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  1. Ok, cool. I'll do a search and see if I can locate anything regarding the Clockwise Sprint Hack. Thanks for confirming!
  2. Hey @naples39 Aweosme job on your ROM (as usual). I am curious...how did you get certain helmets to be the correct colors? Do you edit them in NOSE/Hex or in TM?
  3. Thanks @skip & @naples39 ! I look forward to cool stuff people will continue to do, with the ROMs, for the "good ol' hockey game."
  4. For those interested, I re-uploaded the ROM as I just updated/cleaned-up some of the center ice logos. *Cleaned up Carolina, Nashville, Vancouver, Vegas and Washington (as best I could). *Added the correct center ice logos for LA and Minnesota. No edits to players/ratings in this latest version. Added v1.1 to file name.
  5. Hi everyone! Like many, I was a long time lurker and now I'm hoping to be a contributor. I just posted my 1st Genesis ROM (link below). I'm working on another (different concept) but I'm keeping it under wraps until I test it and determine if I want to brave posting it. My hope is to continue to contribute current season ROMs moving forward. Hopefully, in ways that make them unique in some shape or form. And, from time to time, maybe share any hacking wisdom I happened to (luckily) stumble upon. I love hockey as well as NHL94. This appears to be a great community and I'm happy to join! Cheers! .
  6. Thanks @CoachMac And, you are correct sir...I am sick when it comes to this roster editing thing. Too many "what if" moments. But, I will be good for now.
  7. Thanks @AdamWoodrow . I appreciate the kind words. I just uploaded the BIN file for a 3rd and now final time (LOL). I made a couple more ratings tweaks but now realize that this could go on forever. That said, I'm now done with this file. Glad that you liked it!
  8. Noticed one little thing that I wanted to change so I uploaded a new version of the BIN file. Nothing worth reporting...just something I wanted changed.
  9. Hi everyone! I’m a long-time lurker but would like to now see if I can be a contributor (of sorts). I love NHL94…takes me way back to a fun time of sports video gaming. Plus, 1994 holds special memories for long time (suffering) Rangers fans like me. This is a wonderful site and appears to be a great community. I want to say thanks to everyone who contributes as it helps folks, like me, with no hacking skills, develop custom ROMs. Hat tip to Slapshot67/Skip and Naples39 for the awesome ROMs that they do for the current NHL seasons. Both versions are awesome for different reasons. That said, I have “lifted” Skip/Slapshot’s version and have been doing “tweaks” to it. In the end, it’s a hybrid concept of theirs as well as Naples39 as it pulls some inspiration from both. Here’s what to expect from this file: *31 NHL Teams. The “WPG freeze bug” doesn’t occur IF you use Kega Fusion. However, with Fusion, WSH, WPG and Team #32 all cycle player portraits but there is a weird error code that appears next to the image. While it’s not the end of the world, I hope to one day fix it. The “WPG freeze bug” does exist for some other emulators. *32nd Team is the 2018 NHL Prospects. So now, you can play as Dahlin, Svechnikov, Zadina, Tkachuk, Boqvist, Hayton, Hughes, etc. I added all of the top-rated prospects for this year’s June draft. I researched the prospects, online via multiple credible sources, to get some attribute insights. *Several player portraits have been updated/replaced. I may replace some more when time permits and my wife doesn’t get annoyed at me for putting in more time. LOL *Some NCL players have been updated/replaced, from how Skip/Slapshot67 had them. *Goalie speed has been set to zero. As such, they are significantly less likely to go into the trapezoid (while forwards are attacking) as they don’t have the speed to come back in time. They are less spaz-like/aggressive out of the crease now. Agility rating makes the goalies move quickly side to side (between the posts) and makes them more animated in the net. I tested this many times and it feels more natural. Well, as “natural” as the NHL 94 will allow. *I edited just about every player (between 700-800 edits). I did not base ratings on this year’s performance alone. However, this year influenced said ratings. The ratings are based on the last 3 years averaged out for players who played a minimum of 60 games/per. For those who didn’t, I had a different methodology. I used Hockey Forecaster, HockeyDB, Elite Prospects and HFBoards (each team’s page) for insight. Plus, I used stat and analytics sites for insight as well. *No goalies or Dmen in the 90s, for OVR rating, several in the 80s. Only 3 forwards in the 90s. You could probably guess who…again, no drop off in terms of production as it is more in line with the original game ratings. So, in this ROM, 80 is the new 90. 90 OVR just means that you are the best in the world. Using the scale of 0-6 I did avoid 6 for certain attributes like defense. No one is higher than a 5 as it allows for some "human error" on the part of the CPU. *Only 2 goalies per team (except for the prospects who have 3). I felt it was a better use of a roster spot to have an extra forward and/or dman. I wanted to get some noobs like Donato, Andersson, Gaudette, Middlestadt, etc. in the game. Not all made it in but maybe one day… *Lines are set using LeftWing Lock’s and Daily Faceoff’s websites. They are not the most current but rather, the average for the year of which lines/D pairings were used the most per team. *Some injured players are still active (Shattenkirk, Bouwmeester, Suter, Carlo, Thornton, Nash, etc.). More fun that way. Folks can change them if they want up-to-date. *All shot/pass tendencies have been updated and play (mostly) accurate. Same for checking tendency. *Playoffs are based on 4 rotating scenarios. I added the 2017 & 2018 brackets (as of 4/8/18). There are also two fake/custom brackets that allow for teams that weren’t in the playoffs the last couple of years (CAR, BUF and ARZ) to have some opportunity as well as for those who maybe showed up once in the last few years (EDM and FLA). Anywho, sorry for the long post. This is in no way meant to be competition to Naples39 or Slapshot67/Skip (or Coach Mac or any other folks). I’m not interested in any such thing as I have big respect for what each does for the game/community. I just wanted to add “another flavor to the menu.” If you download and notice any errors, please let me know. I look forward to any and all feedback! NHL94 2018 v3.1.zip
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