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  1. I love when this happens!

    It's been a long while since I've done this. So long that I can't remember if it's '93 or '94 that has this. Which ever it is, it ranks up there with running over players in the ambulance in Madden '92 when someones injured.

    Been playing '93 online a bit with several people and it got me wondering.

    I love it player ingurd twice during fight puck hits em in the head he bleeds then presto blood-o-matick happend during a game with

    during new years eve wit ma dad stange enough it took out his goalie oh and the abulance running over players is cool in madden 92


  2. I like vancouver vancouver is led by speedskaters pavel bure cliff ronning and goff courtnall. trevor linden and igor laryonov provide instant offence kirk mclean is perticualary tough in goal. B) thats why I like vancouver replys plz :D

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