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  1. Farewell everyone, thanks for having me, prolly won't be doing the NHL94 thing anymore but it's been a lotta fun... Especially GDL even if I had one of the worst records ever
  2. First Line LW #10 Dmitri Kvartalnov C #19 Steve Yzerman RW #25 Vincent Damphousse LD #2 Brian Leetch RD #4 Mikhail Tartinov EA #17 Wendal Clark Second Line LW Damphousse C Kvartalnov RW Yzerman LD Taratinov RD Leetch EA #21 Guy Carbonneau CHK Line LW #21 Guy Carbonneau C #12 John Cullen RW #17 Wendal Clark LD #22 Yushkevich RD #5 Sydor EA Yzerman Please do my lines like that AJ if you don't mind so this way my first line comes out on the penalty kill Thanks Goalies you know what to do, Bob E #35 The Other Guy #30
  3. I was confused as to why Houlanov grabbed Potvin in round 2 then Soderstrom in round 3...
  4. I had to grab a Bob E that early because if not my next pick was late 4th round and everyone knows how awful my manual GC is, I would have gone defeated with any goalie named Hrudey or worse than him hahah Very cool stuff though Smoz, interesting to see how people didn't know the weight bug existed until GDL 3
  5. Guy Carbonneau btw AJ you put John Cullen as a D on my roster
  6. Dimitri Yushkevich if picked Sergei Zubov then Sandis Ozolinsh
  7. Rangers select Dmitri Kvartalnov
  8. New York selects Bob Essensa
  9. New York Rangers select Brian Leetch
  10. Can you stop acting like you're all knowing...
  11. Great job Swos, I was rooting for you and Ice (being the two guys I made trades with)
  12. 1.2 The New York Rangers select Steve Yzerman sorry for the wait, was at the ranger game tonight and didn't realize this started today
  13. Can I change my vote? Sure, if you want
  14. I don't really think it's my say but yeah now that we have FDL, I think even if it flops GDL should stay how it has been...
  15. Hey AJ, excellent job, I enjoyed GDL5 and learned a lot... I'd like to return and if I cannot be the New York Rangers, i'll keep being the Anaheim Ducks. Thanks!
  16. I wanted to see Swos and Icestorm since the beginning, maybe that'll happen GL everyone
  17. Deadlines set for a reason jackass, stop russian everyone
  18. We really gonna do this? i'm down just haven't seen jtakkunen on in years
  19. I think we should consider maybe (I KNOW THIS SOUNDS CRAZY BUT IT MAKES SENSE) 3 points for a win, 2 for a OTL or T, 1 point for a loss... This way if you don't play all your games you get penalized I think metz did this in one of his leagues...
  20. ggz everyone, really enjoyed GDL, looking for a better record for GDL6 and a better draft... We'll see what happens, GL in the playoffs everyone hope it doesn't take 3 years again
  21. Ahh Ice you beat me to it! I was gonna say i'm not playing unless i'm sitting next to the person and we're using Genesis controllers =\
  22. confimed GM 1: @BUF 1 LA 7 GM 2: @BUF 4 LA 2 GM 3: @LA 2 BUF 3 GM 4: @LA 3 BUF 4 GM 5: @BUF 2 LA 4 GM 6: @LA 1 BUF 3 ggz
  23. WagsTh: gl next year NEGATIVENICK7000: Dude NEGATIVENICK7000: Bullshit NEGATIVENICK7000: I f**king told you NEGATIVENICK7000: I couldn't play all of them WagsTh: waah NEGATIVENICK7000: Wags NEGATIVENICK7000: you're nothing but a problem WagsTh: waaah WagsTh: why do you bother playing tomorrow.. you aren't going to win NEGATIVENICK7000: show me the rule NEGATIVENICK7000: that says NEGATIVENICK7000: you have to play all 7 NEGATIVENICK7000: in one day NEGATIVENICK7000: or however many are needed to be played NEGATIVENICK7000: you stupid f**k WagsTh: show me the pussy who wins the first game.. then loses three in a row and then quits NEGATIVENICK7000: Nah you a**hole NEGATIVENICK7000: I told you I couldn't play all of them NEGATIVENICK7000: you stupid son of a b***h WagsTh: i bet if you were up 3-1.... NEGATIVENICK7000: I would say NEGATIVENICK7000: finish later NEGATIVENICK7000: you f**king **** WagsTh: here is what i say.. WagsTh signed off at 10:02:55 PM. WagsTh is offline and will receive your IMs when signing back in. Nothing but problems with Wags, I told him I couldn't play all the games and I won the first, he won the next three and he says I had to finish and all this bullshit. Most of you know I have student teaching in the morning like I mentioned a lot of times... I see nothing but problems with this guy whining and all this other s**t like what happened with Swos in GDL and all that jazz. I'll finish my games sometime this week if he's not up for it though because they weren't all played in one evening, f**k him
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