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  1. The player draft might be the way to go. If this doesn't work out for me that'll be the fall back plan ... but... i have a secret pleasure for complicated point allocation systems ever since I made my own warhammer / dnd rules as a kid Thanks again everybody, i'll provide updates as I go
  2. That's some amazing advice, thanks for the responses everyone We're located out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We had 8 players first season, 12 in the second... maybe some more in the 3rd depending. We're a small company and pretty much 70% of the people area already playing, lol. Thanks for the feedback on the scaling for the points, that was my number 1 concern. I'd like people to be able to make a pretty average well rounded team, or sink much more of their 'point investment' to get some 5s or even 6s in the mix. The team draft isn't working out well, lots of people not happy with being stuck with the same team throughout the league. If I can somehow figure this out and make a nice excel sheet with formulas to help them select their points without going over their limit would be worth tit. Our leagues take a good 3-4 months to finish and they're really fun for us, and we can use it for all the leagues to come. @KTup710 that's super helpful and I think that's the way i'll do it. It's also fun to make it currency instead of points.. I could even give the guys who didn't make the playoffs last season more money? Kind of a reverse handicap? Oh man... so many choices So I think i'll identify point multipliers for each stat that matters, and maybe just average out the ones that don't matter so people only have to play around with important stats. To use KTup's example, agility would be 2x and speed would be 3x. I like that, probably use decimal places to make it more controlled. Some might even be below 1.0 depending on what I feel is proper. I can make this in an excel sheet so everything gets added up for them and they just plop numbers in to their hearts content until they meet their quota. Definitely need a few practice sessions to get this refined enough. I'll share my findings when I investigate more. Thanks again!
  3. Hey Guys, First time poster At work we have a 12 man NHL94 Hockey League we're coming up to our 3rd season. There's some disgruntlement about team disparity throughout the league and we're playing with the idea of everyone being able to customize their own player stats based on an equal allocation system in the hope to make everything fair but still diverse in how they divvy out their points. I haven't messed around with editing players yet, but does anyone have any recommendations on how to handle this? Is every individual stat point worth the same, or is the difference between 4-5 and 5-6 drastic? Give each team 'X' amount of points and let them do whatever they want? I feel like it should be more like old school RPG games where the more points you have in a stat the more expensive it becomes. Alternatively I could just make 4-5 different styles of teams and just let them choose if they want to be any of the 5 pre-made styles of teams (that are all as equal as I can make it) Any insight? (We also recorded all our playoffs and are making a high-light reel if anyone's interested, lol) Thanks!