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  1. I purposely did 60 min OT as there is no shootout. The odds of making it the full 60 are low. I agree with you as I don’t like shootouts either. I wish the league did 5 mins of 5v5 OT and if no winner... 4 mins of 4v4... 3 mins of 3v3. And if there is still no winner, then do a shootout. Oh well. Working on updating v4, of this rom, now. Will be out at the trade deadline. Cheers!
  2. Thanks for the kind words. Much appreciated! I have not experienced any issue (per your description) with the main menu other than the Winnipeg Freeze bug which is well known on this site. I use Fusion as my emulator and don't have any issues. In fact, the Winnipeg Freeze bug doesn't occur, with my rom, if you use Fusion. It does with Gens and other emulators (perhaps Retroarch as well?). With Fusion, there is a funky code that shows within each Winnipeg Player portrait but, you still see each player without any freeze. My rom was originally Skip/Slapshot's rom (until I did an overhaul of all art and ratings). I haven't seen theirs have any issue on Fusion either (as I have tried it out) which brings me to the question of have you tried it on other emulators (namely, fusion or gens)? There is a fix to the Winnipeg Freeze bug but, it negatively affects player card data. I tried it out, once, as the great Smozoma discovered the fix and wrote out the instructions (back in 2016). After trying it out, it just wasn't worth it, to me, to have the player card data compromised. When the rom was extended to 32 teams, it appears that certain things were affected. Small price to play for 32 teams. Most folks seem ok with the bug and as I said, you can use Fusion to overcome it if it is a real bug-a-boo for you.
  3. Nice job! Congrats on getting the static logo hex edit to work!
  4. Hi All, A buddy of mine noticed funky glitch in my 2019 roms. It doesn't effect gameplay but rather, the look. As you may know, I have the custom helmet/sleeve patch in the rom. It was negatively affecting the penalty box scenes as a home players helmet would be 25% the custom color and 75% the home jersey color. It affected several teams. It also changed the strips on the sleeves of home players. @slapshot67 was awesome, as usual, and helped me fix it. Here are the before and after shots. I have re-uploaded the file as 3.1 in the original post and all future season roms will have the fix. V1 & 2 will not be updated. Cheers!
  5. No worries bud. Happy to offer... There is a tutorial, somewhere on the site, on the hex editing of your situation. But, sounds like you are now good to go! Cheers!
  6. I always do the add/remove in NOSE. I know it can be done in the hex code but I often mess that up and have to redo it ten times til I get it correct... something about adding back the number of characters (hex) removed by removing a players name. If you PM me your rom, I can (thru NOSE) remove the player (let me know player/team) and send it back to you. I won’t be able to do it til later today (gonna be doing some errands this afternoon). So, if it’s not time sensitive, PM it along to me...
  7. For those of you who don’t want to read my latest novel... I mean post above... the short story is, version 3 of my season rom was posted at the top of this thread. Cheers!
  8. Hi All...so ignore what I mentioned above (back in December) regarding doing a v3 and a v4. I have decided to do 5 in total, for the year. So, instead of waiting until the trade deadline for v3, I am releasing it today. There has been a lot of activity since my last roster posting at the beginning of December (albiet, nothing Earth shaking). I FINALLY got around to updating the player portraits for all NLC players on each team. When I started this project, last year, I used Skip/Slapshot's rom template to get the ball rolling. Since that time, I have edited over 800 player ratings in my own fashion, tweaked all jersey colors, refreshed all team logos and now, updated all portraits. Previously, I "borrowed" theirs as I slowly added some new ones when needed. So, special thanks to @skip and @slapshot67for being cool with that and not calling me out for being too lazy to update all art 'til now. I have updated the roster as of today. Lines and D pairings are NOT 100% accurate. There are a few AHL call ups that I couldn't add as I didn't have an opening within my 3 goalie/14 forward/8 defensemen team structures. Anywho, as some of you know, I base my ratings on a 3 year average (with an occasional exception) so I just re-reviewed/updated the average As of mid season. Things like shot accuracy and passing, for example, are not based on one season or a particular season's %s. I like trends and a 3 year makes it more interesting to me. I don't do a season average because we can't play a season mode. Plus, I try to avoid what I call the "Jonathan Cheechoo" effect (google his stats and you'll see what I mean). I base shot rating (for example) on a "per game average" vs season YTD shooting %. This better allows the "stars to be stars." Ovechkin, for example, has a top 5 goals per game average and a not-so-great shooting % based on how often he shoots, in a season. So, for example, his season average of maybe 50 goals over 300+ shots isn’t a high shooting percentage. But 50 goals over 82 games is a higher number and justifies a higher rating. As we can only play exhibitions, I prefer to have a per game average vs season long. The per game averages l, that I use, also factor into hits, passes and shots per game. As for goalies, I have a slightly more complicated way of rating them. I won't get into that today. Anywho...thanks for reading my long-winded crap and enjoy! V3 is in the OP above. Next update will be at the trade deadline followed by the playoff edition. Cheers!
