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  1. If there is nothing via search, than there is none for the 32 team rom. There is for 30 teams and much of it, translates to the 32 team rom. Much of what I learned came from those tutorials and playing around and having "ah-ha" moments. There were two individuals who answered specific IM questions for me. I will not mention them by name for their privacy but, again, I was specific to them in what I needed to know. Other items... I posted here and some other folks addressed. The community is great that way especially if they understand what you need to know to do your work. Also, aga
  2. You told me that you wanted to replace Seattle with your own team. Per our IMs, I have provided you with the TM locations for center ice logo, team selection logo, team banners and home/away banners. That's all you need to edit/update to replace one team with another unless you wish to edit player headshots. If so, I will IM them to you now. I changed the headshot hex pointer locations for you a couple of days ago so you're set there. 6x6 sizing in TM. Color palette 812940. Chose the last codec option (forgot what's it's called). There is also a tutorial for adding/editing headshot
  3. One thing I forgot to mention in the above post... special thanks goes to @kingraph! He re-created the Blackhawks center ice logo as used in NHL Rewind. While I was ok with the one that I previously had, his is better and I "borrowed it" for my latest version (posted today). We chatted about it but I wanted to give public acknowledgment. Thanks bud!
  4. V1 of my NHL94 2021 season rom has been added to this original post. *Lines/d pairs may not accurate, in several cases, especially, for teams who have coaches who change them every five minutes. Feel free to change them to what you'd like them to be. The opening night players are all there for you to select. There are some "taxi squad" folks as well (but not all). *Injured/COVID-affected players expected/rumored to be returning during the season are in the active rosters for line changes. If someone is confirmed as being out for the season (Kucherov, for example) they will be on the
  5. In TM, size the image to 6x4 or it will be all jumbled. Image > Canvas Size > 6 columns by 4 rows. Then, you can paste your image over what's there (Edit > Paste From).
  6. That logo's TM location is 001E7A6E. Size is 6x4. Palette code, you can locate in NOSE. Pull up the screen in which you edited the jerseys in NOSE. Click on the DEC button (upper left). Look as the decimal value for your home jersey. The offset with be a 8 digit number (sometimes it is alpha-numeric). Enter that number in TM in the palette menu. The palette size is 16. This image is for a 30 team rom but it should make what's written above clearer to follow.
  7. Noted, thanks for catching it. I will change it back to having the freeze bug (with said disclaimer) on the season version when I next post it. But to be honest, the rom has been downloaded nearing 300 times and this is the first it was mentioned. My guess is, not enough people care about playoff mode. But, I'll definitely re-set it back so if someone does, it won't hinder them.
  8. I understand... I'm in the same boat... 89 players got waived today. More will come and some, will (likely) get claimed. There were also some PTOs signed over the last couple of weeks so that potentially factors in as well (if they get actual contracts).
  9. No longer potential... all three were waived. Juulsen (waived yesterday) was claimed by Florida today.
  10. For now... and, that's how I updated my rom (yesterday) but, it remains to be seen as we still have 3-4 days 'til (official) puck-drop for teams. Let's see what they do in the next couple of days. They could sign a vet UFA guy like a Jimmy Howard or pick up a waiver wire guy. Louis Domingue was just waived today and he has a history (albeit brief) with the team. They may even swing a trade with a team like Toronto who has 3 NHL caliber goalies in Anderson, Campbell and Dell. As it seems that Dell may be a victim of the numbers game, and would have to be waived to be put on the team's
  11. While I'm not a big fan of the Kraken name, it was well documented that fans within the city of Seattle (maybe, Washington state too) had a big part in the naming. There was a voting process that took place to obtain name ideas and, I believe, voting on the finalists. That said, I have no real issue with it because it matters to those who will follow the team. I would have liked to have seen them pick a name that is rooted in that geographical area or the residents, rather than something mythological, but to each their own... As for the Golden Knights, it is a homage to owner Bill Foley's
  12. Hint, hint... Got a whole section dedicated to just it.
  13. Try this file instead. Delete what you have in your ini folder and replace with these four files. It's possible that what I posted above is incorrect. If this works, then I delete the previous file in favor of this attachment. Let us know... NOSE Updated
  14. After downloading NOSE, you might also need to swap out the ini file (that comes with it)... the old ini file was formatted for 30 teams. I haven't downloaded NOSE in a while so I don't recall if the updated ini file was added to the download.
  15. There is an updated zip file on this site. Try downloading it from this thread (below).
  16. Glad you like it! I set up Seattle, that way, by design. Next year, when they have actual/real players, I will reconfigure them to have a full roster like the other teams. If you add player, no, it will not break the rom. It will, however, mess up the player cards for the Dmen. The hex pointers, for the Dmen, are numbered, for Seattle, differently then the other teams as there are less players. For most teams, I believe that I have the pointers, for the 2 Dmen cards, as 11 and 12 (if memory serves as I'm not on my home computer now). For Seattle, I think I had them as 7 and 8 (I can't
  17. Agreed... it's a cool find. I only used it on my 3v3, and had to get a little creative to make it work (considering I used a D/C/W structure vs the LD/RD/LW/C/RW structure) but it worked and it's a nice touch. Better than having the player cards freeze. I look forward to seeing this new direction that you've take your rom!
  18. Awesome... is this a rom that you will be posting for just league play or something that you are considering making public for all to see/use?
  19. @kingraph It's F8908. I ran into the same confusion when I applied this hack to my recent 3v3 rom (which is the 32 team format). Change the 00 06 to whatever it needs to be...
  20. Two reasons... At the time that I did the work (which is still saved somewhere, I believe), it was unclear as to whether or not certain retro jerseys would be home or away. As you have probably noticed, some teams have retro away vs retro home 'cause God forbid the NHL do anything with any level of consistency or order or rhyme/reason. Anywho, I didn't want to give each team the same jersey for home and away to cover myself while we wait for the confirmation of home vs away. For example, Carolina has a grey Whalers retro jersey that is based on the 1979 home jersey which was white. Well
  21. Ok...problem addressed/solved/fixed. See two posts above for details on the latest version of this rom. It is now available, for download, on the first page of this thread. Cheers!
  22. Posted too soon...had to take down the latest version as there is an issue with the player cards. Fixing soon...sorry about that...
  23. Hi All! So, I was quite wrong about Zdeno Chara re-signing with the Bruins as he signed with Washington today. End of an era in Beantown and a mistake for the "Way Too Early" version of the rom. Anywho, I have updated the Preseason version of the 2021 rom. It is now uploaded in the OP. I have updated several jersey numbers (which many have been confirmed as of late). I added approx 50 players to this rom and have the rosters updated as of today. I only included one PTO player as I added Mike Hoffman to the Blues. Barring any strange happenings, he is expected to sign a 1 year/4M de
  24. @brianski71 The updated file is now in the original post. Thanks for the catch! Cheers!