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  1. Ok guys, I tried saving the file in another folder and it fixed it. That's odd. But thank you for your help. Keep up the good work
  2. Thank you very much. I have been able to fix the 3rd goalie. As for the .smr file, I'm not sure it is the problem. With my emulator, I can open the original file from @slapshot67 but when I just change its name or modify it with Nose, I just don't see it when I want to open it. Thanks again for helping me, it is highly appreciated
  3. Hey guys, it's great, the ini.file worked. But for the game I only have .bin file and my emulator seems to ask for .srm file. Does anyone know what to do for that? And, the ROM has 2 goalies and 9 dmen. Does anyone has a simple solution to have 3 goalies and 8 dmen? Thank you in advance
  4. Congratulations guys!! Good job. I was wondering if anyone know if it can be modified by NOSE. and do you have plans for a 3rd goalie? Thank you
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