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  1. I understand... I'm in the same boat... 89 players got waived today. More will come and some, will (likely) get claimed. There were also some PTOs signed over the last couple of weeks so that potentially factors in as well (if they get actual contracts).
  2. No longer potential... all three were waived. Juulsen (waived yesterday) was claimed by Florida today.
  3. For now... and, that's how I updated my rom (yesterday) but, it remains to be seen as we still have 3-4 days 'til (official) puck-drop for teams. Let's see what they do in the next couple of days. They could sign a vet UFA guy like a Jimmy Howard or pick up a waiver wire guy. Louis Domingue was just waived today and he has a history (albeit brief) with the team. They may even swing a trade with a team like Toronto who has 3 NHL caliber goalies in Anderson, Campbell and Dell. As it seems that Dell may be a victim of the numbers game, and would have to be waived to be put on the team's Taxi Squad, it is possible the Leafs might work with the Devils to swing a trade. That is, rather than potentially lose him by waiving him. Dell is not a star but is a decent back-up with plenty of NHL experience so who knows... Thanks for the kind words... season kick-off ROM coming soon...
  4. While I'm not a big fan of the Kraken name, it was well documented that fans within the city of Seattle (maybe, Washington state too) had a big part in the naming. There was a voting process that took place to obtain name ideas and, I believe, voting on the finalists. That said, I have no real issue with it because it matters to those who will follow the team. I would have liked to have seen them pick a name that is rooted in that geographical area or the residents, rather than something mythological, but to each their own... As for the Golden Knights, it is a homage to owner Bill Foley's military alma matter and quite frankly, isn't the worst name out there. As it pays respect to the military, I think it's a nice tribute. I went to a Knights/Rangers game, at the T-Mobile Arena, and from what I heard/saw, the fans are cool with the name and certainly the branding and colors works well with that city. Maybe it's a "well, we're stuck with the name so make the best of it" thing or maybe they like it? I don't know... But, like any team, the Kraken name is gonna have it critics who hate it, love it or are indifferent and life will go on.
  5. Hint, hint... Got a whole section dedicated to just it. https://forum.nhl94.com/index.php?/forum/11-nhl-95/
  6. Try this file instead. Delete what you have in your ini folder and replace with these four files. It's possible that what I posted above is incorrect. If this works, then I delete the previous file in favor of this attachment. Let us know... NOSE Updated ini.zip
  7. After downloading NOSE, you might also need to swap out the ini file (that comes with it)... the old ini file was formatted for 30 teams. I haven't downloaded NOSE in a while so I don't recall if the updated ini file was added to the download.
  8. There is an updated zip file on this site. Try downloading it from this thread (below).
  9. Glad you like it! I set up Seattle, that way, by design. Next year, when they have actual/real players, I will reconfigure them to have a full roster like the other teams. If you add player, no, it will not break the rom. It will, however, mess up the player cards for the Dmen. The hex pointers, for the Dmen, are numbered, for Seattle, differently then the other teams as there are less players. For most teams, I believe that I have the pointers, for the 2 Dmen cards, as 11 and 12 (if memory serves as I'm not on my home computer now). For Seattle, I think I had them as 7 and 8 (I can't recall at this moment). Anywho, adding more forwards means that one of them will take over the hex pointer location for the Dmen player cards. Now, with Seattle, I don't use player images like other team but rather, just a B&W version of the team logo. So, if you add players, it probably won't matter much as there is no headshot for the player name displaying. So, have at it. Again, this will change next year, after they do the expansion draft, in which case, I will (then) update the rom structure. As an FYI, an updated version of this rom will be posted in a week or so as the season begins. I saw that Corey Crawford is retiring today so I will have to remove him in addition to other updates. Cheers!
  10. Agreed... it's a cool find. I only used it on my 3v3, and had to get a little creative to make it work (considering I used a D/C/W structure vs the LD/RD/LW/C/RW structure) but it worked and it's a nice touch. Better than having the player cards freeze. I look forward to seeing this new direction that you've take your rom!
  11. Awesome... is this a rom that you will be posting for just league play or something that you are considering making public for all to see/use?
  12. @kingraph It's F8908. I ran into the same confusion when I applied this hack to my recent 3v3 rom (which is the 32 team format). Change the 00 06 to whatever it needs to be...
