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  1. Come on, man... this is very dangerous and ill-timed argument. "Slang" is weak excuse. Yes, if a black man/woman calls another black man/woman that word, that's their choice. I get it but, it doesn't make it right. But yes, if they feel it's culturally acceptable, then that's on them to have that comfort level as they are both black in that example. But, do gay men abuse the word "gay" to each other as slang? No. It's offensive to them to use as slang and devalues them. Weak argument. I'm married to a woman and find it offensive. It's because it makes a negative conutation of a word that some people identify as their way of life. Slang as an excuse only exacerbates the bigger issue of folks not realizing that words can be used as weapons. Think about it, if a gay man visits this site because they like NHL94 or hockey and sees that word used, how do you expect them to feel? Welcomed? Appreciated? Come on! @Evan @chaos @kingraph @clockwise @halifax - you all have been responsible and fair moderators for this site. Please do the right thing and close down this thread. Let's not let this discussion of a "sensitive topic" turn into something like that dumb post from the guy from NY, last year, claiming COVID was a hoax. That took a while to close down and got heated. Can we please avoid that, here, as this really shouldn't be a topic of discussion on such a site. While I respect everyone's right to their own opinion, the word, in the title alone, is inappropriate and offensive.
  2. Hi! Just re-posted V2 of this rom. I didn't name it V3 as there wasn't any major transactions made since I, originally, posted it back on 1/24. I added a few players and updated some player headshots. I also removed Tony DeAngelo as he will not be playing for the Rangers, again, and they seem to be taking their time with, possibly, trading him. I have edited several player ratings to give a bump up or down, here and there. I didn't edit the team rankings, yet, as it is still too early and many of the teams haven't played a quarter of the season yet (COVID delays and all). If anyone catches any mistakes (player numbers, hand (L vs R), weight, etc.), please let me know. Enjoy...cheers!
  3. Hi! Totally forgot about this rom as 3v3 isn't nearly as popular as 5v5 or 2v2, around these parts. Anywho...when I last posted this rom (November) it was long before the start of the season. I updated it to include some new players (that signed after November) and swapped Dubois and Laine to their new teams. I also removed the WPG/WSH Freeze Bug fix as it causes issues for the playoffs. For more rom details, please see the original post (which also contains the updated file). Cheers!
  4. Awwww... well, aren't you sweet to say so. LOL
  5. There's nothing to install if you already have an emulator that plays roms. If not, I recommend downloading GENS or Kega Fusion to play the rom files. I prefer the latter but, to each, their own. If you have an emulator, you simply download a rom file (on page 1) to your computer. Then, open the file in your emulator to play it. You're not "adding" it to anything existing but rather, having separate files to play.
  6. I will take a pastrami on rye, dab of mustard... oh wait...this is the wrong line... lol VERY generous of you to take requests! Keep up the great work and contributions to this community! Cheers!
  7. No, he's not thinking, which is the problem. This is not the first time that he crapped all over NHL94 and all because he is a butt-hurt little boy, mad that no one will build him his fantasy roms. This pre-dates @UltraMagnus coming here and doing all of his fantastic NHL95 work. Even after the incendiary reaction that Engelby once incited from his "NHL 94 sucks" post, he still doesn't "get it." If you don't like the game, that's fine. Then, go away! He badgered me, Skip and others to do all of his custom NHL94 work requests and because he didn't get what he wanted, he craps on NHL94 on an NHL94 site. I had to block his PMs because he is a stalker who doesn't take no or the hint. He fails to see the irony that without this amazing game, and this awesome community, he wouldn't have a forum to complain. Maybe he should shut up and learn how to do the work himself! Give back to the community! He does absolutely nothing but wants and wants and wants. Then, he makes such pointless, bitter posts. Enough already!
  8. Cool, thanks for downloading it! Glad you are doing well the Hawks. Unfortunately, the goalies are rated low (due to expectation) but, if Lankinen keeps up his recent play (IF being the key word) then expect a nice bump in v3 whenever I update/post it. If Suter and Kurashev end up being the real deal(s), they, too, will see a bump down the line. Anywho... You can apply the energy/stamina hack, to the rom, if you have a Hex Editor. I did this with my playoff version rom for last season but, it wasn't that well received so I ended up doing one without the hack. I chose to not use it this year's rom and just keep it as the original game's setting. The link below shows you how to do it. It's pretty easy to do. Per the steps, I recommend changing it from 0021 to 0041 or 0051. In doing so, if you play with line changes, it will make your players get tired faster as well as the opponent's. You'll see more frequent line changes. You can play around with it until you reach the desired level for fatigue setting in terms of the frequency of the line changes. Cheers!
  9. V2 of my 2021 rom has been posted. Updated after the Laine/Dubois trade. A couple of other players were added as well. Didn't do much in terms of player ratings as we are only two weeks into the season. That, will happen on a future rom once we get more games played. Cheers!
  10. Howdy! I was hoping to avoid doing a rom update until February, at the earliest, but this morning's trade of Dubois (CBJ) for Laine/Roslovic (WPG) is too notable to delay. I will also add a few extra (new) players to make it a little more worth a download. I'll have an update posted today or tomorrow (at the latest). Cheers!
  11. Thank you for your kind words. Unfortunately, that is a programming logic that I cannot correct. I can assure you that I purposely removed Nikita Kucherov (for example) as an assigned extra attacker, from all lines, with NOSE, due to his LTIR status. If the game is overriding said logic, I cannot correct it without physically removing him (which I will not do due to his popularity). It's possible, if a player on a line or the assigned extra attacker to that line is injured, the game logic may, by default, pull in a highly rated player (active or inactive), such as Kucherov, into the game. Just a theory... As for Voracek, he is listed as the extra attacker for the two lines. I programmed it, as such, in NOSE. You can download NOSE and use it as a tool to program lines and extra attackers as you see fit. Cheers!
