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  1. @skip Hey buddy. As always, nice job on your rom! You, me and Naples all put this same disclaimer in our rom posts but, it still comes up within those very posts. That said, does it make sense to make a new post regarding the Winnipeg Freeze and making it a sticky within the Gens Rom section? That way it is as public as public can be? There is actually a fix to the Winnipeg Freeze bug but, it then affects/disables player card data. So, basically trading one issue for another.
  2. Thanks for the kind words! This rom is for Genesis, not Super Nintendo, so I don't know of any way you could play it on that console. If you have a Genesis game emulator, you will be good to go. @smozoma was kind enough (above) to put together some steps (soup to nuts) for folks to download this rom and play it (for anyone who is new to it). V5 will be the final version of the 2019 season rom and will include the real-life NHL playoff bracket. It will likely include some additonal rookies as well. I will be releasing it at the end of the season (just like last year). Cheers!
  3. Yup. You just download the BIN file and also download an emulator to play it. You don’t need the original base game to play it. I currently use Kega Fusion but also used Gens as an emulator. Both are easy to find. To answer your other question, yes, it is PC friendly. I edit and play it using a PC.
  4. Sauce


    Maybe he's got a point? I mean, we do see quite a lot of tournaments across the country to celebrate and compete in NHL 96. I, personally, love NHL.com's coverage of the anniversary of NHL98. And, my god, who doesn't have found memories, as a child, of dominating NHL97 with Jeremy Roenick? I mean, it's always great to hear current NHL players reliving their foundest momeries of playing NHL 2001. To be honest, it's really a wonder that this site exists given how much the game sucks! SMH If you don't like a game, that's cool. There are other options. I just don't get the point of sh*tting on someting that so many folks love and have warm memories for just because you see a deficiency. Maybe I'm the minority in my opinion and response. But, NHL94 IS one of the greatest sports games ever released! Is it the greatest of all time, not likely given its age and the technology of the day. Would it have been cool to have season mode and fighting, sure. But, it doesn't hurt the game. Did it make it's mark on history more than the majority of sports games EVER released, you bet! There is no denying it and to crap all over it is silly. End rant. Cheers!
  5. LOL. Your team's record is good without him. In fact, I don't recall you having this successful a record with him. Is what it is... embrace the Trotz and life without JT.
  6. I currently use Kega Fusion. I previously used Gens.
  7. Cool! I'm glad I wasn't imagining it with goalies. lol Like yourself, I did notice that by dialing down the checking, per player, that I saw (on average) a better amounts of checks (per player) in a 5 or 7 min period. It's not perfect but now better in my opinion. It was done moreso for the guys who don't check a lot (by reputation/stats) vs. a 4th line grinder hitting everything that moves (it's their job). I don't mind the latter, in that case, as it helps with my strategy when I play/sim with line changes on. I look forward to your next roster and glad to see you are back at it again!
  8. Trade Deadline Edition added to original post (v4). I didn't focus on lines/d pairings to any great degree as it's too early to know certain new combos. I also left several injured players in to make it more fun to play. I was able to update the majority of new jersey numbers. A few haven't been confirmed yet so I went with "best guess". If anyone notices any errors or whatnot, please let me know. Cheers!
  9. My pleasure. It's gonna be live tonight. I'm just doing some finishing touches on it now and double checking a few things.
