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  1. Random Q - does the CPU pull their goalie when down a goal or two in the 3rd? I swore they didn't but played a game yesterday where I discovered no goalie in the last 90 seconds. I was up 2.
  2. Great to know, appreciate the explanation!
  3. I was surprised to see Tampa Bay's team rating is only 75. With the season they've had, I was expecting 90+.
  4. I play on the SNES Mini. Just use the Genesis Plus GX core through Retroarch. Plays perfectly with the exception of the Washington/Winnipeg Freeze Bug (just choose these teams before the player cards begin to cycle).
  5. Iceisles


    Hello, fellow Isles fan! The app is called 'Versus'. I play a 30-Game Round Robin (once vs. each team). After 30 games, it's easy to create playoff brackets in the app. I've even added all the team logos to it - 200 x 200 pixels works best. I simulate all the other games with a random number generator (0-3 Range for each team has worked well). Cheers!
  6. Iceisles


    Just make your own season up, not hard to do with a schedule generator. I use an app for a 30-game season, tracks all the standings for me after I enter the results.
  7. On the eve of Pajama Night at the Coliseum, your screenshot of Tavares lighting the lamp is painful.
  8. Columbus should be a lot of fun to play against now. Their GM waves a wand and things happen.
  9. Lehner's having a great season but I attribute much of that success to Trotz's system and the goaltending coach that came with him. I'll take Lehner's GAA any day but no, he wouldn't be a 90 on other teams. I remember growing up and watching Roy, wondering how anyone could be that good night in and night out. We don't have that kind of netminder anymore, IMO.
  10. I really like your methodology with the goalies and feel they respond realistically in your ROM. For the most part, they don't wander out of the net unless they can safely play a puck. My sampling size is small so far - about 12 games - but the games have produced sim-like experiences with scores to match. I completely agree there are no superstar goalies anymore and appreciate the absence of any 'Goalie Gods' who are akin to a brick wall no matter what you do. Every season seems to have their strong performers, including out-of-nowhere candidates like Robin Lehner, which is just a great story for athletes in general. My biggest gripe in hockey video games are the "cheap" goals, which do happen in the NHL but with unrealistic frequency in the video games. I think keeping the goalies close to their net is a credit to addressing this, so fine work on your end. Really appreciate your thought process and desire for realism. I had one game where I took 5 penalties in the first period and injured two players. I attributed this to me being an aggressive checker and wonder if maybe I should utilize the poke check more often? Guys do get leveled in the NHL, but I doubt with the frequency I dish out. I've just utilized the check option because it's there but ultimately I'm looking to mirror as close to the NHL as possible.
  11. I gave Fusion a shot last night, no issues at all. Appreciate the suggestion! And speaking of suggestions... and at the risk of being the new guy making requests, I would add to any existing endorsement for a 13 or 14 minute period option. Based on my observation (and completely subjective opinion, lol), it would produce the most accurate NHL game shot totals - typically around 30 on average for each team. I know EA never had a 'true' game clock in this generation and the 10-minute option seems to move a shade too brisk. Just an idea to take or leave - I think the included 7 minute period is really great, too. Kudos on offering some customization there! Looking forward to Version 4 (and seeing if my Isles make any smart moves by the deadline!).
  12. I plan on trying some other emulators and will report back. The freeze bug doesn't bother me in the least. I'm just thrilled this ROM has all the current teams and players! I was also pleasantly surprised that my OT period was 60 minutes. Keep playing until someone wins, something the NHL should consider, IMO.
  13. I'm new to the forum and wanted to commend you on this outstanding ROM! What a perfect way to keep NHL 94 alive, especially on its 25th Anniversary. Thank you for all your hard work and commitment to updates! Regarding tinpanalley's issue, I experience the same thing. As long as I select my teams/options quickly on the main menu, it won't freeze up. Might have something with playing on the SNES Classic Mini w/ Retroarch, not really sure. Will be interesting to see if anyone ever remedies the Winnipeg freeze bug, which is a non-issue to the enjoyment of the game.
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