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  1. I have to retire I dont have time for this im done nothing so I like hulk hogan retire come back every once in awhile sooo good my online gameing for now
  2. I have my info email:kendall2999@hotmail.com AIM:kendo1294 gens and canucks nick name:pavel
  3. I scored after overtime it was a sick goal I went to see the replay and it got all funky and watched it all night
  4. Wane gretzkys 3d hockey in 97 and 98 vesions theres also nagano olimpic hockey 98 BLADES OF STEEL YES I WON IT AWSOME:) :D
  5. whoa who cut da cheese back there
  6. Cr0ssbar, I think what you achived was great the pass shot is not cheap you have to get in front of it to stop it so... ur in da hall-o-fame Cr0ssbar+nhl94=great guy EDIT: it ur skill man
  7. hey hey he's my nighbouors cousin i beat him... by a fluke goal
  8. ..i know somebody [gr899] who actually prefers to be shorthanded, to him I say wtf? holy s**t thats as dumb as killing a guy over NHL94( boondocks parody) NHL94 is our middle name.»
  9. I always hated messier 1. vancouver had a chance at the cup 2. he ttt oo kkk outt linden and bbbb uree im sss ar t to ssshiver
  10. you guay or somthing ..................... OK your in my books ............guay
  11. the players hve skates 1 point for gens LOLOLLOLOLOLOLOLOL
  12. pavel

    favorite team

  13. ive knocked out 5 players in one game
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