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  1. So, @kingraph you were correct (via the player cards tutorial) in that the issue I was experiencing was related to fixing the team player card pointers. Thank you for re-posting the link to the wboy tutorial. It didn't fully translate to my 32 team rom, as the hex pointer locations are different, but it was still helpful for insight. Luckily, I did get guidance on how to fix the issue that I was experiencing. Shout out to the architect of the 32 rom, @slapshot67 as he created and sent me an awesome tutorial. It taught me how to fix the pointers in my rom. Got it fixed in about an hour (o
  2. Yes, he will... Him and Nick Ritchie (ANA). Both have yet to sign with their teams but, it is fairly likely that they will. Or, they will get traded and in which case, they will likely sign with their new team. Toronto said yesterday that they are not looking to trade Nylander, at this time. Reportedly, Carolina recently inquired. However, I doubt that they will keep him long term if he doesn't sign. My guess is that he'll eventually sign some sort of 2-year "bridge deal" to stay in Toronto. I am also keeping injured players (Ryan Kesler, Shea Weber, Corey Crawford, etc.) in th
  3. I only tried it the one time but what happened in the ROM is, the images were swapped for a couple of players. To correct, I switch their list order in NOSE and it corrected the ROM. Interesting enough, it appeared (keyword - "appeared" as my eyes get older and older - lol) that in EARE, the correct index image ID per player was correct (as I cross reference the txt file saved in the EARE folder. Who knows... may have been a case of a "ghost in the machine". I will try it again tonight and see if it works. I originally had an issue with NOSE but then downloaded it again and it's been
  4. My player card list is correct however, it may have just been a one-off glitch/error (when I tried to update it in EARE). I downloaded EARE, again, and will re-attempt tonight (as I'm working on some roster number adjustments). I live in NOSE and TM but definitely want to take advantage of the nice functionality of EARE.
  5. It appears so... LOL Congrats to you and your wife!!!
  6. On December 23rd 2018, the Carolina Hurricanes will wear the Hartford Whalers jersey in tribute to their roots. As NHL94 fans, I'm sure many of you can get a kick out of this news. Kinda weird seeing Justin Williams in the green but also cool that the league is embracing the throw back. Hope we see more of it!
  7. This is an awesome tip! I haven't notice it affecting game play however, I did notice that I can affect the pre-game player portraits. By reducing the number of FWDs and/or D, it has an affect on the indexing of the portraits within a rom. That said, you may see certain players with the wrong image as you review the player portraits (pre-game). It's an easy fix... in NOSE, you simply re-order the FWDs and/or D that are listed so that the correct player coincides with the correct image. I went team by team by keeping NOSE and the game open, simultaneously, the determine whether to move a p
  8. Thanks! Yup... should be pretty easy for you to swap out the title screen image to whatever you would like it to be... I have been working on updating this roster, off and on, over the last week or two (mostly while watching preseason games). I have updated some of the lines (based on team reports/games) as well as some player attributes. I have added around 10-15 players (mostly rookies) since the last update. I also swapped out Mike "Doc" Emerick for Kenny Albert on the pre-game screen. I wasn't planning to release the next version until the start of the season. So, in about
  9. GM Ken Holland just announced that Zetterberg is retiring (basically, extended LTIR until that contracts expires ala Hossa) due to back injury issues. Sad to see him go as he was a great player!
  10. LOL ... was just a matter of when... I was planning on holding off doing any roster updates for a while (was thinking of holding off until opening night) but, this one was too good to delay. Please find re-posted, up top, the NHL94 2019 Preseason Edition rom with Erik Karlsson on the Sharks. I also took advantage of the timing to update some (confirmed) new jersey numbers for various players.
  11. I don't think there is one. I usually just mash the B button and hold the down arrow. I'm usually above 50% but it seems very random as to who wins vs exact timing of the puck drop. There have been times where I forgot to hit the B button or was off on my timing and still won. Maybe certain attributes effect success? I haven't tested or seen anything mentioning it.
