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  1. I have only tried this on a European console (Mega Drive) I hope it works on Genesis
  2. Ok, I will contact Classic Gaming Quarterly then
  3. If no one has discovers this over 25 years, should I give the info to an youtuber who can make a professional youtube clip about it? Who are your favorites? Top candidates: Classic Gaming Quarterly (who made "The History of NHL 94") Sega lord X cinnemassacre (angry video game nerd)
  4. It's may be possible to simplify the steps. Go ahead and try I just did this as a coincidence. Nerdy about my PK-line, and I swiched the dmen wrong, realized it and swiched them back, then saved to be sure. Why I pressed Instant replay afterwards I don't remember
  5. Just exit the replay screen. Don't forget to save team lines after switching dmen the second time. Start the game * Press start * Edit lines * Go to PK2 * Switch places on LD and RD * Exit * Resume game * Press start * Edit lines * Go to PK2 again * Switch the LD and RD back to the original setting * Save team lines * Instant replay (Logo in the center will show) * Resume game (12 goalies will appear) * Then you will play without nets for the reminder of the period
  6. Ok, here we go. Sorry for the quality, but this is how it's done:
  7. I think I will try to make a short video how you do it. But I need som help from a friend. But here is some pics I took today just to be sure it still works First a blank screen, then 12 goalies and the play without nets for the reminder of the period.
  8. Hi, I came across this site via when they had an article about the 25 years anniversary of the game. This was one of my absolutely favorite games for the Mega Drive (Genesis) when I grew up in Sweden. I´ve got the game 94 or 95 (I can’t remember) and probably played over 1000 games during the nineties, but even a lot last couples of years along with the other NHL 93-97 + Elitserien 95-96 I noticed the bug #31 “12 Goalies” and that it’s quite unusually. I have know exactly how to do this and it works every time. Also, you will play the reminder of the period without nets! I have