If it does have 32 team spots, then it is just a matter of editing them to be the right team names, cities, colors, logos, etc.  Not impossible to do but, not a quick fix either.  Unless you have some familiarity with hex codes and various editing programs, you may need to ask around for some Q&A.  As NHL98 isn't as popular as NHL94 or even 95, there may not be much instruction on how to do so around here.  However, if you poke around the NHL98 thread, on this forum, you might find some useful info and feel free to ask questions.  With the latter, do yourself a favor, give as much detail to what you are doing, or trying to do, so that folks can maybe help troubleshoot or advise you.  There are some folks around here who have dabbled in that game.  I won't name-drop them as I don't want them to be put on the spot.  However, if they see this, they can certainly chime in with whatever help they can offer.

    Importing rosters - technically, sorta. Realistically, no.  There is a csv roster import/export tool on this site.  I use it for NHL94 and NHL95.  I could have sworn I read that it only works for NHL93-97.  However, I cannot 100% confirm.  Furthermore, it depends on what roster that you are importing.  If your ROM's teams have a different amount of forwards, Dmen or goalies then another ROM's roster, it will not be a smooth import assuming it doesn't error-out.

    NOSE allows folks to copy and paste players from one roster to another assuming the player attributes are the same for each game.  If NHL98 (again, never played it) has certain player attributes different then NHL93, 94 or 95, for example, then copy and paste won't do the trick.

    My recommendation is to visit the NHL98 thread on this forum and see what's there.  Plus, allow folks a chance to see this post and perhaps, someone in-the-know for that game can chime in with recommendations.

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  3. My NHL94 2022 3v3 ROM has been updated and posted above.  For details about this file, please see the original post.

    One change that I just recently made, to this ROM, was that make all skaters be the same position using The Tome's hack.  This way, while playing the game, you can put a forward in a D position or vice versa.  You won't need NOSE to facilitate.


  4. The new NHL season is upon us!  Well, technically, it started last night.  Anywho... I just posted V1 of my season ROM.  I will keep the preseason ROM posted for a little while but will take it down sometime later this month.

    What to expect:
    *Lots of new skaters (many rookies) since my last post.
    *Updated some headshots.
    *Removed Jack Eichel.  I know he is a star player but it's not looking good that he'll play this year due to Buffalo's management being dumb and, recovery time needed if he gets the surgery he desires.
    *Lines/D-pairings may not be 100% accurate.  Not all opening night skaters will be in this version.  I left several injured players in the game as they are expected to return soon (Crosby) or later in the season.  I'd say 98-99% of the opening night roster folks are in this ROM.

    If you notice any mistakes, please let me know.

    I will update my 3v3 version sometime over the next week or two.


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  5. Hello!  I am still continuing updates to this rom as players sign or re-sign.  I'm also updating jersey numbers, as they get confirmed, as well as the uniforms themselves (if changes are revealed like Arizona).  Barring any noteworthy trades, my plan is to post a new version in time for the start of the upcoming season.


  6. Howdy!

    For folks, like me, who enjoy playing a 3v3,, I am posting such a version of my NHL94 2022 rom.

    About the ROM:
    * 32 Teams including Seattle.
    *The game features the ability to do 4v3 powerplays.  If you want to do so, you must play with penalties ON (except offsides) and play with line changes ON.  
    * Penalties are 1 min in length.
    * You can now edit/update PP units in the game.  In the past, because I would only show one Dman, if I had a second on the PP point, you couldn't see them in the Line Editor.  You would have to download NOSE to see them and edit accordingly.  To remedy it, I simply show 1 D and 3 wingers.  This way, you can edit one of the 4 within the game.
    * Periods are 3, 5, 7 and 10 minutes.
    * Each team has 6 forwards, 3 Dmen and 2 goalies to chose from when editing lines.  I made all of the lines, by default, the same two forwards/1 dman with the exception of the PP units which have 3 forwards/1 dman.  Feel free to change them as you see fit.

    Known bugs:
    * WSH/WPG Freeze Bug if you cycle player cards, on the Team Selection page, for both Washington and Winnipeg.  If you use Kega Fusion, as an emulator, it will not freeze.
    * If your team has two players penalized, the powerplay becomes 4 on 2.  However, since penalties are only 1 min in length, it shouldn't be a big deal.  It adds to the excitement.  LOL

    * Due to how the game must be edited in Hex Code, the checking line, when you play with "line changes on", becomes the top line ("Scoring Line 1).  So, I renamed the checking line to say Sc.1 when editing in-game.  The original Scoring 1 becomes Sc.2 and Scoring Line 2 becomes Sc.3 (with line changes on).  I use the same PP and PK lines, for each instance, so I renamed them to PP and PK instead of PP1/PP2 and PK1/PK2.
    * The in-game line editor and team roster view, when line changes are on, sorts as Sc2., Sc3. and Sc1. for the 3 lines.  Just keep that in mind when you do in-game changes.

    Let me know if you have any questions.  Cheers!