  12. OK...I have re-posted the NHL94 2019 Preseason Edition ROM in the original post of this thread. Only a quarter or less of the players were effected by the glitch. I have fixed the jersey numbers on several teams (based on jersey numbers confirmed by teams) so that they match my previous released version. I also fixed several players where the shooting hand was switched. I used the official team sites to confirm them. Thanks @petraiwe for catching the error and letting me know! If anyone sees any other mistakes/errors, please let me know. I also made sure to put Adam McQuaid on
  13. Nice job!!! Looking forward to playing some games with it. One of the best parts of your ROM... Kathryn Tappen!
  14. Hi @petraiwe ... thanks for the kind words! That's funny that you say bring up that mistake... that happened with another team but I caught it before posting the updated rom. Something funky must be going on... I will review each team, tonight, and re-post with the corrections. Thanks for catching/reporting it... I'll have fixed version posted sometime tonight. Cheers! UPDATE: The jersey number/hand issue has effected certain teams/certain players. I will be correcting it tonight and re-posting. My theory is that when I exported the roster into a CSV file (via roster ex
  15. Hey @bbb777 and/or anyone else interested... ...rather then delete my previous version, I uploaded an updated version of my 2019 ROM (in case anyone preferred the older version). It is posted within my original post, up top in this thread, and titled "NHL94 2019 Preseason Edition". This updated version includes the Skinner trade to Buffalo, August/September free agent signings and last night's Max Pacioretty trade to Vegas (as he signed an extension, with them, this afternoon). I've done some player edits and line combo changes here and there (nothing major). I also updated a ton
  16. Cool... I'll get ya a copy tonight (when I'm home from work). Plus, I'm still sorta waiting to see if the trade officially goes through as it is rumored to be "conditioned" on Pacioretty signing an extension with Vegas. It will probably happen but just in case...
  17. Thanks @bbb777 I'm continuously tweaking away at the opening night roster rom. I just updated it to have Max Pacioretty on Vegas as he was traded, last night, for Tomas Tatar, Nick Suzuki and a draft pick. If anyone wants an updated copy now, just let me know. If not...October. Unfortunately, you can't use the PP units at even strength unless, the PP is the same as one of your standard 3 lines. I wish there could be a 4th line as well but it doesn't appear doable at this time. I pretty sure the CPU runs their Checking line against you if the game is close and in the 3rd period.
  18. Thanks @Kidlavington Quinn Hughes committed to another year at U of Michigan for 2018-19, so I didn’t include him. However, if you like, I have been updating the roster, since originally posting it, and could PM you a version with Hughes. Let me know if you want a “Hughes included” version. This version (if you want it) will have Skinner on the Sabres and some recent signings and updates.
  19. Dilly dilly! Lol Even as a Rangers fan, without my usual excitement, I’m still itching for a new nhl season!
  20. It's awesome that they are bringing them back as I always thought they were underrated jerseys. Not sold on the gold vs yellow. Looks too much like what Vegas has done and I feel like the yellow pops more. I guess I'm too much of a purest. I heard rumor (keyword - "rumor") that the Hurricanes may do something to honor the Whalers history in the near future. I'm not sure if the can use the W logo but even if they used their own and swapped out red/black with green/blue/white for a game, that would be great! More teams need to do this... was so happy when the Flames brought back th
  21. Thanks! Of course, I release it and a day later, Carolina trades Jeff Skinner to Buffalo. Lol I made the update on my own version. I’m not going to do a re-release right now as it’s been rumored (for quite some time) that MTL is trying to trade Pacioretty, OTT is trying to trade Karlsson and CAR may trade Justin Faulk. Plus, who knows what FAs may still sign somewhere prior to training camp.
  22. Hi Everyone! So August, to many NHL fans, is the most boring month of the year. Not much, if anything happens for the sport. The NHL world is still waiting for OTT to finally trade Erik Karlsson as rumored for months and months. Who knows when that will finally happen. That said, in honor of a boring month of low activity, I am releasing an NHL19 “Way Too Early Edition” ROM. Much of the details of my 2018 ROM carries over to this version (see "Another NHL 2018 ROM" for additional details of that ROM). The rosters, as far as big trades and signings, over the last couple of months, ar
  23. Hi all! Special thanks to @seamor who was able to help me with figuring out how to make this ROM have lines that could be edited within the game's "line editor". You can now edit all lines within the game as well as NOSE. This can be done with NLC turned on or manual/auto line changes turned on. No more freezing!!! PP units play as 4v3 in this ROM. NOTE: With the two PP lines, per team, you will not be able to edit the left point position in the game line editor. The hex coding had to be written so that only 3 players show per line. The left point has to be edited in NOSE. Howeve
  24. If you can PM me the 30 team file that you did, I'll take a look at it and see if I can figure out why it is not working on my 32 team rom. Perhaps, by comparing them, I may be able to figure out what's going on.