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  2. I just threw this together but unfortunately, don't have time right now to "clean it up" the way I'd like to...I'm sure others can do better but for starters...
  3. You mean for the team that has no players, no draftees and won't start play until 2021-22?
  4. Every powerplay can start with...
  5.'s official! The 32nd NHL team will be the Seattle Kraken. Can't say that I'm not a fan of the nickname but I guess it could have been worse. I love how they (the team officials) talk about Seattle and its maritime history... they do realize the Kraken isn't a real thing, right? LOL
  6. So, turns out, it may not have even mattered. I just played a playoff game that went to OT and it defaulted a 5 minute period (not 99). So, I tested it out to see what would happen if no one scored after 5 minutes and it simply goes to another 5 min OT period. So, all for not, I guess. I don't even recall the last time I played "playoffs" let alone having it go to double OT. So, my bad. Well, seeing any most folks don't like a tie score endings anyway, at least the 99 min OT will serve a purpose for exis or whatnot.
  7. Hi All! There was one thing that I forgot to put into this rom which was 99 minute OT. I have re-posted the rom to include it so as to avoid ties in the playoffs. As this is a "playoff" themed rom, it made sense to add it into the file. Sorry for the oversight. Updated version is in the OP. That was the only change that I made to the file. Thanks for the "likes" and any positive feedback so far! Cheers! -Sauce
  8. I threw together a short summary (per) of the 26 teams, in this rom. So, here we go... Anaheim – No superstars on this team. Not a lot of offense but, they have a stingy defense and a solid PK. Stephan Lebeau was a disappointment acquisition. He was on a strong decline from the prior year as he went from 31 goals/80 points in 1992-93 to 15 goals/26 points in 1993-94. Two years later, he was out of the NHL and playing in the Swiss League. Bob Corkum has a good year and will provide some offense. Just don't expect much. Boston – 50 goals in 49 games… the line on Cam Neely and his
  9. Fun 1993-94 season factoid... Cam Neely only played in 49 games before suffering a season-ending injury. At the time of injury, he had 50 goals!!! He actually scored #50 in game #44. Oh, what could have been!
  10. Nice feedback! I appreciate it. Believe it or not, Oates lone weakness is his skating (well, and he was soft like melted butter). It hurt him when he was drafted. Lebeau also wasn’t a great speedster and was a bit overrated (stats don’t lie). Hence, why he couldn’t stick in MTL or ANA. Ended up in the Swiss League. He’s really known for one big year and some so-so years. For the Ducks, in 93-94, Bob Corkum is their “gun” (if you will) as he had a good year. Yates and Valk weren’t bad that year, either. I’m surprised that you didn’t catch what I did to Felix Potvin. I lowered his agi
  11. Team and Player ratings spreadsheet has been posted to the OP.
  12. Thanks @clockwise! What I can do is post the ratings spreadsheet here and if someone can put it on Google Drive, that would be cool! Cheers!
  13. Hi All, A rom that I wanted to work on, for a while, is an update to the original/classic. A 1994 post trade deadline roster/playoffs edition, if you will. But, I also wanted it to have some of the look and feel of the original. It's important to note that some other folks have had a run at this concept rom, so I am not a pioneer. However, there are things that I wanted to do differently or, perhaps, be the first to do to the classic version. So, below is what you need to know about this rom. THE ROM * This is was created using WBOY’s 30 team rom. * It has the weight bug f
  14. I think that @clockwise hit the nail in the head... gamers want the fun of gameplay and the competitiveness that comes with it. They want to play as athletes/teams that they know/follow. The logos are a nice touch, and I get how one can get obsessed with tweaking them. But, some logos are impossible to make perfect given their level of detail. At the end of the day, just make it recognizable to where you know it’s a particular team(s) logo when you see it.
  15. Disregard...overlooked your mention of it being in the HoF as an exhibit. If so, that's cool. It should be!
  16. Most HoFs are a joke when it comes to voting. The Hockey HoF is no exception. Based on guys who went in before, all of those you mention should get in. But, more important than them... NHL94, the game, should be entered into the Hockey Hall of Fame!!! Visitors should be forced to play it. You can't get in unless you can win with manual goalie!!!
  17. It's basically an offering similar to what Photoshop has where you can review and color map an image and see each color that makes up the image. With GIMP, you can see the hex value for each color. I haven't used PS in a long time and no longer have it but, I remember there being something similar within that program.
  18. It shows up in my version of NOSE (see photo). The issue may be that you have outdated .ini files as they have to be the version that reads 32 teams not 30. Check out this forum post, below, in regards to someone else having that same issue once upon a time. That said, I recommend uninstalling it, downloading the latest version of NOSE (which now has the correct ini files) from this website and re-installing it. If that does not work, please create a new post in the Tools section of this website so that someone more versed in that tool can help you. There is a forum page that addresses
  19. TBH... I don't know why I said "jpeg" as I save mine as 24 color bitmaps before importing them into GIMP to do a full color swatch review (little trick I learned from JK) before going into TM. Anywho... must have been a Freudian Slip as I often have clients who send me jpegs as a preferred format. Or, the coffee hadn't kicked in? lol
  20. Thanks! The good news is, the latest posted version (vPO) has him (EM) rated at his highest of any of the versions that I did (to date).
  21. No prob. I took down V2-4. I left V1 as it has a lot of downloads so I guess folks liked it. Lol Im most proud of the latest version. A lot of work went into it that most (maybe) can’t see. A lot of changes/updates/things here and there that make a difference without being obvious. In some cases, I call out updates to things like logos and whatnot but it goes beyond. After two years of doing these, and a lot of experimentation, I am just now getting comfortable with my approach to the edits. But, I took a lot of trial and error to now have such a format (that I like). Glad to
  22. Here's a recommendation...use for finding your logos. It's a site that Jkline turned me onto a while back. The site formats logos to be 150x100. So, when you open them in MS Paint (for example) and resize them to be 48x32, it works out perfectly. You don't need a Photoshop, or the like, to get good results. Save them as a jpeg and paste into TM. When you paste them into your rom, zoom at 100%, in TM, so you get a better idea of what the logo will look like in the game. The smaller the zoo