  12. Hey @kingraph I did find a wiki page for Mutant League and while it wasn't very detailed, it did confirm that the "Ice Slashers" are a spoof of the Islanders. That may help undercover some of that team's players. The "Ice Asylum" is likely the Nassau Coliseum. While there is a #19 (Trots), #22 (Bossy) and #31 (Smith) there isn't a #5 (Potvin "Sucks"!). So, I'm not sure if they are spoofing the dynasty era or not considering they are missing a key player/captain. There, also, isn't a 91 (Goring) who has a last name that is so apropos for Mutant League. So, it may be circa the 90s.
  13. Thank you for your kind words! Glad to see that this website community continues to expand throughout Europe!
  14. I use Kega Fusion and (sometimes) GENS and it works perfect for me. Probably played around 20-25 games in the last 24 hours without any issues. A buddy of mine downloaded it and said it works fine for him as well. It's the same rom that I edit/post for each season.
  15. If the Razors are spoofing the Raiders then Snake should be spoofing Ken Stabler. "Snake" was his nickname. And, he wore #12.
  16. First off, thanks for downloading it! Second, sorry to hear the news. I played three games with it, last night, with no problems. It is also the same version/format as the ones that you mentioned above. Plus, we're not seeing anyone else report that they can't play/load it either. The only version, that I posted, with a noticable difference vs the others was the recent "Preseason Version" (now removed). It was posted after the "Way Too Early" rom. That one, had the freeze bug fixed but unfortunately, negatively impacted player cards and playoff mode. But, you didn't meniton that one above so unfortunately, I believe that the issue is with your system or something that you are or aren't doing. It's just a process of elimination theory. Again, sorry that you are having problems. Unfortunately, I don't use or know about Project Lunar-modded Sega Genesis Mini so I can't troubleshoot for you. If someone else does, perhaps they can private message you to help.
  17. Thanks @chaos! Those are the tutorials that I was referencing, above, as they were SUPER helpful to me when I got started. Thanks for locating/posting them!
  18. If there is nothing via search, than there is none for the 32 team rom. There is for 30 teams and much of it, translates to the 32 team rom. Much of what I learned came from those tutorials and playing around and having "ah-ha" moments. There were two individuals who answered specific IM questions for me. I will not mention them by name for their privacy but, again, I was specific to them in what I needed to know. Other items... I posted here and some other folks addressed. The community is great that way especially if they understand what you need to know to do your work. Also, again, I have already given you what you asked for so I am confused on what it is you now need? I gave you the offsets for Seattle... all of them. You said that was the only team you wanted to edit. There are also 2 other modders for the 32 team rom plus, some other hex geniuses around here. If I get hit by bus, you'll be fine.
  19. You told me that you wanted to replace Seattle with your own team. Per our IMs, I have provided you with the TM locations for center ice logo, team selection logo, team banners and home/away banners. That's all you need to edit/update to replace one team with another unless you wish to edit player headshots. If so, I will IM them to you now. I changed the headshot hex pointer locations for you a couple of days ago so you're set there. 6x6 sizing in TM. Color palette 812940. Chose the last codec option (forgot what's it's called). There is also a tutorial for adding/editing headshots on this site (just, forgot where it is...). But, a simple search should uncover it. There are also tutorials for how to do the team banners, selection logos (JKline did one) and home-away banners. Once I IM you the headshot locations, you'll have everything you need to replace out that team to be your own. I'm not trying to be mean when I say this but, but if you're looking for something else, you need to be more specific for folks, here, to jump in and help. Cheers!
  20. One thing I forgot to mention in the above post... special thanks goes to @kingraph! He re-created the Blackhawks center ice logo as used in NHL Rewind. While I was ok with the one that I previously had, his is better and I "borrowed it" for my latest version (posted today). We chatted about it but I wanted to give public acknowledgment. Thanks bud!
  21. V1 of my NHL94 2021 season rom has been added to this original post. *Lines/d pairs may not accurate, in several cases, especially, for teams who have coaches who change them every five minutes. Feel free to change them to what you'd like them to be. The opening night players are all there for you to select. There are some "taxi squad" folks as well (but not all). *Injured/COVID-affected players expected/rumored to be returning during the season are in the active rosters for line changes. If someone is confirmed as being out for the season (Kucherov, for example) they will be on the roster but inactive for anything but NLC. *Several new players, many who are rookies, were added to this version. *Jersey numbers were updated as of 1/13/21. *Removed the "Way Too Early" and "Preseason" versions.
  22. In TM, size the image to 6x4 or it will be all jumbled. Image > Canvas Size > 6 columns by 4 rows. Then, you can paste your image over what's there (Edit > Paste From).
  23. That logo's TM location is 001E7A6E. Size is 6x4. Palette code, you can locate in NOSE. Pull up the screen in which you edited the jerseys in NOSE. Click on the DEC button (upper left). Look as the decimal value for your home jersey. The offset with be a 8 digit number (sometimes it is alpha-numeric). Enter that number in TM in the palette menu. The palette size is 16. This image is for a 30 team rom but it should make what's written above clearer to follow.
  24. Noted, thanks for catching it. I will change it back to having the freeze bug (with said disclaimer) on the season version when I next post it. But to be honest, the rom has been downloaded nearing 300 times and this is the first it was mentioned. My guess is, not enough people care about playoff mode. But, I'll definitely re-set it back so if someone does, it won't hinder them.
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