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  1. Thanks @Kidlavington Quinn Hughes committed to another year at U of Michigan for 2018-19, so I didn’t include him. However, if you like, I have been updating the roster, since originally posting it, and could PM you a version with Hughes. Let me know if you want a “Hughes included” version. This version (if you want it) will have Skinner on the Sabres and some recent signings and updates.
  2. Dilly dilly! Lol Even as a Rangers fan, without my usual excitement, I’m still itching for a new nhl season!
  3. It's awesome that they are bringing them back as I always thought they were underrated jerseys. Not sold on the gold vs yellow. Looks too much like what Vegas has done and I feel like the yellow pops more. I guess I'm too much of a purest. I heard rumor (keyword - "rumor") that the Hurricanes may do something to honor the Whalers history in the near future. I'm not sure if the can use the W logo but even if they used their own and swapped out red/black with green/blue/white for a game, that would be great! More teams need to do this... was so happy when the Flames brought back th
  4. Thanks! Of course, I release it and a day later, Carolina trades Jeff Skinner to Buffalo. Lol I made the update on my own version. I’m not going to do a re-release right now as it’s been rumored (for quite some time) that MTL is trying to trade Pacioretty, OTT is trying to trade Karlsson and CAR may trade Justin Faulk. Plus, who knows what FAs may still sign somewhere prior to training camp.
  5. Hi Everyone! So August, to many NHL fans, is the most boring month of the year. Not much, if anything happens for the sport. The NHL world is still waiting for OTT to finally trade Erik Karlsson as rumored for months and months. Who knows when that will finally happen. That said, in honor of a boring month of low activity, I am releasing an NHL19 “Way Too Early Edition” ROM. Much of the details of my 2018 ROM carries over to this version (see "Another NHL 2018 ROM" for additional details of that ROM). The rosters, as far as big trades and signings, over the last couple of months, ar
  6. Hi all! Special thanks to @seamor who was able to help me with figuring out how to make this ROM have lines that could be edited within the game's "line editor". You can now edit all lines within the game as well as NOSE. This can be done with NLC turned on or manual/auto line changes turned on. No more freezing!!! PP units play as 4v3 in this ROM. NOTE: With the two PP lines, per team, you will not be able to edit the left point position in the game line editor. The hex coding had to be written so that only 3 players show per line. The left point has to be edited in NOSE. Howeve
  7. If you can PM me the 30 team file that you did, I'll take a look at it and see if I can figure out why it is not working on my 32 team rom. Perhaps, by comparing them, I may be able to figure out what's going on.
  8. I believe that coding solution was written for a 28 or 30 team rom (the instructions were in 2010 which believe was before the 32 team rom came out). I say this because I downloaded the original 3-on-3 ROM released on this site in 2009. It is a 28 team rom (as I couldn't locate a 30 or 32 team 3v3 rom) and does allow you to change out players on a line. When I mimicked it's hex coding, it still got freezing. I then played around with the hex coding based on the link that you posted, for crashing lines, and it doesn't appear to fix the freezing or inability to change out players on a
  9. Just got around to updating the 3-on-3 ROM with the latest updates made to my 5-on-5 ROM. This includes Slapshot's recent catch on the home team bench carpet color issue for 3 teams. It has been fixed like the 5-on-5 version. See the rest of the notes regarding this ROM in the OP above. This file is v3.
  10. My bad...the center ice logos that I fixed didn't take... that said, it's now fixed and what is attached is good to go.
  11. Thanks for the feedback and more importantly, the catch on the skate blades. It only affected 3 teams. I fixed all three and in turn, their center ice logos (as best I could). I didn't know it affected the carpet as I don't usually play with one of those teams. As you may have guessed, I tweaked some of the blades to get that color into the center ice logo swatch. I figured, you don't notice the blades during game play and it would add a color not in the uniforms. Oh well...good lesson learned. Thanks for the heads up! Updated version is now posted. The EA logo will remain as I ki
  12. So, I recently received some good feedback/suggestions from some folks that I know, and turned on to his great game. I made some edits to skating speed and/or agility for many players...changed up some special teams...made a couple of jersey tweaks. I also made it so none of the forwards have a D-awareness rating above 4 (Bergeron, Kopitar, Couturier, Barkov, etc. all have a 4). I was seeing too much checking and aggressiveness in 5-7 minutes periods (for my taste). Those with higher checking ratings still check as expected but not like before. It's a little "dialed back" and I have been
  13. Thats really strange. Whats more is, the puck turned radioactive at the moment it crossed over to the audience side. If you look close, it omits a flash. Either that, or I’m stoned. Lol
  14. LOL... I did briefly have a "Shanghai Special" Zuccarello jersey that came to me with the wrong number font. It was the correct number but I guess they thought they could send me something unofficial for the font type. Luckily, I got my money back. Although, it was a struggle. Your Sakic jersey sounds awesome! He was one of my favs back in the day. You should just get the fleur-de-lis patched/sown up as that's a classic. My wishlist is a 1989 Flames (away jersey - love those colors) for MacInnis, a Steve Yzerman jersey, a Brett Hull Blues jersey, a Mike Modano North Stars jersey,
  15. *1994 CCM Brian Leetch Home Jersey with Stanley Cup Patches (my fav all time player) *Henrik Lundqvist Reebok Home Jersey (circa 2010 I believe) *Ryan McDonagh Reebok Home Jersey (circa 2014 I believe) *Charlestown Chiefs Jersey (no player). Never ceases to amaze me that whenever I wear it to any hockey game, someone comes over and yells out "Hey Hanarhan" or imitates the Denis Lemieux interview. Had a 90s CCM Messier jersey but ripped it and it is no more. Would like to get some jerseys from the late 80s/early 90s. Maybe one day...
  16. Sorta apropos that your 666th post is this one... pure evil to remind Leafs fans of their curse. LOL The seconds looks like a phone number!
  17. NICE! @slapshot67 with the game winning goal!
  18. @Boston Boy I forgot, I am using smozoma's nose1.2b-2012apr not the original wboy version. That may be why I had a different experience than you. Def. try the file Slapshot just posted.
  19. Crazy thought...your screenshot shows that your NOSE folder contains both the original INI and Smoz INI file. I wonder if for some crazy reason they are conflicting with each other? I’m not a techy guy so I wouldn’t be able to offer any sorta expertise or rationale. I just kinda remember replacing (and getting rid of the original INI) when I did the update. If that’s in fact what I vaguely remember doing.
  20. I’ll see if I can download NOSE to my wife’s laptop and see if I can retrace my steps. Assuming that I may need to... if I find something, I’ll let you know.
  21. Did you try to replace out the original INI file with both of the file updates in Slapshot post? Just to see if either would do the trick...
  22. Smozoma reposted a link to a post from Slapshot regarding the INI file update. I kinda...sorta... remember reading it back when which leads me to believe that I “may” followed it.
  23. I dont recall doing that... I kinda think I just replaced out the original INI file with an updated one. Similiar to how I had to replace the sprite file, in NOSE, to the one that allows for editing helmets.
  24. He’s definitely using a 32 team ROM as I edited team 31 and 32 for him. As I see it in writing, via smozoma’s suggestion, I vaguely remember having to change out the ini file when I started using NOSE. It was quite a whiles ago so I’m not 100%. Just sorta seems familiar as a “must do.” Wish I could remember...