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  1. Oh ok, understood, nice work regardless. Cheers and keep on scoring.
  2. Indeed he was, specially with that Oilers squad and how they dominated the NHL back then
  3. I forgot about Grant Fuhr of the Oilers
  4. Yup, I have the hole series on vhs and a friend made them into DVD.
  5. That was a classic, Mateau!! Mateau!!! Mateau!!!
  6. True, but it's a bias pick, I'm a NY Rangers Fan lol
  7. I agree on that. Dino is not a Red Wing. On the side note on Roy being the best ever (though Hasek is not far behind) think about the players of that Era Roy had to face night in, night out, uffff. Roy played in an Era that can't not be compared with players today, he played in the golden Era of Hockey.
  8. I think Mac is a Habs fan, he has a personal splash screen with P. Roy, the greatest goaltender in history.
  9. Oh man, thank you, no I was able to download.
  10. Why I get an error message when I click to download the NFL58 rom? I deleted the first version to get the edited one and to no avail :'(
  11. CoachMac I'm getting an error message on your NFL roms
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