  10. Yes. Tomorrow evening. I have it up to date now and will continue through the 3pm deadline tomorrow.
  11. Weather and schedules permitting, I’ll likely be there and hang for a while. I’ll let you know... cheers!
  12. Good tip on Del Friscos. I’ll keep it in mind. I like Pineapple. Vodka is my poison although I’ve recenty become a Manhattan guy with some Makers Mark. Anywho... I’ve only been to DF once. Had a $70 steak that was awesome! They have some $100 one that can be shared that my friends recommended so who knows. My wife hasn’t been. She’s heard my buddies and their wives rave about it so she wants in. We don’t dine out a lot so this might be fun even if we end up broke at the end of the night. Lol
  13. I was telling @kingraph that I might swing by and hang with y'all on the day of the event. I live in Central Jersey and usually make it up to the city once or twice a month. I told him that I'll likely not compete as my skills are a bit rusty and there are a lot of '94 legends playing. Plus, I still need to check if I indeed can swing by that day. If so, I may have my wife with me as I promised her a NYC date once the weather got better. But, she's mad cool and loves hockey. Sadly, I may have to (finally) take her to Del Friscos NYC as she is dying to go. There goes a ton of money - lol. So, anywho, we may just hang for some drinks, introductions and watch you each battle it out for a bit. It will be fun to watch (and perhaps, scout) the guys playing this game that we love. Plus, it would be cool to put some names/faces together. If I can make it out there, I will let everyone know via this thread. If so, I look forward to meeting you!
  14. Perhaps, I’ll explore it in the off-season. It’s worth considering. For now, I’m very satisfied with how I’m doing it but, that doesn’t mean I’m not open to researching more ideas and seeing what the end result may be.
  15. To your point, you will always see a higher amount of checks or shots if you control the team. I mean, who hasn't had a period where you focused more on trying to kill other players than score goals? That said, I had a sim league with some friends, and use simming to better understand the CPU side, and noticed improvement in that environment. Your mention of Lehner also reinforces why it is difficult to rate goalies. The dude, in theory, should be ranked a 90 with his current stats. As should David Rittich. But, are either really what you would think of when we discuss someone rated a 90? Heck no. It's another reason why I rate on a 3 year average with the occasional concession here and there. NHL.com allows you to see stats over a select amount of years. I helps you better understand why rating a guy like Lehner so high isn't realistic to me (IMO). Afterall, would he be a 90 on other teams?
  16. I more of less do the same. Like you say, it's tricky to edit a goalie as the attribute effects are not widely known and there aren't as many options to rate like a forward or D. Certainly not like we can with today's EA hockey games or the now defunct 2K series. I guess there's no need to edit the 5 hole, glove/blocker and/or left/right pad attributes if we can't aim where we want the puck to go via a shot. I also have a tier structure that I work with... 82, 77, 72, 67, 62, 57, 52, 47 & 42. I don't go beyond 82 because I feel goalies in the 90s become too super human. The problem I have is, we can't rate goalies like forwards or D in the sense that there are no elite goalies anymore - I don't care what anyone says, there isn't. That era ended with Hasek, Roy and Brodeur and to a lesser extent, Lundqvist and Luongo who are now in decline. Guys like Price or Bobrovsky or Rinne can be elite for a season or two and the very next season, be average or even suck! There just isn't any superstar consistency in that position anymore. You can list out the top 20 players in the NHL and how many would include a goalie these days? That said, I use the tiers which have OVR separated by a value of 5 so that I can easily slide a guy up or down the values based on how they are trending over a 3 year range. I don't get too worked up about it as there isn't much difference between a 72 and a 77. I'll likely re-evaluate the position, and rating it, in the offseason.
  17. Anytime...I'm always tinkering with the game to see if I can find a balance that feels right. There isn't an exact science and nothing is 100% but there seems to be improvements with the right attribute combinations. Some additional food for thought... dialing back the checking and aggressiveness leads to less penalties. You also see a dip in the checks per period which feels more realistic (even for a video game). While I can't say it works every time, I have noticed an improvement by doing so. Not as many penalties called in my latest roms on average. I often play 5 or 7 min periods and it is frustrating to see your team in the box for half to 3/4 of a short period because guys keep getting whistled. More insult to injury when it is one after the other. It's not realistic if it happens too often. Back to goalies, in real life, goalies don't typically play out of the net aggressive when attackers are coming (unless you're Hasek). That said, on average, by lowering the speed to zero, it's almost as if they consider coming out of net to play the puck but, at the last minute, decide against it. I have simmed a lot of games and unless I was hallucinating, it seemed to help on average.
