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  1. Sauce

    NHL Jam '21

    I have no idea why it created a 2nd post when I edited the previous. Ghosts in the machine.
  2. That's for 3on3, not 2on2. You have to do some transposing to make it work on 2on2.
  3. Sauce

    NHL Jam '21

    @seamor Use this link to resolve the crashing. It's what I used on my 3on3 roms. It works. And while I don't mind you using my/slapshots rom, please take my wife's name out of the "thank you" credits on your future versions. That my easter egg, to my wife, for all of her patience when I do my work. https://forum.nhl94.com/index.php?/topic/11608-how-to-prevent-2on2-roms-from-crashing-in-edit-lines/
  4. @denver19 For folks to help you, I think you need to provide more details then what you posted. For starters, what emulator are you using to play the rom file?
  5. Glad you're liking it @DEG3ORGE!
  6. By 3s, I mean the 8 mysterious 3s you see in your image. Although, in KF, I see 16 when I look at the VGK, WSG and WPG player portraits. You'll also see the images, in B&W, if you use Kega Fusion.
  7. WSH/WPG all freeze on the 32 team rom. Switch to Kega Fusion and that won't happen. You'll still see the 3s but it won't freeze. It's a well-known issue with the expansion of the 32-team rom. There is a way to fix it but, it disables something else. Not worth it.
  8. Nah... just sticking with the standard Home/Away schemes.
  9. That's the Stars new alternate jersey color scheme. Rumor has it, many teams will have a "4th jersey" this year. I saw Vegas' the other day. Gotta make money back so way/how. This will not be in my roms as it is an alternate.
  10. @mitch13 caught a headshot mistake within the ROM, and was kind enough to hit me up. Thanks Mitch! I felt it was worthy of a timely fix (as opposed to waiting for the next version) so I took care of it and the rom has been re-posted in the OP. Cheers!
  11. Yes, a whole lot of time/effort does go into them. But, it is worth it. No, I do not change/modify the sounds. I can't speak to what the others do but feel free to ask them on their posts as most appear happy to discuss their own work. I long since solved the issue of hearing things I don't want to hear. I simply press on the volume button on my laptop or TV until it is zero. Problem solved. Cheers!
  12. Thanks @Fiddz! I appreciate your kind words!
  13. Believe me, I know that your intentions are good. But, again, if you use the word, you are still missing many names (even after just adding some more). If you picked me, and I have never contributed to your ROMs, on the basis that I have posted some that are popular, than you also need to include @skip, @naples39 and @CoachMac who were having popular roms before and since I joined. You see what I mean? I get the sentiment. It was just the wrong choice of word. My recommendation would be, next time, solicate the community vs certain individuals as that's your target audience. Again, I look forward to what you come up with your rom(s). Up to you want to solicate everyone's feedback. I won't have any but, I will root you on as you continue to provide your work. Keep up the good work!
  14. Howdy! While I appreciate the compliment of inclusion, I'm not a "legend." And while, you included some good names, you left off wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too many if you are going to toss around that word. We don't have a 32 team GENS rom without @slapshot67. We don't have the amazing sprite patch without @clockwise. Not to mention the online gaming tutorials (retroarch, in particular) done by @chaos and the social media presence maintained by @halifax. Hell, we don't have a site to share such discussions without @Evan. Also, I don't think wboy has been here in quite some time. There are a lot of "legends" here, I ain't one... anywho... end rant on the use of the word "legend." lol As for what I would want to see... I want to see what YOU come up with as YOU are the only one doing the work. Very generous of you to offer but I'm in the same mindset as Raph. Plus... "You can please some of the folks, some of the time. You cannot please all of them, all of the time." Words to live by. Keep up the great work!
  15. Thanks...unfortunately, that functionality doesn't exist. 3rd jerseys didn't become a thing, in the NHL, until 1995-96 so it wasn't a thought for the developers of the game.
  16. This image makes perfect sense.
  17. Disagree... the NHL already stated it doesn't want to start the next season (of which this ROM is based) if it can't have fan attendance in any capacity. The image is more apropos for my playoff rom vs this version. However, I do like the work that @LaTormenta did with his image. Nice job!
  18. Final update (assuming no serious issues are reported)... I didn't like the original Title Screen art so I just changed it. The original version had too much of the white helmet and jersey color bleeding into the background. So, I went with a different image and created a background that allows the white to pop. I'm sure my fellow ROM editors know the frustration of trying to get something that you like for the finished product. LOL Anywho... if you downloaded the original post, only the Title Screen art changed so no need to re-download unless you want the new image. Cheers!
  19. Hi again! I noticed a potential issue on the Blackhawks roster. I fixed it. The ROM has been re-posted. Sorry about that... no more posting in the wee hours of the morning. LOL Assuming there are no reported issues with the ROM, my next post might be a "pre-season" version, with more roster updates, if and when that actually begins/happens. If I don't do that, I will definitely do an Opening Night version. Cheers!
  20. Hi everyone! So, just like in past years, I am posting my NHL94 2021 edition ROMs (various updates throughout the season). About the ROM: *32 teams. Seattle Kraken are included. The team contains players from the Seattle Metropolitans circa 1917-1919. *The ROM is based off of the Slapshot67 32-team template. *60 Min. OT. *The ROM has the "weight bug fix". *The "stamina hack" is available on the Playoff Version only. The is a non-stamina hack playoff version as well. *The ROM has Clockwise's sprite patch. *The rom has the WAS/WPG freeze bug. When corrected, it causes an issue for the playoff mode. If you use Kega Fusion, it will not freeze the player cards for those teams. *Uniforms have been updated for Calgary, Ottawa, Buffalo and Colorado. Calgary and Ottawa are going retro this season and Buffalo is returning to their royal blue color. Colorado will wear blue helmets and pants. The retro Sens and Flames logos have been added for team selection and center ice. *Lines/d pairs may not accurate, in several cases, especially, for teams who have coaches who change them every five minutes. Feel free to change them to what you'd like them to be. The opening night players are all there for you to select. There are some "taxi squad" folks as well (but not all). *Injured/COVID-affected players expected/rumored to be returning during the season are in the active rosters for line changes. If someone is confirmed as being out for the season (Kucherov, for example) they will be on the roster but inactive for anything but NLC. UPDATE - 5/19/21: Kucherov has been added back into the active roster in the Playoffs Edition. Anywho... enjoy! The ROM: v1: Posted on 1/14/21 (start of regular season) NHL94 2021 V1.bin vPO: Posted on 5/19/21 (Playoffs Edition) NHL94 2021 vPO.bin vPO with SH: Posted on 7/5/21 (Playoffs Edition with Stamina Hack) NHL94 2021 vPO with SH.bin
  21. Based on the video that I saw, there’s no helmet sprite fix. If that vid is the actual release, that’s kinda lazy to not address it. Then again, there’s only one Lord of the Clockwise and he does not share pow... never mind. Anywho...at least some mods, here, can celebrate that awesome patch! Makes me wonder if the weight bug has been fixed. Willing to bet, it has given that was the lone black eye on the original. As it is not a secret, my guess is that EA would right that wrong.
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