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  1. Just got around to updating the 3-on-3 ROM with the latest updates made to my 5-on-5 ROM. This includes Slapshot's recent catch on the home team bench carpet color issue for 3 teams. It has been fixed like the 5-on-5 version. See the rest of the notes regarding this ROM in the OP above. This file is v3.
  2. My bad...the center ice logos that I fixed didn't take... that said, it's now fixed and what is attached is good to go.
  3. Thanks for the feedback and more importantly, the catch on the skate blades. It only affected 3 teams. I fixed all three and in turn, their center ice logos (as best I could). I didn't know it affected the carpet as I don't usually play with one of those teams. As you may have guessed, I tweaked some of the blades to get that color into the center ice logo swatch. I figured, you don't notice the blades during game play and it would add a color not in the uniforms. Oh well...good lesson learned. Thanks for the heads up! Updated version is now posted. The EA logo will remain as I ki
  4. So, I recently received some good feedback/suggestions from some folks that I know, and turned on to his great game. I made some edits to skating speed and/or agility for many players...changed up some special teams...made a couple of jersey tweaks. I also made it so none of the forwards have a D-awareness rating above 4 (Bergeron, Kopitar, Couturier, Barkov, etc. all have a 4). I was seeing too much checking and aggressiveness in 5-7 minutes periods (for my taste). Those with higher checking ratings still check as expected but not like before. It's a little "dialed back" and I have been
  5. Thats really strange. Whats more is, the puck turned radioactive at the moment it crossed over to the audience side. If you look close, it omits a flash. Either that, or I’m stoned. Lol
  6. LOL... I did briefly have a "Shanghai Special" Zuccarello jersey that came to me with the wrong number font. It was the correct number but I guess they thought they could send me something unofficial for the font type. Luckily, I got my money back. Although, it was a struggle. Your Sakic jersey sounds awesome! He was one of my favs back in the day. You should just get the fleur-de-lis patched/sown up as that's a classic. My wishlist is a 1989 Flames (away jersey - love those colors) for MacInnis, a Steve Yzerman jersey, a Brett Hull Blues jersey, a Mike Modano North Stars jersey,
  7. *1994 CCM Brian Leetch Home Jersey with Stanley Cup Patches (my fav all time player) *Henrik Lundqvist Reebok Home Jersey (circa 2010 I believe) *Ryan McDonagh Reebok Home Jersey (circa 2014 I believe) *Charlestown Chiefs Jersey (no player). Never ceases to amaze me that whenever I wear it to any hockey game, someone comes over and yells out "Hey Hanarhan" or imitates the Denis Lemieux interview. Had a 90s CCM Messier jersey but ripped it and it is no more. Would like to get some jerseys from the late 80s/early 90s. Maybe one day...
  8. Sorta apropos that your 666th post is this one... pure evil to remind Leafs fans of their curse. LOL The seconds looks like a phone number!
  9. NICE! @slapshot67 with the game winning goal!
  10. @Boston Boy I forgot, I am using smozoma's nose1.2b-2012apr not the original wboy version. That may be why I had a different experience than you. Def. try the file Slapshot just posted.
  11. Crazy thought...your screenshot shows that your NOSE folder contains both the original INI and Smoz INI file. I wonder if for some crazy reason they are conflicting with each other? I’m not a techy guy so I wouldn’t be able to offer any sorta expertise or rationale. I just kinda remember replacing (and getting rid of the original INI) when I did the update. If that’s in fact what I vaguely remember doing.
  12. I’ll see if I can download NOSE to my wife’s laptop and see if I can retrace my steps. Assuming that I may need to... if I find something, I’ll let you know.
  13. Did you try to replace out the original INI file with both of the file updates in Slapshot post? Just to see if either would do the trick...
  14. Smozoma reposted a link to a post from Slapshot regarding the INI file update. I kinda...sorta... remember reading it back when which leads me to believe that I “may” followed it.
  15. I dont recall doing that... I kinda think I just replaced out the original INI file with an updated one. Similiar to how I had to replace the sprite file, in NOSE, to the one that allows for editing helmets.
  16. He’s definitely using a 32 team ROM as I edited team 31 and 32 for him. As I see it in writing, via smozoma’s suggestion, I vaguely remember having to change out the ini file when I started using NOSE. It was quite a whiles ago so I’m not 100%. Just sorta seems familiar as a “must do.” Wish I could remember...
  17. And it was the last time a Canadien based team won the cup. Thats crazy to think. Since then, Canadien market teams have returned to the finals only four times.
  18. No prob... thats a quick and easy swap out. Ill send it to you, with that pairing, in a little while.
  19. No prob... I have it with Schiefele and Wheeler as they are always paired together. Laine is the extra. If you would like it to be something else, let me know. I’ll PM it to you later when Im near my personal laptop.
  20. Nice job! I was able to edit WPG to be 2on2, via NOSE, and can send to you if you like...obviously I don't know who you want to be the two so you could just change it to be whoever... Hit me up if you are interested.
  21. Hello again! I had some unforeseen free time and did some updates to this ROM. I never liked the in-game timer logo (as I originally threw it together in a hurry). So, I added a new one reminiscent of the original NHL94 game. It's not the same logo but close. Now, I don't have to worry about changing it year to year as it can work for any year. I cleaned up some more center ice logos as well as the scoreboard logo. I also updated the goalie rating structure to be well, a tier structure. Let's face it, goalie attribute editing (back then) was not as robust as it is today. Fur
  22. Hey everyone! I just posted an updated 2018 3-on-3 ROM. Thanks to @slapshot67 who patched it with the sprite/helmet patch, I was able to update all uniforms and helmets (just like I did for the 5-on-5 version that I posted). Helmets, are now correct per team. I did the best I could with the uniforms. I also refreshed all center ice logos, after I updated the uniforms/helmets, to ensure they remained as before (color-wise). I re-patched the 3 Stars of the Game hack. It was not working properly in my previous ROMs. I have tested it several times and can confirm that it now
  23. Hey everyone! I just posted an updated 2018 ROM. Thanks to @slapshot67, who patched it with the sprite/helmet patch, I was able to update all uniforms and helmets. The latter is now correct per team. I also refreshed all center ice logos, after I updated the uniforms/helmets, to ensure they remained as before (color-wise). I re-patched the 3 Stars of the Game hack. It was not working properly in my previous ROMs. I have tested it several times and can confirm that it now works as intended. See screenshots below. In screenshot 1, Varlamov shutout the Preds 1-0. Kerfoot
  24. I actually have 5 versions of it saved for that very reason. Here's the last version, of it, that I posted here... If you could add the patch to it, you sir, win the internet! Thanks for offering to assist. When I add the patch, it messes up the game/rink graphics. If you able to fix them, then you are "da man!" And, I may name my 1st kid Slapshot! If you want me to PM it, please let me know.
  25. True, but I didn't edit his ROM... I edited yours/Skips which doesn't have the sprite patch. I give you a shout out in the game scrolling credits as well as the post on this site. It's when I add it to your 2018 version that the problem occurs. I'm looking for some advice on how to overcome it as there are no searchable instructions. I believe he may have started with your 32 team ROM as well and then added the patch. Just guessing...