  9. Anytime bud! Your V2 wasn't sloppy. The MacKenzie retirement wasn't big news and is an easy miss. I knew of it because I live on HFboard's website. To be honest, it's easy to forget that Florida has two teams when only one has ever been relevant. lol Maybe next season, I can put together a post of all 2020 season transactions so we can all stay on top of things. With surprise retirements, weekly waivers and minor (in addition to occasional noteworthy) trades, it may prove helpful.
  10. You should definitely add Garland... you could replace Ullstrom (who hasn't played in the NHL) with him. Also, consider adding Jayce Hawryluk (C/W) to the Panthers. He's speedy, has 3 goals in 10 games and he likes to hit (25 hits in those 10 games). To add him, you could replace Derek MacKenzie (who retired last week and is now a coach) or Maxim Mamim who is now playing in a Europe League. Again, nice job bud!!!
  11. LOL... I can't think of any reason why hockey fans would hate on him... hmmm...he never shows star player bias (incessantly) or anything like that...
  12. It has been announced that the Hurricanes, besides wearing the Whalers throw backs, on the 23rd, will also use "Brass Bonanza" as their goal song for the game. Feeling '94 all over again! With this great news, they'll probably get shut out. LMAO
  13. Hopefully, this isn’t the end of an era. Hopefully, you (eventually) come back with some more original concept Roms. Even to noobs like me, you are a legend in these here parts! Thanks for all your great/hard work!!!
  14. Per the above, I am posting an updated roster (v2 in the OP). It was announced 3 minutes before today's 5:00 EST deadline that William Nylander re-signed with the Maple Leafs. I reposted v1.1 as well. Like version 2, I made it default the main menu to "manual goalie" as I didn't notice it was on auto. There were no other changes in the event you like(d) version 1.1. I also posted both files unzipped for convenience. V2 includes some new players as well as some player edits here and there. All roster moves are as of today. Enjoy...cheers!
  15. The only known/reported issue with my Rom (Skip’s and Naple’s have the same) is the “Winnipeg Freeze Bug”. That only happens if you allow the game to display the Jets player portraits in the main menu screen. There have been several posts about it if you do a search. If you use Kega Fusion, it won’t freeze. It displays a weird error code under the player portrait names. No big deal (IMO). Besides that freeze bug, I haven’t seen or been informed of any other freezes (was playing the rom as recent as last night). Now, not an "issue" but rather a human error, if you don't synch a player portrait correctly, the main menu screen will freeze and have some funky colors. However, that is based on one, incorrectly, having done a player portrait update. Unrelated, I am posting V2, of this rom, this weekend. The William Nylander “sign or you miss the season” deadline is 12/1. Just waiting on that status update. Plus, we are at the first quarter mark of the season so it seems like a good time. I have updated the rosters with all in-season trades including yesterday’s between CHI & ARZ. Added some new players too and removed some as well. V3 will be done at the trade deadline. V4 will be the Playoff Edition. Cheers!
  16. I have re-posted the file (again) as I just discovered the same issue with the Buffalo team roster that I had with the NJ roster (mentioned above). Both have been fixed. It dates back to this summer. Long story short, I got sloppy (and lazy) with the exporter/importer tool and didn't pay attention to certain important instructions. Lesson learned. I did my best to comb this file and I think I have, now, cleaned up my error for good (knock on wood). If anyone catches something that appears to be a mistake (such as jersey number, wright, hand, etc.), please feel free to let me know. Sorry for re-posting so many times... the OCD in me couldn't let it go. LOL Oh, and I did give Elias Petterson a little more of a bump in ratings and the kid is just awesome (so far)! Cheers!
  17. I just usually tell them that NHL94 is like the "F****n' Catalina Wine Mixer". Enough said! But, '95 is still a good game even IF, not the best. LOL
  18. I just posted v1.1 of this rom. It was pointed out, to me, that there was an error on the NJ roster. I have fixed it but also used it as an excuse to post more updated version. I updated the NLC for a handful of teams, including certain player portraits. These teams include, CHI, EDM, NYI, VAN, VGK and WAS. I also updated a couple of rookies (and a couple of vets) by giving a slight to modest boost to their ratings (notably Elias Pettersson who is killing it this year, so far). Cheers!
  19. Just tried this out on my 32-team rom and it worked. At first, 12 goalies appear and as soon as the play end/whistle blows, it goes back to 5v5 with 2 goalies but no net. The 12 goalie thing is very bizarre (as it is happening).
  20. We’ve heard that before... lol He should go there or retire. He’s too slow for today’s NHL. Not sure what it like over the Czech leagues. At his age, and after all he’s accomplished, there is nothing left to prove. Plus, injuries are starting to impact him.
  21. Agreed...plus, isn't the original the "ultimate retro hockey game"? Weight bug aside, it is still more fun to play than anything EA is currently releasing.
  22. Very true however, Jagr hasn't officially retired and keeps hinting he may play again. At this point, I believe there may be one or two teams he has yet to play for...
  23. Cool...thanks! I will try it out tonight.
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