  18. Might be tricky to do since Seattle doesn't have a team name or colors or more importantly, skaters. Putting it as placeholder still requires you to (eventually) re-edit the team for art, logos, colors, banners and players which isn't always the easiest of things to do or the most desirable to have to do (again). I won't speak for Skip/Slapshot but, the good news is, the former did acknowledge he is looking forward to adding Seattle to his '94 rom (as he acknowledged he is also bummed to lose his current 32nd team). I would assume they'd add Seattle to this rom when the team becomes a reality. I say that because they are good that way.
  19. Thanks for the feedback/suggestion. I may give it a shot and see if I like 13/14 min periods. I haven't hear anyone mention it before. Can't promise I'll change it but, you never know. The good news is, if you download NOSE, you (the user) change customize the period lengths - super quick and easy.
  20. I found the goalies to be less spastic and remain closer to their net (on average) when I reduced the speed to zero. It’s not an exact science, and not 100%, but it felt noticeably different for/to me. Having a good agility is what matters with goalie side to side movement and reflexes. Perhaps, a zero speed makes them take less risk? It also seems to keep them away from the trapezoid on average. Maybe the CPU logic thinks that a goalie shouldn’t come too far out of net, with attackers coming, if their speed is low. I play manual goalie and haven’t had any issues. I play sim as well and as noted above, like what I see from the goalies. The checking, like most of my ratings, are on a per game average over a three year span. They may be a touch lower than some because I got tired of seeing certain players get 8-10 checks in a five minute period. It’s not realistic. Again, not a 100% exact science but I am liking the results compared to how I started last season.
  21. I purposely did 60 min OT as there is no shootout. The odds of making it the full 60 are low. I agree with you as I don’t like shootouts either. I wish the league did 5 mins of 5v5 OT and if no winner... 4 mins of 4v4... 3 mins of 3v3. And if there is still no winner, then do a shootout. Oh well. Working on updating v4, of this rom, now. Will be out at the trade deadline. Cheers!
  22. Thanks for the kind words. Much appreciated! I have not experienced any issue (per your description) with the main menu other than the Winnipeg Freeze bug which is well known on this site. I use Fusion as my emulator and don't have any issues. In fact, the Winnipeg Freeze bug doesn't occur, with my rom, if you use Fusion. It does with Gens and other emulators (perhaps Retroarch as well?). With Fusion, there is a funky code that shows within each Winnipeg Player portrait but, you still see each player without any freeze. My rom was originally Skip/Slapshot's rom (until I did an overhaul of all art and ratings). I haven't seen theirs have any issue on Fusion either (as I have tried it out) which brings me to the question of have you tried it on other emulators (namely, fusion or gens)? There is a fix to the Winnipeg Freeze bug but, it negatively affects player card data. I tried it out, once, as the great Smozoma discovered the fix and wrote out the instructions (back in 2016). After trying it out, it just wasn't worth it, to me, to have the player card data compromised. When the rom was extended to 32 teams, it appears that certain things were affected. Small price to play for 32 teams. Most folks seem ok with the bug and as I said, you can use Fusion to overcome it if it is a real bug-a-boo for you.
  23. Nice job! Congrats on getting the static logo hex edit to work!
  24. Hi All, A buddy of mine noticed funky glitch in my 2019 roms. It doesn't effect gameplay but rather, the look. As you may know, I have the custom helmet/sleeve patch in the rom. It was negatively affecting the penalty box scenes as a home players helmet would be 25% the custom color and 75% the home jersey color. It affected several teams. It also changed the strips on the sleeves of home players. @slapshot67 was awesome, as usual, and helped me fix it. Here are the before and after shots. I have re-uploaded the file as 3.1 in the original post and all future season roms will have the fix. V1 & 2 will not be updated. Cheers!
  25. No worries bud. Happy to offer... There is a tutorial, somewhere on the site, on the hex editing of your situation. But, sounds like you are now good to go! Cheers!
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