  13. Two reasons... At the time that I did the work (which is still saved somewhere, I believe), it was unclear as to whether or not certain retro jerseys would be home or away. As you have probably noticed, some teams have retro away vs retro home 'cause God forbid the NHL do anything with any level of consistency or order or rhyme/reason. Anywho, I didn't want to give each team the same jersey for home and away to cover myself while we wait for the confirmation of home vs away. For example, Carolina has a grey Whalers retro jersey that is based on the 1979 home jersey which was white. Well, white is "away" now-a-days and grey would be considered "home". However, no team has confirmed when they will wear said retro jerseys and whether it will be for a home or away game. So, at the time, I didn't want to release something that was wrong only to do continuous corrected versions (I try to avoid that if I can). Plus, also at the time that I did the work, the helmet and pant colors were not officially confirmed yet. Only the actual jersey colors/design. Now we know, for example, Dallas (when retro) will wear white pants, helmets and gloves with a white jersey (SMH). I was rumored at the time, but not yet confirmed, that they will now look like storm-troopers when they go retro. Hopefully, they have better aim! Second reason... by time I would have had everything confirmed/official, Naples already released his rom which contains the retro jerseys. I will not copy someone else. He beat me to the punch and I'm cool with that as I think it's neat that he did his version that way. So, lesson learned ... don't advertise your work until you actually have it done and ready to go. Cheers!
  14. Ok...problem addressed/solved/fixed. See two posts above for details on the latest version of this rom. It is now available, for download, on the first page of this thread. Cheers!
  15. Posted too soon...had to take down the latest version as there is an issue with the player cards. Fixing now...re-post soon...sorry about that...
  16. Hi All! So, I was quite wrong about Zdeno Chara re-signing with the Bruins as he signed with Washington today. End of an era in Beantown and a mistake for the "Way Too Early" version of the rom. Anywho, I have updated the Preseason version of the 2021 rom. It is now uploaded in the OP. I have updated several jersey numbers (which many have been confirmed as of late). I added approx 50 players to this rom and have the rosters updated as of today. I only included one PTO player as I added Mike Hoffman to the Blues. Barring any strange happenings, he is expected to sign a 1 year/4M deal once the team can put Steen and Tarasenko on LTIR. If any other PTO players get contracts, I will add them to my opening night/week version. As such, this will be the last version I post until the opening week. Injured players (Marchand, Pastrnak, Toews, Seguin, Bishop, Tarasenko, etc.) who are expected to return, this season, are still in the starting line-ups. However, those confirmed as out for the year, are in the game but not the active lines. So a player like Kucherov or Kelfbom, you can use in NLC mode but, you'd have to add them to the lines/d-pairings if you want him there. If anyone notices some errors or mistakes, please let me know so I can make sure to address for the opening night/week rom. Anywho... cheers!
  17. @brianski71 The updated file is now in the original post. Thanks for the catch! Cheers!
  18. Not at all... I appreciate the catch. I just did a quick survey of the teams and there aren't any other numbers, that are incorrect, jumping out at me. That said, I'll post it again, very soon, and if anyone catches another number(s) that is off, please let me know.
  19. There's always a method to my madness - LOL. I have tons of cheatsheets and spreadsheets, for each rom, to determine how I do things and where. And, there is always a method to the concept(s) themselves. I'm glad you like it and appreciate the kind words. I will post an update once the file is fixed. Cheers!
  20. Good catch... I thought I had him as 19 and probably got a little trigger happy with NOSE's drop down menu of numbers. I will make that change, gonna do a another "comb" of team numbers ot see if any others jump out. Each time I maded a team, I did keep a list of the numbers worn and this, is an oversight (my bad). I will re-post tonight/tomorrow morning. I didn't give Pittsburgh the Sabres home music because of the fact that Buffalo may not be the away team each time and technically, Pittsburgh is home (much like the Rangers) as Buffalo wore away jerseys in both match-ups. They were the only team that did. Pittsburgh music isn't as recognizable as "Sabre Dance" so I figure it is generic enough to use without giving distinction to Pittsburgh. As for swapping the jerseys, sorry, I will not be doing that for reasons I already mentioned. I did it this way, by design, so that two away jerseys are not facing off at the same time if Buffalo is the home team. Doesn't look good - way too much white. You are certainly welcome to do so, yourself, using NOSE. It's pretty simple to do and that way, you can have such a version on your computer (for your own personal use). Thanks for checking out the rom and bringing Whit's number to my attention. An update will be posted within the next 24 hours. Cheers!