    NHL94 2022 3v3.bin

    3v3 Title Screen.png

    3v3 Faceoff.png

    Seattle Scores!.png






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  7. @retroNYI  Scroll to the top to find my NHL94 2022 version (as you asked elsewhere on the forum).

    Per your other question, the stamina hack is a simple edit to reduce stamina quicker.  It is not applied to my NHL94 2022 rom as it is not a very popular hack and I have only done it during the playoff versions.  If you wish to apply it to the NHL94 2022 version, let me know and I will send you the instruction (or just search Stamina Hack on this forum).  All you do is change two numbers within the hex code.  As long as you have a hex editor program (they are free to download), you can do the change (if desired).

  8. On 8/27/2021 at 3:44 PM, smozoma said:

    I'm a Leafs fan and I still can't wrap my head around that. I figured they were doing regional covers, but.. no it looks like Matthews is indeed the cover player again.

    Maybe the idea is that it appeals to Canadians (Leafs) and Americans (Matthews) at the same time? Or just because it's the first PS5/XBX edition and they think appealing to Toronto fans will pump up the numbers?

    Swiss player Nino  Niederreiter  was on their regional cover 3 years in a row. Roman Josi twice in a row. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NHL_(video_game_series)

    Somehow missed this post... you may be on to something with the Ameri-Canada appeal.  It's possible.  Then again, I guess it makes sense to have the same cover player as the game hasn't changed since he last graced the cover.  :lol:

    Would have been nice if they could have picked a player with less of a creepy "want some candy in the back of my van" look!

  9. Hi All!  Happy Labor Day!

    I have posted an updated version of this ROM in the original post (now called " NHL94 2022 Preseason Edition").  I updated it after Jesperi Kotkaniemi was recently acquired by Carolina, via offer sheet, and Christian Dvorak was traded to Montreal.  I added some other new signings, as well, and updated several jersey numbers (not all are official yet).

    I still have Jack Eichel as benched in the game but he can still be activated if you choose to do so.  As it is now appearing that both Vladimir Tarasenko and Phil Kessel, despite their trade requests, will be on their current teams, come opening night, I have made them as part of the active rosters.  Tarasenko was recently seen skating/practicing with some of his Blues teammates, in team attire, so who knows...

    I'm not sure if I'll do another update prior to the start of the season unless there is significant activity that warrants an update.  TBD


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  10. 6 hours ago, PlazmaCube said:

    Love it! Wish the SNES version could be hacked, I'm definitely more of a SNES guy. I noticed the Coyotes use their old logo instead of the modernized one.....was this choice deliberate? Or was it made to accomodate for the Coyotes jumping ship in the next few years? Either way I believe that logo is outdated. Regardless, still really cool and I hope a SNES ROM gets made.

    Thank you. Stay safe

    They've been using the Kachina logo all post-season/Summer as their primary logo.  It was used at the recent draft, is on their Twitter account and their official site.  Plus... https://www.nhl.com/coyotes/news/coyotes-new-ice-originally-classic/c-326027538
    Seems pretty official to me. 

    I used the Kachina 3rd jersey, that they wore for half of last season, as their home jersey color scheme.  It's also the one that they used, at the recent draft, when they presented it to their #1 draft pick (Dylan Guenther).  For away, I used the version/color scheme, of it, that they wore circa 1997-2003.

  11. 1 hour ago, Tabs3121 said:

    Thanks. But Austin Mathews should be on the start screen snice he's the cover star of nhl 22 this year.

    EA received a ton of criticism for having him as their cover star for the 2nd time in 3 years so even more reason not to do it.  :)

  12. Hi everyone!

    It's that time again...
    As with past years, I am posting my NHL94 2022 edition ROM (various updates, to come, throughout the season).  I'll start with Preseason and post additional versions as the season progresses.

    About the ROM:

    *32 teams.  Seattle Kraken are included.  
    *The ROM is based off of the Slapshot67 32-team template.  
    *60 Min. OT.
    *The ROM has the "weight bug fix". 
    *The ROM has Clockwise's sprite patch.
    *The rom has the WAS/WPG freeze bug.  When corrected, it causes an issue for the playoff mode.  If you use Kega Fusion, it will not freeze the player cards for those teams.
    *Uniforms have been updated for Arizona (both home and away).
    *Lines/d pairs may not accurate.  Not all players will make the roster due to limits as well as some injured players will be back and that's why they are not removed.

    If you notice any mistakes, please let me know... enjoy!

    Preseason Version (posted 9/6/21)

    NHL94 2022 Preseason Edition.bin

    Season ROM - V1 (posted 10/13/21)

    NHL94 2022 v1.bin

    NHL94 2022 Title Page.png

    MacDavid Scores.png


    MTL vs TBL.png

    Seattle Goal!.png






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  13. This is awesome news, thanks for doing it!  I look forward to downloading it and trying it out!  If I notice any "bugs" (if you will), I will certainly pass them along.

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  14. Hi!  I decided to post a Playoff Version of this NHL94 2021 rom with the stamina hack.  I did this for the 2020 version, last year, as well.  Some folks like it so there you go...
    The hack simply reduces fatigue faster so that you'll see more frequent line changes per period.  If you've downloaded the non-stamina hack version, and prefer it, please disregard.

