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  1. The Kenny Albert headshot has been fixed. I put him on an all carbs diet! It will be in my next ROM update/post.
  2. Now, I realize there is a growing concern over Kenny Albert’s appearance but, if you google his image, he’s not exactly a pumpkinhead. Lol It will be fixed in a future release (as I plan to post 4-5 versions/updates, for this season, just like last season).
  3. Thank you! I’m glad you like it!
  4. Hi @AlexGages First and foremost, welcome to the forum/community! This is a great place to be, surrounded by fellow NHL94 enthusiasts. Second, thank you very much for your kind words. It’s always nice to be appreciated for your work/efforts. There are many great roms within this forum. It’s great that my work can be appreciated among the others. I’m always a bit surprised when someone reaches out to compliment something I that posted. I kinda feel like Wayne and Garth... “I’m not worthy, I’m not worthy.” Lol So, thank you again!
  5. lmao! Yeah, he kinda does. It's on my to-do list to update his photo. I updated all of the NLC photos, this year, after doing it last year (as well) so that took priority. Thanks for the kind words! I agree with you about the roms... Skip/Slapshot do a great job with their rom and because we have different approaches to ratings, it creates a rom buffet for folks.
  6. Just something to add to this... This season, I changed up my approach to the rom vs prior seasons. I compared player attributes/ratings, side by side, via excel files, to the original 94 version. I did my best to try and mirror up the %s of various attributes (speed, agility, stickhandling, overall rating, etc) to the original in terms of overall distribution. It's not identical. Please don't go into it expecting some form of deja vu. It's just similar in many regards. I could never mirror it, exact, to the original as I disagree with some of the ratings in NHL94 (e.g - Brian Leetch should be a speed of a 4, not a 3... Luc Robitaille should be a speed of a 2, not a 4... Ray Bourque is rated too high in certain attributes, etc.). This was probably as close as I am willing to get to the original as that version, is a classic all to itself. Hopefully, you all like it. PS - my preseason rom, from last month, was the start of this concept. This version is even closer to it as far as my ultimate goal. Cheers!
  7. Hey Everyone, Hooray, the new NHL season is here!!! Just like last year, I am posting my "2020 Season Edition" for NHL94 2020. It's an upgrade/update on my preseason version. Here's what you need to know about the rom: *Link for the ROM is below the in-game images. *The "Winnipeg Freeze Bug" exists on this rom as it affects all 32 team roms in this forum. *Speaking of Winnipeg, I left Dustin Byfuglien in the game but he is now inactive and no longer part of the NLC line-up for the team. If he in fact decides to finally be respectful to fans and the team and just announce if he retired or not (given his radio silence), I will make the update accordingly on my next post. Feel free to use him as you see fit. *Each team has the same roster structure (like last season's roms). Each team has 3 goalies, 14 forwards and 8 defensemen for you to choose from prior to a game. *This ROM is a “healthy/best case scenario” ROM. That means, most injured players are in the line-ups and the lines/d-pairings may not be 100% what you see on opening night. I prefer it that way as it is more fun to play. If you are not happy with a line combo or D pairing, feel free to change it. *NHL Rookies/newbies are rated on the lower side, to start, as they must prove themselves. I've made that mistake before and over-estimated. If the rookie/newbies get better, throughout the season, it will be reflected on future roms. Jack Hughes, for example, is currently a 58 in my rom and plays very well. Who knows what he will be at season's end. *Line combinations are structured as two scoring lines plus one "checking" or "shutdown" line. Makes line change strategy more fun. *OT is 60 minutes in length. May the best team win!*31 NHL Teams. *32nd team is a 2020 Prospects team (featuring Alexis Lafreniere & Quinton Byfield). *Kenny Albert serves the new “Ron Barr” in this rom. Any and all feedback is welcome and appreciated! Cheers! The Sauce NHL94 2020 v1.bin
  8. A tip of the hat to you good gentlemen. Job well done!
  9. My season (opening day) roster will be available very soon. I (mostly) finished updating it but need to do some final review. Definitely this week... maybe tomorrow? We’ll see...
