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  1. If you want to listen to some dope current music I suggest checking out Neon Indian, It's pretty chill, lots of synths and dreamscape orchestration. I myself play in what is damn-near a Misfits tribute band, bass and vocals, but we also play some RATM, RHCP, QotSA, and various punk stuff (Suicidal Tendencies, Ramones, Sex Pistols, Dead Kennedy's etc) Acoustic sets usually contain Neil Young, Simon and Garfunkel, Bob Dylan and whatever melodramatic bullshit I write about relationships and getting fucked up.
  2. Now recently, I've started picking up old Genesis NHL games and s**t on emulators, just because, well, the NHLPA 93 and NHL 94 are too great to be ignored. I also started to reflect on some of the good times I had with this community over the years, and there's always been something that needed to be said. When I first signed up on this forum, I was like, 7. The background into my retro NHL affinity starts at childhood, both my older brothers are 90's kids to the bone, so there was an NES, SNES and N64 laying around my house as a kid, whenever I couldn't play NHL 2000-2005 on PC due to the
  3. Jesus, We've all been here a while huh?
  4. This reminds me of that swedish dudes "Real NHL 94" ROM on SNES.
  5. Retired 3 times, but you cant keep a true '94 man down I want my award as the boards Brett Favre
  7. no im not talking about invading /b/ im talking invading sports (/sp/ and video games (/v/) also im going on vacation but i will try to stay connected.
  8. is invading 4chan against the rules
  9. When you see things like 15 guests in certain amount of time i think, what if all these guests were posting members, i remember this place was ALIVE. Who remembers egg? or BSdaemon or hell even Dr P1zza. RecordBreaker looked like he was going to be the next Cr0sbar. Damn, when i came back here i was expecting the good times of SUMMER 06! that 30 team rom was kickass. Please, lets create a more active site. Anyone on this hit or shoot attempt of a more posting loosely used bandwagon.
  10. I was playing NHL 94 the other day and i came across something odd. Then i realized. when was this in the game? i have found some other source online that has someone who recreated it WARNING LANGUAGE
  11. Great read. i couldnt stop whistling the NFL on Fox theme while reading
  12. Pavel as my name suggests best bro and great on the eyes in skill that be
  14. With Zalex on that. also 15 minutes, damn, i figured when the camera gets whipped out during drunken antics i make it longer than 10 minutes so that they never reach the light of day. how will i ever recover
  15. I always will be the 92-93 sens and the 74-75 caps of 2on2
  16. Remember What SWOS and Mav did in 05/06, made A and B roms to accomodate the other teams
  17. Im with hokkee on this one kolvaCHUUUUK as the FSN guys called him needs to look pretty in a nucks uni
  18. Then, stop being a homer because your a fan of a bandwagon franchise,Deal? Also, throwing out there in the event of wags bitching, what did H.Sedin do for the canucks. Transformed what would be called worthless players into 20+ goal scorers. GAGA!
  19. What freydey is saying is true, im a nucks fan through and through, I SAT THROUGH THE KEENAN ERA lets compare Crosby to say Mike Richards Richie- cindy Driver Diver Fighter Flounder Hardnosed Pansy Ass Leader Loser
  20. Where do you live in BC, imma play you