    No other edits/changes were made to the previous version, besides this hack, and none will because, well...

    NHL94 2022.png

    AUGUST 2021!  

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  15. 1 hour ago, Fiddz said:

    Calgary Anvils - Jim 'The Anvil' Neidhart? The team also wears pink like he & hometown star Bret 'the Hitman' Hart did in the WWF.

    I guess the game foreshadowed that Bret would eventually own a hockey team in Calgary, three years later, with that very color scheme.  :)

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  16. 2 hours ago, baconcow said:

    Loving this. Is there a way to fix the playoffs two players as teammates bug that the game has?

    Thanks for downloading it! 

    I have never played that mode (at least, for playoffs) and haven't noticed or heard of this bug.  I suspect the answer is no.  There was a lot of re-work/re-arranging of the code, to this file, to make it accommodate 32 teams.  As we have begun to notice, over the last couple of years, any fixes to one bug could create a new one.  So, not worth it.  Sorry.  

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  17. Hi!  Just posted the Playoff Edition of this ROM (in the OP).  It will be the final version, that I post, for the current season.  If anyone notices any mistakes, please let me know.

    *I updated the playoff brackets to reflect the current lineup of teams.  Those teams that didn't make it, will be in a separate bracket.
    *Injured players, who played at some point this season, on teams that didn't make the playoffs, are back on their active rosters.
    *Added Nikita Kucherov to the active roster for TBL.
    *Updated a headshot or two.

    I removed ROM versions 2-5 (from the OP).  They're not really necessary at this point of the season.  However, I have them saved if someone really liked one vs the others.  So, PM if you need one of them for any reason.  No, I will not be re-posting them nor taking custom requests.  Thanks for understanding!

    Enjoy!  Cheers!

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  18. Not to interrupt the discussion regarding speed/agility but I want to retract what I said earlier (couple of posts ago) about aggression.  Aggression has been confirmed to be tied to fighting tendency in NHL 93 but in NHL 94, it is most definitely tied to penalties.  Looking at stats from the 1992-93 season, players with the highest PIMs were assessed 6s and 5s on down, in the game.  So, it makes sense or why bother even having the numbers match stats?  It's not an exact science as to who will take penalties and when but it does seem likely that certain players may be prone to take more or at least, each game, if given more ice time.

    I did some more sim tests and took four teams in which I made all forwards and Dmen have a zero aggressive rating.  I did notice less penalties per 5 and 7 minute period games.  There were still some but it "seemed" less than usual and I simmed 7 games.  I know it is a small sample size but seems note-worthy unless someone is able to confirm otherwise.  I also figured out why my original findings seemed to suggest there was no difference.  I missed a few players in NOSE which might have altered my findings.  Once I made four teams, with all zeros, it seemed to yield less penalties in simmed games.  

    Anywho... back to "oddities"...
    I think this might have been mentioned before, somewhere on this forum, but if not... Patrick Roy, for goalies with 10 or more starts, had the 8th highest rated Save % in 1992-93.  We know Goalie Defensive Awareness translates to Save %.  Three goalies have a 6 rating (Belfour, Joseph and Potvin) and they were in the top 3 in 1992-93.  There are 10 goalies with a rating of 5.  Roy is not one of them despite being 8th in the league that year.  Had he been assessed a 5, he'd have the same overall rating as Belfour (98).  The "Eagle" did win the Vezina that year so maybe the programmers didn't want two goalies who are equal in NHL94 to take away from his achievement?  Certainly, we know that Roy was a top 3 goalie, in the league, at that time, despite an off-year for regular season stats.  Or, maybe the programmers were Blackhawks fans who were bitter that the Canadiens ended up with the Cup (Roy won Conn Smyth)?  Hmmmm... lol

    Anyway, seems like a good "oddity" within NHL94.

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  19. 17 hours ago, aqualizard said:

    From Kingraph's strategy site:

    "Aggressiveness is a leftover attribute from ’93. Determines how likely a player is to fight.  Unsure if this does anything in ’94."

    I dunno if it is true, but sounds good enough for me.

    So, I always thought aggression was tied to fighting and likelihood of taking penalties (a 2-for-1 if you will).  I just ran some tests, with two teams dialed down to zero, for aggression, for each player, and still saw plenty of penalties in each game that I simmed.  So, as theorized, it appears to be carry-over and serves no purpose in '94.  

    Now, checking rating is another story...
    I dialed down certain players to zero and only left a couple as 4 or 5.  In each game that I simmed, those who were zero were getting the same amount of hits/checks registered as those with a 4 or 5.  In some cases, more.  In games in which I didn't tamper with checking ratings, left them "as is", I still saw guys with a 1 rating getting the same amount, if not more, than guys with a 3 or 4 rating.  It's possible that this will always be the case due to the +/- of hot/cold on certain attributes.

    I used a rom which has Smozoma's hack applied. This way, I can get a checking count per player.  Not sure if that makes a difference or not as I haven't been able to test on one without the hack. 

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