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  1. for Fifa with the Ligue 1 Uber Eats and Ligue 2 BKT fir nhl 95, try Ligue Magnus and division 1 and f1 champions editions
  2. oui pour une première j'ai eu du mal au début mais un nouveau championnat a fait son apparition
  3. Hello Everybody and Happy new Year!! I'm delighted to present to you the Synerglace Ligue Magnus 2021 Rom In this rom, that include: - 12 Teams from Ligue Magnus - 3 teams from FFHG Division 1 - Formula One Drivers team Guys, Enjoy It!! Synerglace Ligue Magnus 2021 v3.bin
  4. Hello guys, Jkline3 and myself had finished the French league Rom that include - 12 teams from the Synerglace Ligue Magnus 2020-2021 Season - Full Rosters by Elite Prospects Available Soon - 3 Division 1 Teams (Brest Albatros, Caen Drakkars and Montpellier Vipers) - Formula One All-Star Team composed of drivers from 2020 Formula One World Championship 2020 Synerglace Ligue Magnus.bin
  5. Hi Guys, Here is the 2020 Rom from the French championship 2020 Synerglace Ligue Magnus.bin
  6. I'm not messing up with players ratings but with graphics
  7. I got 94 Rewind and I joined the group on ps4 as Poulpax34450 (PSN ID)
  8. 2 Teams are definitely confirmed as I work with Jkline3 for the rom
  9. salut Pearate, le rom n'est pas encore fini mais sera pour un usage personnel. j'ai déjà entamé les procédures de compositions des 12 équipes françaises (équipes déjà uniformisées). je partage entièrement ton point de vue concernant le visuel
  10. I've just do it on NOSE but my ROM is a beta game to wait
  11. Update: Victory streak extends to 28 wins in a row
  12. Hi Guys, anyone wants to help me to put 12 Teams on French league on NHL 94. I see some European teams on nhl 95 in CHL 21 I put in bracket arena location Here are the 12 teams: - Amiens Gothiques (Le Coliséum) - Angers Les Ducs (Angers IceParc) - Anglet Hormadi (Patinoire de la Barre) - Bordeaux Boxers (Patinoire Mériadeck) - Briançon Les Diables Rouges (Patinoire René-Froger) - Gap Les Rapaces (Alp'Arena) - Grenoble Les Bruleurs de Loups (Patinoire Pole Sud) - Cergy-Pontoise Les Jokers (Aren'Ice) - Mulhouse Scorpions-Team Synerglace (Patinoire de l'Illberg) - Dragons de Rouen (Patinoire de L'ile Lacroix) - Nice Les Aigles (Patinoire Jean Bouin) - Chamonix Les Pionniers (Patinoire Richard Bozon) it will be a huge work to do that so we need a French connexion thanks
  13. I extend my wins at 27 straight wins on NHL 94 Rewind
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