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  1. Lost another 94 alumni. Helluva player. Gone too soon!
  2. Hello again! In the original post, below the ROM file, I have attached a spreadsheet (zip file) with the attributes of each forward. This could be helpful with understanding the strengths (and perhaps, weaknesses) of each line. One of my goals was to try and make it so that each line has players who excel in certain areas (speed, shot, stickhandling, etc.). Cheers!
  3. Some additional screenshots...Ron Barr is back in color!
  4. The Production Line. The Triple Crown Line. The Trio Grande. The Punch Line. The Goal-a-Game Line. And many more! Introducing NHL94 All-time Greatest Lines! NHL94 Alltime Greatest Lines.bin All Time Greatest Lines This ROM contains 25 historically famous, or reputable, NHL lines competing against each other for top billing. These are lines that teams used to score (so top line or 2nd line) and in some cases, were offensive juggernauts. It’s made up of the 3 forwards that made those lines notable. However, it’s only those three forwards, with
  5. If you want a version of the rom, without the hack, PM me and I’ll send it to you.
  6. Yup...mentioned it on the last page of this thread...I applied the stamina decrease hack to the rom but, I did that 2 or 3 versions ago. So, nothing new. I play with line changes and havent seen my guys get gassed. They get tired faster, which is the point. I wanted to allow for more frequent line changes in a game. I was playing tonight (added Lafreniere to the Rangers - hehe) and didn't notice anything unusual vs what I have come to expect of it. I'll check again, later, and if I see the same as you, I'll dial back the setting and re-post. Unfortunately, no, it doesnt allow
  7. Hi Everyone! I just noticed an unfortunate issue with the Playoff rom that I recently uploaded. After I added Seattle, for reasons unknown, it messed up many of the team's lines and d-pairings. I'm actually surprised no one noticed as it had many downloads and no one said anything about it. I guess most folks don't play with line changes on. Then again, I just finally noticed it. Anywho, I went ahead of fixed it. More than half of the teams were affected so I have made sure to review each one and put them back to what they were in the previous version (pre-Seattle). I also used thi
  8. Now, you are free from the shackles of your creativity. Go in peace and return a new man... and, return with this finished rom for Christ’s Sake! Lol
  9. Maybe I’m misunderstanding the concern here... It appears to me that the hold up is due to being uncomfortable with the idea that a player such as Wayne Gretzky, for example, could go against a player such as Wayne Gretzky on another team/era. If so, shouldn’t you also be concerned that potentially some of your players are alive and will be facing off against some players who are dead? Or, is that more plausible? Sorry, couldn’t resist...
  10. You already have my thoughts... But seeing as I’m not the one doing the work, who gives a sh*t what I think. Lol My food for thought was/is that If I’m a Oilers fan, for example, I’d be annoyed if I can’t play as Messier as he helped them win five Cups. As a Rangers fan, I wouldn’t play this without Mess as he is a legend for the franchise. Same mindset applies to several players. You’re doing the “best of” for each team so how do you omit some of the best players that define those franchise’s histories? Just saying... Doesn’t mean I’m right. Go with your instincts.
  11. Thanks, I appreciate the kind words. Make sure you have the latest version which was posted last night. It has some good changes/updates. Anywho... I haven't noticed a huge difference in goalies based on ratings unless the goalie is real bad with agility. Having a very agile goalie helps with lateral movement. Having one with better rebound control helps with the puck "sticky" factor. But, I can't say that when I play exis, I notice a huge difference between a goalie rated 90 vs one rated 65. Maybe it's because I play manual and not automatic? However, if I sim a game, I do see some
  12. You wont be able to match all of the RGB colors to be exact but you can get very close using this site.
  13. I would also credit anyone whose rom you work off of unless you plan to do all of the ratings, hex edits, patches, artwork, etc. yourself. Remember, those people gave you a basis to work off of for your rom. As much as I have re-done art and ratings, and tweaked hex codes, I still give credit to Slapshot and wboy, for their 30 and 32 team roms, as I used much of what they created. We all borrow from someone else. But yes, credit those who helped you in other ways too as it is the respectful thing to do. Good call!
