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  1. I made a 2006a 93 brashear out for game sweet t-shirt
  2. *buys NHL91* HOLY CRAP iIT'S FAST
  3. what about........................................................................... ..............BENCH CLEARING BRAWLS i WISH IT IT WOULD HAPPEN IN 92
  4. cool; ROM goota love 93
  5. hey tick use the cut across or somthin
  6. electric tape eye: bug where eyes are like a string of electrical tape
  7. I have the darn game for the playstation 1 sweet game nice fights I love the fighting 99 is good I respect the whole series any way nice music
  8. I love it player ingurd twice during fight puck hits em in the head he bleeds then presto blood-o-matick happend during a game with during new years eve wit ma dad stange enough it took out his goalie oh and the abulance running over players is cool in madden 92 All_Stars_93_Edition.zip
  9. cool vid nice passing btw is the music from NHL2000 u brought back the 15 yrold in me
  10. heh I got a player a for 4 games on 95 and he bled his helmet came off pretty sweet thing to see I lept when I saw that
  11. wayne gretzky phil housley tomas sandstrom pavel bure and Jermy rominuk
  12. crourtnall roning lindern romanuck belfour bure and sandstoum are good
  13. pavel

    favorite team

    I like vancouver vancouver is led by speedskaters pavel bure cliff ronning and goff courtnall. trevor linden and igor laryonov provide instant offence kirk mclean is perticualary tough in goal. thats why I like vancouver replys plz
  14. diffaculty 7.9\10 speed8.9\10 checking10\10 scoring10\10
  15. woooooooooooooo I win in ur face in ur face
  16. im with HABS ps I'm good at 94
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