  21. Hi everyone! Happy Holidays! Since we won’t have an actual Winter Classic, this season, due to COVID, I have created a rom for it. This file contains all 24 Winter Classic teams and I have edited out the crowd to be snow around the rink. A special thanks goes out to @slapshot67 and @Jkline3 who provided expertise and guidance during the process. The rosters have the same helmet sprite patch as my other roms. It also has the weight bug fix. Only 24 teams are playable, at this time. My plan is to add Minnesota and St. Louis when they (finally) play their Winter Classic game in January 2022. If I’m still making roms, after that, I will continue to add more to this file. I have 8 open spots to work with so you never know... NOTE: I have no intention, at this time, of doing an Outdoor Classic or Heritage Classic rom. This rom was plenty time-consuming and I just don’t have the time or desire right now. Maybe one day… Each team has all of the players from those 12 Winter Classics including the actual lines and d-pairs from those games. I have also updated the jersey colors, as best as one can, and numbers. I also updated headshots/player portraits. The attributes/ratings are based on how each player was doing from the start of the season to up to that year’s Winter Classic game. I had a tier structure that I followed. I have updated the music table for each team. I also limited the “Other Scores” coding to only show these 24 teams during intermission or when you look up other scores. Each away team is given a special outdoor stadium/location as opposed to an arena. I made sure to select stadiums those teams have never played. The home/host team, of course, has the name of the WC stadium, for that year, as their home location. Buffalo, who appears twice (2008 and 2018) is listed as the away team each time. That’s because they wore their away jerseys even though they were the home team. KNOWN GLITCHES/ISSUES: There is one small glitch that lasts a second, happens once in a blue moon and only during faceoffs. You may see a ghosted cluster of pixels that happens so quickly you may think you are seeing things. Odds are, I must have drawn over something and not realized it. As my TM/Hex skills are average, at best, I don’t know how to fix it or where it happened. Since it lasts a whole of a second, and not in every game, and doesn’t impact gameplay, I’m not gonna worry about it. I also left the kid who pounds on the glass in the game. Everytime I removed him, it caused the game to act funky. It was just easier to leave him in as he only shows up once in a while. Like the above, his appearance doesn't impact gameplay. Perhaps, one day, I figure out how to properly remove him. Lastly, I did not edit the reverse angle instant replay which still shows the crowd and arena. While I was able to located most of the tiles, it is a lot of work and tile swapping for something that’s not a hot item. Perhaps, that’s why no one (to my knowledge) has attempted it yet. Anywho…cheers! NHL94 WC.bin
  22. Why is it a problem? The 3 goalies become 0-2 in the hex code (where each team's pointer is located, and the forwards become 3-10 (if you have 14 fwds) and the D become 11-18 (if you have 8 dmen). Your starting goalie is 0. Your forwards, that have image, can be any of those who fall between 3-10, depending on how you sort them in NOSE. Same goes for Dmen. Using my 2019 rom as an example...image courtesy of Slapshot67 who taught me way back when... It's fairly easy to do but the way you're doing it is making it more difficult and time consuming. That is, unless you are a masochist and like punishing yourself. To each, their own... lol
  23. Per my above post, I have added a new version of my NHL94 2021 rom (located in the original post on page 1). I removed Henrik Lundqvist as he won't be playing this season as well as, Alex Steen (who was forced to retired due to back problems). Added Anthony Duclair to the Panthers (just signed there today). I kept Cory Schneider on the Islanders (even though he is not officially signed). It has been rumored that he has a "hand shake" deal with the team. Plus, Lou Lam likes to sign ex-Devils (or bring them back). The Winnipeg Freeze bug is fixed in this new version but to do so, I had to break player cards in game mode. Didn't seem like a big loss to me. Lastly, Colorado now has blue pants and helmet like they will be using this season. Cheers!
  24. Howdy - I will have an updated version of this rom within the next couple of days. Some minor updates and one BIG one. I will be removing Henrik Lundqvist. It saddens me (as he is a fav player of mine) to pass along that he will not be playing this upcoming season due to a heart condition. Given his age and the condition, I would not be surprised if he retires next year. He made the announcement on his twitter account, today. I will also take the opportunity to update Colorado pant/helmet colors as I did in the 2021 3v3 rom. There will be some jersey number updates as well. Maybe a new player here or there. To come... soon... Cheers!
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