  14. Something to keep in mind, if you're doing a true "best of" rom, you should consider having certain players on multiple teams or, you are short-changing those teams. For example... Gretzky - Equally important on EDM and LA (even though his legacy years are in EDM). Chelios - was awesome in MTL and CHI Bobby Hull - HoF for CHI but he put WPG on the map. Hasek - Known for his years in BUF but won a Cup in DET and gave OTT it's best year ever. Belfour - Known for his lights out years in CHI but won a Cup in DAL Sawchuk - Won Cups in DET and TOR (won the last ever Cup in T
  15. Based on your spreadsheet (and you already have my notes on line combos and whatnot), here are some key players that I see as "missing." Again, all food for thought... ANA - Chris Pronger and Scott Neidermayer are the two best Dmen in the franchise's history. The latter has his number retired by the team. Francois Beauchemin would be another good add. I'd add all three over Manson, Tverdovsky and Havelid. BOS - Add Dumant and Bauer so you have the Kraut Line of the late 30s/early 40s. Much better players and more important to the organization then Krecji and O'Reilly. BUF -
  16. Oh shoot... my bad... I thought those embedded images were from your rom. Lol. Sorry for the confusion. I should have read more carefully. Your spreadsheet does have several of the “missing” players that I mentioned but is also missing several as well. But, in the end, it’s your rom so definitely “do you” in terms of what you’d like to have in or out of the rom. Thank you for the kind shout out! I look forward to your finished product! Keep up the good work!
  17. First off, nice job! Sounds like a cool rom. Thanks for doing it! Some food for thought... ANA: Rucchin centered Kariya and Selanne. That was a dominant line in the late 90s. CHI: Stan Mikita and Bobby Hull didn't play on the same line in their years together in Chicago. In fact, they both played on two different famous lines (Million Dollar Line and Scooter Line). The MPH line (which was Pit Martin, Jim Pappin and Dennis Hull) was also a famous line for the team. In fact, all three were selected as starters in the 1974 all-star game. Funny enough, coaches wanted Dennis' br
  18. Howdy! A friend of mine noticed a couple of "errors" with stick hand (L vs R) so I updated the rom accordingly (it's been re-posted in the OP). Upon doing research for another rom that I am working on, I noticed some things that I didn't have "correct", with certain players, so I made a few updates. It was based on some scouting reports and whatnot. So, things that I didn't catch the last time around so I figured, "since I am fixing a couple of errors, why not..." As to what they are, I'll never tell. But, you can always download it and see if you notice anything. This was de
  19. In case anyone is interested in playing as the Seattle Kraken, I have added them to my 2020 Playoff rom (NHL94 2020 vPO). If not, well, that's fine too. You can play as them in an exi as well as the playoff mode.
  20. Hi everyone! As a nice, little surprise, I have added the Seattle Kraken to my 2020 Playoff rom (NHL94 2020 vPO). There is no longer a NHL Prospects team. The Kraken players are based on the players from the 1917-1919 Seattle Metropolitans. 5 of them (Frank Foyston, Harry Holmes, Lester Patrick, Jack Walker and Gordie Roberts) are in the hockey hall of fame. The Mets were the first US-based team to win a Stanley Cup which they did in 1917. Around that time, Foyston was considered one, if not the, top skaters in hockey. Some of the players got some games in the NHL once that league s
  21. It appears that the team will return to the logo that they used in 1997. The logo is very similar to what was also used in 1994. The difference is it said "Ottawa Senators" where the black arrowheads later appeared in 97 (within the gold circle). I hope they return to this jersey set up as well. Also, very similar to what they used in 1994. There was just no white strip in the black jersey in 94.
  22. No worries... I replied.