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  1. Disregard...overlooked your mention of it being in the HoF as an exhibit. If so, that's cool. It should be!
  2. Most HoFs are a joke when it comes to voting. The Hockey HoF is no exception. Based on guys who went in before, all of those you mention should get in. But, more important than them... NHL94, the game, should be entered into the Hockey Hall of Fame!!! Visitors should be forced to play it. You can't get in unless you can win with manual goalie!!!
  3. It's basically an offering similar to what Photoshop has where you can review and color map an image and see each color that makes up the image. With GIMP, you can see the hex value for each color. I haven't used PS in a long time and no longer have it but, I remember there being something similar within that program.
  4. It shows up in my version of NOSE (see photo). The issue may be that you have outdated .ini files as they have to be the version that reads 32 teams not 30. Check out this forum post, below, in regards to someone else having that same issue once upon a time. That said, I recommend uninstalling it, downloading the latest version of NOSE (which now has the correct ini files) from this website and re-installing it. If that does not work, please create a new post in the Tools section of this website so that someone more versed in that tool can help you. There is a forum page that addresses questions or issues related to the NOSE program. It is better that you post your questions/comments there so that others can see it when they search for NOSE related material. The NOSE section is located at: Home > Editing & Hacking > Sega Genesis / Mega Drive Hacking > Tools > NOSE
  5. TBH... I don't know why I said "jpeg" as I save mine as 24 color bitmaps before importing them into GIMP to do a full color swatch review (little trick I learned from JK) before going into TM. Anywho... must have been a Freudian Slip as I often have clients who send me jpegs as a preferred format. Or, the coffee hadn't kicked in? lol
  6. Thanks! The good news is, the latest posted version (vPO) has him (EM) rated at his highest of any of the versions that I did (to date).
  7. No prob. I took down V2-4. I left V1 as it has a lot of downloads so I guess folks liked it. Lol Im most proud of the latest version. A lot of work went into it that most (maybe) can’t see. A lot of changes/updates/things here and there that make a difference without being obvious. In some cases, I call out updates to things like logos and whatnot but it goes beyond. After two years of doing these, and a lot of experimentation, I am just now getting comfortable with my approach to the edits. But, I took a lot of trial and error to now have such a format (that I like). Glad to hear you got everything working on your end! Cheers!
  8. Here's a recommendation...use https://www.sportslogos.net/teams/list_by_league/121/Elite_Ice_Hockey_League_UK/British_EIHL/logos/ for finding your logos. It's a site that Jkline turned me onto a while back. The site formats logos to be 150x100. So, when you open them in MS Paint (for example) and resize them to be 48x32, it works out perfectly. You don't need a Photoshop, or the like, to get good results. Save them as a jpeg and paste into TM. When you paste them into your rom, zoom at 100%, in TM, so you get a better idea of what the logo will look like in the game. The smaller the zoom, the more "game accurate" it will look for you. Then, zoom at 400 or 800% to make little tweaks here and there. Or, simply look at it within the game by using/pausing instant replay, at the center ice location, and determine what you like or don't like, about each logo, compared to the original. Then, go back and edit in TM. I do that where I look at the logo in instant replay, while having it available online, to see what I need to try and change in TM. Sometimes, it is several attempts of "trail and error" before it looks like something that I want to use. If you think you'll get each logo to look perfect, you will be disappointed. With the Fife Flyers, for example, you won't get TM to show the letters within the logo in a perfect way. Some logos, you may have to "stretch", in your photo program, to get more detail. That's what the original developers did, with many logos, so that they could get more detail from a 6x4 center ice image. But, my thought is, if you can get the logo to look "close enough", it's a win. It just needs to be recognizable in some cases. The players skate past it, fast enough, that you brain won't process the little details anyway. I had this problem with the current Maple Leafs logo. There is a lot of little detail within with the stems plus the letters. So, I focused on getting to a place where I could be satisfied as it looks recognizable and at times, my brain thinks it is seeing the little details in passing. Same thing with the Panthers and Capitals logos (for examples). @Jkline3 is spot on with the Giants logo as far as the colors. We have the same problem with the Chicago Blackhawks logo as it has colors that the jersey does not. So, in that case, I agree with @kingraph in that you may want to find an alt logo for that team that uses less colors or colors not in their jersey. They do have one that they used back in 2007/08 that has less colors as it doesn't have the yellow. Food for thought... With the selection logos, it is a little easier to create them as they are 6x6 so "stretching" them won't be as necessary.
  9. Try a different emulator. I use Kega Fusion and that doesn't happen to me. Also, use the most recent ROM update. It's better than v2.
  10. Just about everything you need can be found on this site to hit the ground running. What isn't included could be addressed by the fine folks of this site. I recommend trying to build something and then asking for help with specific questions/challenges. You'll find that people here are far more willing/able to help you if you have put in some work. I'd start by reviewing the Sega Genesis Hacking area of this site (link below). There is a TON of how-to stuff that has served, me, Jkline and countless others as it was brought to you/us by experts like @smozoma, @clockwise, @slapshot67, @kingraph, @wboy, etc. Check it out as well as the Tools page. You'll need NOSE & TM (without a doubt) and possibly EARE depending on what you are looking to do. A CHL rom is quite an ambitious task. Fair warning, the team logos can be complex for the 3 leagues teams but, if you practice enough, it gets easier to bring them to life with all of their detail. I recommend using MS Paint as well as GIMP for photo edits (hat tip credit to @Jkline3 for recommending the latter). Good luck! I look forward to seeing your rom when it is done! Cheers! https://forum.nhl94.com/index.php?/forum/119-sega-genesis-mega-drive-hacking/
