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  1. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLryftroY7gg9nRjx5cAlPmWDvsOLtM4b9 Here is the Soundtrack Link. Enjoy it. Post you'lls thoughts and enjoy some hard hitting football with retro 16 bit soundtrack of real songs meant for the game. Tell me what you think? @UltraMagnus
  2. I'm almost done with the soundtrack for youtube still working on it. I will release it today
  3. Looks like I better get to working on the soundtrack. I will make the soundtrack playlist on youtube since it has 16 bit sega genesis remix songs of real songs. I will send the link over for the playlist when the nfl primetime 21 rom releases for genesis. Or maybe even before the rom comes out.
  4. @UltraMagnus I made a two editions of the soundtrack for NFL Blitz 2K21 One is on Spotify and one is one youtube. I bassicly added songs to the game that sounds like it fits for it. My favorite music genere is new jack swing. Bassiclly I was careful on what to add to the soundtrack to pick the best ones that fit for the game. I was mad that some of these songs were not on spotify So thats why I made a bonus soundtrack on youtube So turns out its probably the first time I made two soundtracks for a modded video game. https://open.spotify.com/playlist/3DZIoLOWpapXUim5chj0VH and this one https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLryftroY7gg-jBYzOZSEOtEzqC4_LMJWI Also I make soundtracks for other modded sports games too. Anyway here are my pc specs Intel Core I7 10700K 5.0 GHZ 8 Cores 16 threads MSI H410-A PRO HYPER 212 Black Edition Heatsink GTX 1070 zotac 8gb G Skill Ripjaws 16 gb DDR4 3600 mhz 2TB hard drive Seagate Barcuda 500 Watt power supply I also use ethernet. I have 460 mbps. Also a 4k tv that supports 120hz for 1080p.
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