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  1. I used to be part of a now defunct community of 2k roster and slider posters/editors. Use to post edited roms that were a blast to play. NHL2k was a great series that didn't get enough attention/love compared to EA versions. Had far better skating and puck physics. As much as NHL94 is my fav sports game, I do have many found memories of NHL2k8 and NHL2k10. I may have to dust off those games in the near future for kicks and giggles. Glad to see NEO and the OS community keeping it alive!
  2. You were before my time here so it is nice to see you active again as you have certainly made your mark on modders/rom editors/whatever we are such as myself. I don't refresh but I do lurk around this site, from time to time, as there are some great folks here (met some in person not long ago). I don't do the Facebook or social media thing either but mainly because "I could care less what your kid did today". Facebook, to me, has been soiled by too many bored mothers with nothing to talk about but their snot nose kids. LOL That, and folks who feel compelled to tell us where we should eat or vacation next. Anywho... gonna get of this soapbox before I hurt myself. At least this site has a worthwhile FB and Twitter account. I always thought a podcast for modding "how-to's" or modding "shared thoughts" would be cool but in saying that, I don't volunteer. I've learned a ton on the subject but I am far from the expert.
  3. Fixed an error, within the game, in which the Edit Lines screen would freeze unless I made some hex code changes. I missed one of those changes so it was freezing. My bad. It's now fixed and users can edit their lines pre-game or during. Cheers!
  4. Kudos and great job to @Evan @chaos @MikeGartner22 & @kingraph for organizing this great NYC tourney! This was my first NHL94 event and it was great meeting folks who now have a face (and real name) to go with their screen name. It was a good turn out today and everyone was having fun. For me, as primarily a spectator, it was fun talking custom roms and settings with @CoachMac. I'm sorry that I couldn't stay longer but I owed my wife a day in the city. I did get a couple of exis in so next time, I'll be brave enough to jump into a tourney when it's near home again. I was impressed by how respectful everyone is when playing exis as well as bracket play. There was a lot of good sportsmanship. Anywho... Congrats to Raph on another big win and congrats on great event! Cheers!
  5. Thanks @Brodeur30! I appreciate the kind words and positive feedback! Putting this rom together was a lot of trial and error. Each of the five versions evolved into what it is now. Every time I played against the CPU or friends, I started to notice things about gameplay or learned more about players (and their attributes) and decided to test some theories. I try to keep the game somewhat true to original but with some tweaks here and there. More of a “dial back here” or “enhance there” kind of trial and error. As for strategy, I appreciate your appreciation for it. It didn’t want to have just a North/South or “bang-bang” style of play. I wanted the user to have some sort of counter play. The 3v3 version, that I just posted, is more the style of the former vs latter. Again, thanks for the kind words. I’m glad to read that you are enjoying it. Cheers!
  6. Now that I finished/uploaded my final 2019 5v5 rom, I was able to do the same for the 3v3 version (v2 posted above). This version has the same two playoff scenarios as the 5v5 version. One scenario is the 16 teams that made it into the NHL playoff (this year) and the other, the 15 that didn't. For the 32nd team, and final western playoff spot, I added Team Mystery Alaska to balance it out. See the above post for all other rom details and known bugs. If you like 3v3 play... enjoy! Cheers!
  7. No worries... I didn't know but now I do moving forward. Thanks @skip! I made the updates, to v5, to mirror how you did your structure in your 2018 playoff rom. I just re-uploaded the file. I apologize to anyone who downloaded it already. As it has now been updated, feel free to do so again. Feedback, as always, is welcome!
  8. Hi All! I just posted v5 of the rom (one page 1). Unlike previous versions of my roms, there are now just two playoff scenarios. One, is the actual playoff match-ups. The other, is the teams that didn't make it this year. Because there are currently 15 teams in the West, I made Calgary (who finished first in the west) the 16th team in the second scenario. I also reversed the seedings for each playoff scenario so that you can choose which team you want to play (originally, you could only play as the home team). It does change the home ice advantage in some scenario but at least you can pick which of the two teams you want to control. So if you downloaded the roster, in the early morning hours, when I uploaded it, it has been updated. I also discovered, last night, that there is another bug in the game. Playoff seeds 1 & 3 start series on the road. This is incorrect as they are the higher seeds. Both should have home ice advantage in round 1 of the playoffs. So, if you reverse 1 & 8 as well as 3 & 6, the correct (real life higher) seed starts at home. I checked and this glitch affects mine, Skip's, Naples' and the original 1994 roms. Just an fyi... maybe, one day, this an be fixed if someone knows how? As mentioned in the post above, all teams, in my latest rom, now have two scoring lines and a checking line or defensive line. It allows for additional strategy especially in close games that have line changes on. Enjoy!
  9. Cool. 20 mins isn't a deal breaker for me. It's only a little longer of a distance then walking from Penn Station to the NHL store which, I will likely be doing anyway and have done many times before. My wife and I like to walk around the city so I'm sorta used to it. Weather was really why I originaly asked, just to have an idea... It's all good!
  10. It's a hike but a do-able one. No worries. Thanks for the info!
  11. I would love to do open mic commentary but, unfortortunately, I swear wayyyyyyyyyy too much! Still, I'm 95% sure that I will be stopping by, for a bit, to say hello. @kingraph Do you know if the bar is within walking distance from Penn Station?