  10. Hi All! I just uploaded the preseason version of this ROM. All UFA signings are updated as of today (9/15). I updated jersey numbers as well. The next version that I release will likely be the opening night version (like last season). Enjoy!
  11. Hey Everyone, Just like last year, I am posting my "Way Too Early Edition" for NHL94 2020. August is very boring for NHL hockey so hopefully, this makes it a little more fun. Here's what you need to know about the rom: *Link for the ROM is below the in-game images. *The "Winnipeg Freeze Bug" exists on this rom as it affects all 32 team roms in this forum. *All RFAs, who are currently unsigned, are in the rom. I also included Joe Thornton, even though he is unsigned, as he is rumored to be coming back to SJ. *Each team has the same roster structure (like my regular season roms). Each team has 3 goalies, 14 forwards and 8 defensemen for you to choose from prior to a game. *This ROM is a “healthy/best case scenario” ROM. That means, most injured players are in the line-ups. I prefer it that way as it is more fun to play. *Line combinations (like my regular season rom) are two scoring lines plus one "checking" or "shutdown" line. *31 NHL Teams. *32nd team is a 2020 Prospects team (featuring Alexis Lafreniere & Quinton Byfield). *Kenny Albert serves the new “Ron Barr” in this rom. Any and all feedback is welcome and appreciated! Like last season, I'll likely do a pre-season version before posting a regular season version. If you catch any mistakes/errors, please let me know. Cheers! -The Sauce NHL94 2020 Preseason Edition.bin
  12. The original brings back such found memories. I was a teenager when it first came out (damn, I'm old!) and remember playing against my brother and friends. We had some heated matches! It's fun reliving it now-a-days. If memory serves, Naples builds his rom to be more like the 94 version in terms of allocating attributes a certain way. It's a little more "true" to the original version. He also used the sprite patch (which is a design patch, not performance), improved 3 star rating patch and the speed burst modification. Skip's a bit more "up tempo" in how he rates players which, of course, affects how they perform on the ice and from what I gather, he uses player reputation as his guidelines. Slapshot has assisted him with several design upgrades/updates and it always looks fanastic. Both roms are good. I don't think you can go wrong with either... it's all about what flavor you want... Be sure to check out Skip's international tourney rom. It's awesome! If you nephew ever wants to learn more about NHL history, check out the historical roms by @CoachMac. When I met him in NYC, we played some exis on his rom and it was a lot of fun. He has a great approach to how he rates players and allocates attributes as well (you can do a search to learn more). Cheers!
  13. Actually, it's the most important thing to remember, and yet, so easy to forget. So good call... I learned this the hard way when I started creating custom roms. Good luck @LaTormenta! There are lot of good resources/instructional posts within this site as well as folks who are happy to address questions. I'll add another helpful tip... if you do run into an error or whatnot (so, you "hit a wall" as it were), when asking your question to the community, give as much detail as to what you were doing when it happened and perhaps, include screenshots. Having seen this play out here, over and over, as well as the fact that I work for a software development company, I can tell you that it's a challenge to help troubleshoot without details. Again, good luck! Looking forward to the end result!
  14. I used to be part of a now defunct community of 2k roster and slider posters/editors. Use to post edited roms that were a blast to play. NHL2k was a great series that didn't get enough attention/love compared to EA versions. Had far better skating and puck physics. As much as NHL94 is my fav sports game, I do have many found memories of NHL2k8 and NHL2k10. I may have to dust off those games in the near future for kicks and giggles. Glad to see NEO and the OS community keeping it alive!
