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  1. I've been playing SNES games online recently with something called Parsec, it's this free program that essentially lets you share your computer, and someone remotely connects as a second (or third or fourth etc.) player. They can use their controller, keyboard, mouse, etc. It's pretty rad, and the latency is impressively low if you've got good internet. Thought I'd share it with everyone, I actually used it to play NHL '96 with a friend just a few days ago. https://parsecgaming.com/ It's way easier to set up than Hamachi etc, it just sort of...works.
  2. Oh, and if you have any feedback I'd love to hear it. We have a (very) small listener base so people don't really send us emails or anything! It's always great to get an idea of what people actually think of the podcast.
  3. This probably isn't kosher and I'm about to be banned, but I signed up just to tell you that the podcast I co-host, Super Nintendo Exploration Squad, did a podcast about NHL '96! We play random SNES games, and this one just happened to come up. We aren't NHL experts but we did our best to analyze this like we would any other game, plus we discovered some weird easter eggs that I don't think anyone else has documented. I figured if anyone might be interested, it would be fans of the retro NHL series. http://shoutengine.com/SuperNintendoExplorationSquad/episode-25-nhl-96-59982 It's also on iTunes etc. You can find out more about the podcast in general at http://www.snes.zone
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