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  1. Give me northeastern. If its a no line change league... discord schmidt
  2. Donato LW Modano C Bondra RW Sweeney LD Driver RD first sub Mcinnis first sub Gill Burke G
  3. RW C LW Berezan Bradley Lebeau Turcotte Cullen G vernon D Grezky Sweeney Svoboda
  4. Line 1 janney hull bassen line 2 Emerson shannahan ron sutter line 3 Rich sutter wilson miller d butcher brown crossman giles zombo quintal
  5. RAngers -Schmidt 1 Tikkanen Mess Amonte Leetch Zubov 2 Graves GArtner Kovalev Patrick Beukeboom 3 Nemchinov Turcotte Olczyk Andersson Cirella 4 Bourqe Erixon King Lowe Wells Beezer Richter
  6. 1 Plavsic LUmme adams bure ronning 2 slegr lidster craven linden courntall 3 diduck murzyn semsenov nedved momesso 4 babych dirk VAlk Ward Hunter
  7. Put me on the list coach.......
  8. Any new Rbi roms...ive just found these 64-68 roms....
  9. Me and Gartner have played so many times against each other....we are currently in a best of 215...... The best of 3 works pretty well I think....its a lot of games......Kudos to Chaos Raph Gartner Brian and whoever else did a great job with this tournament. They always run great tourneys.....
  10. Schmidt center roenick lw courtnall rw eklunx rd zalapski ld duchesne first on steve thomas first d Zubov goalie blue
  11. If u cant play games in the summer then why sign up....
  12. I need a tune up game.....if anyone wants to play a few before the tournament and lives in manhattan and has a sega....
  13. Hey i signed up and am definitely rusty....havent played in probably 15 yrs... but i was good in high school and college... anyone in nyc that is looking for some pre tournament warm up games im down....i dont have a sega and could use some tuning up
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