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  1. Will you people knock it off and show some patience? The last time something like this happened, I think it WAS Mack, but he was considering never editing roms again. Jees, people.
  2. (copy and paste)
  3. I think I have scored on the crease across a few times with Roenick. But i always read reviews aout how if you're good on wraparounds you can really open up scoring. I keep running into people too, I'd just like to see how it looks, and actually know how to do it? So it's not really a true wrap around, it's a far side shot as you come down like a crease across? I'd still like to see that video. =3
  4. I don't know how to do the wrap around. I wouldn't use it often anyway, but I can never seem to get it to work. Is there a video or animation that could help me? SNES or Genesis is fine.
  5. Yea, I figured 3rd string goalies especially since they aren't listed on official pages or anything. No one's blaming you, man. Yea, I just read about the Arena change. It's been nameless for most of the year, reverting to Nashville Arena in time for the playoff stretch, and the Sommet Group was the team's official sponsor for this year's postseason, so that's a logical fit. Sorry to bring up the Preds/Sharks home thing, I didn't notice it on the first reply. Anaheim is still referred to as the Mighty Ducks in the game's intro matchup screen.
  6. Hey, this is the Predators fan you met earlier, I've sinked my teeth into a game or 2 so far, here's the two things I noticed. * Pekka Rinne should be Nashville's 3rd goalie, Finley went to Boston in the LAST off-season. Rinne's back from injury and playing in some Calder Cup games I understand. * The 2007 Bracket has San Jose with home ice against Nashville. The Preds had home with the 4 seed.