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  1. What a great rom though. These guys are amazing with making these things. I just know how much attention to detail they pay. Was surprised when I noticed that
  2. Anyone know why the 75th season anniversary logo is on the opening screen? The 91 season is 74th season.
  3. Yea me too, can’t forget about him. He was great.
  4. The historic roms with the original 6 are great. It’s great playing with these legends. Some of those Leafs teams were great !!
  5. Awesome work bud. Thank you. Only minor thing I found was that it says 1989 on the opening screen. Would be awesome if you had a messier Edmonton pic and the 1990 year in the screen. Like the where it says NHL 90. But small potatoes. Thank you. All you guys do amazing work.
  6. Haha yes! I watched the 94 rangers documentary a few months back. It’s very well done. I’m sure you have seen it.
  7. I figured lol. He was clutch no denying that. The rangers vs devils 94 eastern conference finals was the best series of all time in sports imo. Adam Graves was one of my favs.
  8. Yes! Can’t wait. Thank you for all you do. The 88 rom is one of my favs.
  9. That’s a great list but I would replace Richter with Parent.
  10. Very good point. Who are your top 5 goalies of all time ? Billy Smith is up there on my list.
  11. That makes sense. The Habs run in 93 was one of the best imo. Bunch of underdogs. On a side note other than Mike Modano and Dino Ciccarelli, Larry Robinson is my favorite player of all time. Im surprised how many people consider Dino a Red wing.
  12. Who’s your team Mac ? I think I read somewhere it was Edmonton. I think someone has done a 90 rom. That was a classic season as well. A tough Bruins team, and an Edmonton team getting it done again but without the great one. The work you guys do is amazing. It’s great getting a chance to play with my north stars once again.
  13. I don’t know what to say bud but I really appreciate that. The Modano splash screen was icing on the cake and honestly amazing. . Thank you again.
  14. This is the rom I play the most for some reason as well. It’s great because it’s about the 93 season. The pens coming off two cups, LA going on a run in the playoffs etc. it’s not about the Rangers and Pavel like 94.
  15. Oh man thank you so much. If you could post the other version that would be great. If not it’s cool. Thank you for all the work you put in. Can’t wait for the 1990 one.
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