  12. V5 (the final season update) will be uploaded this weekend. I'm just waiting for this season's playoff tree to be finalized. I am trying out something (somewhat) new, in this version. Each team will now have two scoring lines and one actual checking line whereas, previous versions often rolled 3 scoring lines of which, several didn't include a true checking/energy or defensive shutdown line. By doing it this way, it creates more a strategy-driven rom if you play with line changes (which I do). It makes close games fun in the 3rd period. These lines will be the forwards (not sure if I'll match certain D to them or not) and will be based on combos once (or currently) used this season. Examples include the awesome Jets shut-down line of Copp-Lowry-Tanev, the Bruins line of Wagner-Kuraly-Acciari, the Islander's line of Martin-Cizikas-Clutterbuck, the Flames line of Mangiapane-Ryan-Hathaway, etc. I used some of them in v4 but now, each team will have one. Of course, users can change them if they want... A friend of mine likes to use NLC with just the checking/energy lines which makes for interesting low scoring/high checking games. For the two scoring lines, I used lines once (or currently) used in this season. I found a site that not only tells you every line combo used so far, per team, but also which lines were most productive points-wise. So, I (loosely) based them on that as well. Some new rookies have been added, including Quinn Hughes and Taro Hirose. I may add a few more in the upcoming days. Lastly, I will do another 3v3 version. Not sure when I'll upload it but, it will be sometime in April. Cheers!
  13. Hello! Welcome to the Forum! The .bin file is the rom. You will need an emulator to play/run it. Check out page two (about half way down), of this particular thread, and you will see some nice 1st time user steps to follow for downloading an emulator and playing the file (posted by Smozoma). If you haven't already, make sure to review my original post in this thread for more details regarding this rom. If you have any questions, let us know. Happy gaming with good ol' hockey game!
  14. Much like NHL94, I rate teams between 55-75 (although I think they go as low as 50). In the 1994 version, Boston was the highest with a 76. I follow the blueprint of the OG. A 90 makes them too superhuman. The OG uses it for the All-Star teams. I start the season with three possible team rankings and as the season goes on, it increases to 4 and then 5 based on standings. I do it this way because teams move up and down the standings all of the time. As I do five rom updates per season, I'd rather not try and figure out what number they should be - 74 vs 75 vs 76, etc. So, I have 5 spots and determine which team should occupy which spot at that time of the season. Plus, it's not like a team will go from a 60 to a 75 overnight. #MethodToMyMadness
  15. LOL! Or, it really long naming convention, for the rom/post, like "2019 Trade Deadline Rom by Skip/Slapshot67 with Winnipeg Freeze Bug Included - see original post for details". Worth noting, it will not crash if you use Kega Fusion. It will for Gens or Retroarch (and perhaps other emulators).
  16. @skip Hey buddy. As always, nice job on your rom! You, me and Naples all put this same disclaimer in our rom posts but, it still comes up within those very posts. That said, does it make sense to make a new post regarding the Winnipeg Freeze and making it a sticky within the Gens Rom section? That way it is as public as public can be? There is actually a fix to the Winnipeg Freeze bug but, it then affects/disables player card data. So, basically trading one issue for another.
  17. Thanks for the kind words! This rom is for Genesis, not Super Nintendo, so I don't know of any way you could play it on that console. If you have a Genesis game emulator, you will be good to go. @smozoma was kind enough (above) to put together some steps (soup to nuts) for folks to download this rom and play it (for anyone who is new to it). V5 will be the final version of the 2019 season rom and will include the real-life NHL playoff bracket. It will likely include some additonal rookies as well. I will be releasing it at the end of the season (just like last year). Cheers!
  18. Yup. You just download the BIN file and also download an emulator to play it. You don’t need the original base game to play it. I currently use Kega Fusion but also used Gens as an emulator. Both are easy to find. To answer your other question, yes, it is PC friendly. I edit and play it using a PC.
  19. Maybe he's got a point? I mean, we do see quite a lot of tournaments across the country to celebrate and compete in NHL 96. I, personally, love's coverage of the anniversary of NHL98. And, my god, who doesn't have found memories, as a child, of dominating NHL97 with Jeremy Roenick? I mean, it's always great to hear current NHL players reliving their foundest momeries of playing NHL 2001. To be honest, it's really a wonder that this site exists given how much the game sucks! SMH If you don't like a game, that's cool. There are other options. I just don't get the point of sh*tting on someting that so many folks love and have warm memories for just because you see a deficiency. Maybe I'm the minority in my opinion and response. But, NHL94 IS one of the greatest sports games ever released! Is it the greatest of all time, not likely given its age and the technology of the day. Would it have been cool to have season mode and fighting, sure. But, it doesn't hurt the game. Did it make it's mark on history more than the majority of sports games EVER released, you bet! There is no denying it and to crap all over it is silly. End rant. Cheers!
  20. LOL. Your team's record is good without him. In fact, I don't recall you having this successful a record with him. Is what it is... embrace the Trotz and life without JT.
  21. I currently use Kega Fusion. I previously used Gens.
  22. Cool! I'm glad I wasn't imagining it with goalies. lol Like yourself, I did notice that by dialing down the checking, per player, that I saw (on average) a better amounts of checks (per player) in a 5 or 7 min period. It's not perfect but now better in my opinion. It was done moreso for the guys who don't check a lot (by reputation/stats) vs. a 4th line grinder hitting everything that moves (it's their job). I don't mind the latter, in that case, as it helps with my strategy when I play/sim with line changes on. I look forward to your next roster and glad to see you are back at it again!
  23. Trade Deadline Edition added to original post (v4). I didn't focus on lines/d pairings to any great degree as it's too early to know certain new combos. I also left several injured players in to make it more fun to play. I was able to update the majority of new jersey numbers. A few haven't been confirmed yet so I went with "best guess". If anyone notices any errors or whatnot, please let me know. Cheers!
  24. My pleasure. It's gonna be live tonight. I'm just doing some finishing touches on it now and double checking a few things.