  15. You were before my time here so it is nice to see you active again as you have certainly made your mark on modders/rom editors/whatever we are such as myself. I don't refresh but I do lurk around this site, from time to time, as there are some great folks here (met some in person not long ago). I don't do the Facebook or social media thing either but mainly because "I could care less what your kid did today". Facebook, to me, has been soiled by too many bored mothers with nothing to talk about but their snot nose kids. LOL That, and folks who feel compelled to tell us where we should eat or vacation next. Anywho... gonna get of this soapbox before I hurt myself. At least this site has a worthwhile FB and Twitter account. I always thought a podcast for modding "how-to's" or modding "shared thoughts" would be cool but in saying that, I don't volunteer. I've learned a ton on the subject but I am far from the expert.
  16. Fixed an error, within the game, in which the Edit Lines screen would freeze unless I made some hex code changes. I missed one of those changes so it was freezing. My bad. It's now fixed and users can edit their lines pre-game or during. Cheers!
  17. Kudos and great job to @Evan @chaos @MikeGartner22 & @kingraph for organizing this great NYC tourney! This was my first NHL94 event and it was great meeting folks who now have a face (and real name) to go with their screen name. It was a good turn out today and everyone was having fun. For me, as primarily a spectator, it was fun talking custom roms and settings with @CoachMac. I'm sorry that I couldn't stay longer but I owed my wife a day in the city. I did get a couple of exis in so next time, I'll be brave enough to jump into a tourney when it's near home again. I was impressed by how respectful everyone is when playing exis as well as bracket play. There was a lot of good sportsmanship. Anywho... Congrats to Raph on another big win and congrats on great event! Cheers!
  18. Thanks @Brodeur30! I appreciate the kind words and positive feedback! Putting this rom together was a lot of trial and error. Each of the five versions evolved into what it is now. Every time I played against the CPU or friends, I started to notice things about gameplay or learned more about players (and their attributes) and decided to test some theories. I try to keep the game somewhat true to original but with some tweaks here and there. More of a “dial back here” or “enhance there” kind of trial and error. As for strategy, I appreciate your appreciation for it. It didn’t want to have just a North/South or “bang-bang” style of play. I wanted the user to have some sort of counter play. The 3v3 version, that I just posted, is more the style of the former vs latter. Again, thanks for the kind words. I’m glad to read that you are enjoying it. Cheers!
  19. Now that I finished/uploaded my final 2019 5v5 rom, I was able to do the same for the 3v3 version (v2 posted above). This version has the same two playoff scenarios as the 5v5 version. One scenario is the 16 teams that made it into the NHL playoff (this year) and the other, the 15 that didn't. For the 32nd team, and final western playoff spot, I added Team Mystery Alaska to balance it out. See the above post for all other rom details and known bugs. If you like 3v3 play... enjoy! Cheers!
  20. No worries... I didn't know but now I do moving forward. Thanks @skip! I made the updates, to v5, to mirror how you did your structure in your 2018 playoff rom. I just re-uploaded the file. I apologize to anyone who downloaded it already. As it has now been updated, feel free to do so again. Feedback, as always, is welcome!
  21. Hi All! I just posted v5 of the rom (one page 1). Unlike previous versions of my roms, there are now just two playoff scenarios. One, is the actual playoff match-ups. The other, is the teams that didn't make it this year. Because there are currently 15 teams in the West, I made Calgary (who finished first in the west) the 16th team in the second scenario. I also reversed the seedings for each playoff scenario so that you can choose which team you want to play (originally, you could only play as the home team). It does change the home ice advantage in some scenario but at least you can pick which of the two teams you want to control. So if you downloaded the roster, in the early morning hours, when I uploaded it, it has been updated. I also discovered, last night, that there is another bug in the game. Playoff seeds 1 & 3 start series on the road. This is incorrect as they are the higher seeds. Both should have home ice advantage in round 1 of the playoffs. So, if you reverse 1 & 8 as well as 3 & 6, the correct (real life higher) seed starts at home. I checked and this glitch affects mine, Skip's, Naples' and the original 1994 roms. Just an fyi... maybe, one day, this an be fixed if someone knows how? As mentioned in the post above, all teams, in my latest rom, now have two scoring lines and a checking line or defensive line. It allows for additional strategy especially in close games that have line changes on. Enjoy!