  11. Nice job buddy! The artwork looks great! Nice touch on the trophy (brackets page). Strong in the force, you are.
  12. Sorta yes...sorta no... at the time (1992-93), Hasek was battling Darren Puppa (greatest last name along with Tugnutt & Sidorkiewicz) for the back up role behind Fuhr. He established himself as a legit starter in 1993-94, and never looked back. But obviously, that wasn't known when the game was released. I think it's possible that Kuperman didn't have accurate scouting (or perhaps robust scouting) on every player and maybe based it on rumored rep or what he saw vs what is/was the case. Not surprising. Not much different than what I do or Skip or Naples or C-Mac or Jkline, etc. on our roms So, I can't totally discredit him for being off on some players, like a Hasek. He may have had a mispreception based on either what he saw, in a limited fashion, and/or what was relayed back to him. Back up goalies are rated on the lower side on the majority of the teams so perhaps, that's how the programmers wanted it. Also, as we can imagine, the feedback on someone as unorthodox as Hasek must have been wild back in the day. Was Kuperman ever a player scout? I saw his bio and he is considered a hockey "historian." I saw him, also, listed as a GM, which certainly doesn't mean you are a scout. Anywo, for the most part, the game gets a lot of things right. Certainly better than what EA rates players in their games today.
  13. Fixes have been put in place... I did some extra QA/testing... I believe thathis ROM is now "good to go." Sorry for the re-posts but, I'm glad I was able to catch some things and quickly fix them. Cheers!
  14. Fixed and re-posted. Working on fixing the 3v3 version and will re-post when I'm done.
  15. Just like my 3v3 rom, noticed a strange glitch/happenstance that I am currently fixing. I have temporarily taken down both versions. Not sure where the issue came from (wasn't in earlier versions of my roms) but it will be fixed soon. I will re-post the Playoff version as quickly as possible. Sorry for the issue and the delay. Update to come...
  16. Hi All! Unfortunately, I found another surprise glitch/issue. I have temporarily removed the 3v3 rom. I will be fixing it tonight and will re-post as quickly as possible. I apologize for the need for the fixes and the delay. The next posted version should be "good to go." Update to come...
  17. I just re-posted this rom (hopefully for the last time). There was a strange glitch affecting the NJ players portraits on the main Team Selection page. Unlike the "game night" page with Kenny Albert, on the selection page, you can watch the portraits scroll in the 3v3 rom. The weird thing is, my 5v5 rom doesn't have the issue, and this rom is a copy of it with 3v3 modification. Not sure what happened to cause it, in this case, but I have fixed it.
  18. I just posted the updated version with the position label fix. Enjoy!
  19. Yeah, that would be cool in 5v5 mode.
  20. Do you mean as a default or "on the fly" within the actual gameplay? Right now, it is C/LW with a d-man behind. This is actually the "fix" I have to put in place as they are not labelled correctly in the hex code (my bad). When you make line edits, in the game, I believe it is showing up as D, RD & LW. I will re-label them to be D/W/C (as I have done in my 2018 & 2019 versions). Easy fix. I'll have it updated in a little bit.
  21. Thank you and, I agree! While it doesn't impact gameplay, I just noticed a position labeling mistake in the game, when you edit who you want on ice, before or during the game. I had it correct when I posted for other seasons but it was the one thing I forgot to do this time around. It's an easy fix. I will correct it later and re-post this rom tonight. Update to come...
  22. Hi Everyone! I took my latest version of my NHL94 2020 ROM and converted it to 3-on-3 play. The biggest change/update is that Team #32 is now the fictional skaters/team from the movie Mystery, Alaska. Because, in the movie, the team only had 11 players, I added an extra forward (Scott Gomez) and an extra Dman (Matt Carle). Both of them are no longer in the NHL but both are from Alaska. The arena name that I assigned to the team is the one that was used by the Alaska Aces before they moved to Portland. Here's what you need to know about the rom: *Includes the weight bug fix, Clockwise helmet sprite patch and Smozoma 3 Stars of the Game hack. *Shooting accuracy based on goals per game, not season shooting % (as there is no season mode). Offensive awareness, assists, hits and PM also based on per game averages. Speed, agility, shot power, and defensive awareness is based on research and reputation. *95% of the lines combos and D selections were used (confirmed) during the 2020 NHL season, in 3v3 OT. *You can play 3, 5, 7 or 10 minutes periods. 5 is the default. *OT (oh, the irony), for this rom, is 60 minutes in length. May the best team win! Notable/key differences between this rom and my 5v5 rom include: * When playing with line changes, the CPU gets the lines wrong. The CPU treats the CHK line as the #1 scoring line. The #1 scoring line is treated like the second scoring line. And, in turn, the 2nd scoring line is treated as a checking line. That said, I re-ordered them in NOSE. The CHK line will be the default starting line if you play with line changes on. Keep this in mind whether you do auto or manual line changes. If you use NLC, it's a non-issue as that will default the NLC line. * The PP lines will have 4 skaters to have a man advantage. If your team gets two men in the penalty box, unfortunately, it will be a 4-on-2. Can't do anything about that...the good news is, penalties, in this ROM, are only a minute in length (unlike the normal 2:00 length used in my 5-on-5 ROM). * By default, penalties are on but offsides is turned off. Feel free to turn it back on if you like... KNOWN BUGS: * Player portraits can only be viewed in the main team selection screen. In any other screen/view, if you allow the portraits to cycle, it will eventually freeze the game. * The “Winnipeg Freeze Bug" known to all 32 team roms. If you catch anything errors or mistakes, please feel free to share with me. I welcome any feedback! Cheers! NHL94 2020 3v3.bin
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