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  1. I did a quick assembly trace of the clock and it doesn't look like there's any easy fix.
  2. wboy, it's good to hear from you. I was recently reading through some of the emails we sent each other when we were working on the NHL '94 stuff. We really hacked the hell out of that ROM. As far as the info on speeding up the players... I not sure yet if the info I found would be useful. I was actually looking for puck speed info, and stumbled across the other stuff. I haven't had time to investigate. Here is the ROM address/Game Genie code that makes the players skate faster going from left to right/right to left... $00914A:D16B = PRJT-BDWL The original instruction was 916B which is:
  3. I'm having a hard time with this one. I'm guessing that there's a "friction" value that's being used to make the puck go slower when it's on the ice (as compared to when it's in the air). I thought I had tracked it down, but it appears that it's a sub routine that effects players speed, as well as the puck speed. I made a code that makes all the players skate really fast, but not really useful (just fun to watch). It would be a lot easier to find the code if all the other players were gone. Is it possible (with a ROM hack) to eliminate everyone on the rink except myself? One other quest
  4. Thanks for letting me know Mack. I've never really played the game before, so I didn't notice the shots were weak. I'll see if I can fix that.
  5. Not sure if anyone here uses Game Genie codes or not. These are fresh from the oven... NHLPA Hockey '93 (Genesis) NOTE: These codes have only been tested on version "REV01". RH7T-R60E Master Code (use this code if you get a blank screen). A4JT-AA7E The puck will always stay on the ice (when shooting). This code prevents the puck from getting airborne when shooting. AJKT-CA5R Infinite energy bars (the 3 energy bars that show up when you have line changes "on"). Players will never get tired. JMLA-AAHC Players get tired twice as fast (when line changes are "on"). AVXA-AAFR Ene
  6. Haven't been here in awhile. It's good to see this forum is still alive and well. Tony.
  7. Finally got the NHL Genesis Game Genie codes and the guide from above (all in one piece) up on my web site. Here's my address: Tony H. P.S. There's a new version of Gens out now (Gens 9.5b) that combines an improved RAM searching feature with the memory tracer and assembly trace logger. Here's a link to it:
  8. The only time the government wants me is when it comes time to pay taxes. :-).
  9. I spent some time in NHL 94 trying to disable one of the ref calls (don't recall which one off hand), and the best I could do was to disable most (or all?) of the ref calls. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be able to disable the two line pass in NHL 98.
  10. Sabre Dance, I don't know what a "two line pass" is. Drezz, as far as I know, it is probably possible to bypass some or all of the intro screens without any RAM loading problems. I don't have much experience in that area, so I can't help much.
  11. Drezz, I figured out the ROM hack to permanently unlock the 2 hidden teams (EA Sports and THQ)... Make sure your NHL 98 ROM is in BIN format. Open up the NHL 98 ROM with a hex editor and go to this ROM address: $1DB622. At that address you should see this number: 0803. Change that to: 6016. Save your changes and you're all set. It doesn't look like the game uses a checksum routine, so you probably won't need to hack a master code into the ROM. After you've hacked the ROM, start the game, go to the "Main Menu", select "Regular Game", set your options, then when you get to "Team Select"
  12. Can't seem to get the controller cheat to work. Could someone give me detailed instructions (keep in mind that I've never played the game before). I tried A+B+C+Start at the EA Sports screen, and at the main menu, but didn't seem to work. Also, at the main menu, do I select: Regular Game, New Playoffs, New Season, or something else? I tried all 3 of those and didn't have any luck. Thanks for any help.
  13. I'm downloading the ROM right now. I'll see if I can figure out how to have the 2 hidden teams at all times.
  14. Thanks for the info wboy. Will have to try one of them.
  15. Scribe99... that's interesting, let me know what you find. Thanks for all the support everyone. I don't think I would have finished this guide if no one seemed interested. All right, now I'll show you how to find the ROM addresses for period lengths so you can adjust how much time you start each period with to any value you want. Use the same memory trace and assembly trace log as before. Our memory trace looked like this: [01:730A] W32 = 00000000 [FFC468] [00:7830] W16 = 0258 [FFC468] [00:7830] W16 = 0258 [FFC468] [01:5DFC] W16 = 0257 [FFC468] [01:5DFC] W16 = 0256 [FFC468] [0