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  1. Yes it does help thanks! I guess when I was a kid, the D Pad on the genesis felt like diagonal the way it was one piece and not separated.
  2. Dumb newb question... I can use my PS4 controller, but the input gets screwy. Players will stop moving and angles are hard to cut. Is that the setting inside the emulator or because the PS4 controller doesn't have that diagonal D pad input? I might just go ahead and purchase one of the Retro-bit ones if it's the latter.
  3. Thank you and this site is really great!
  4. New here. My love stretches way back for NHL 94 and hockey in general. NHL 93 and 94 shaped me as a person. Allow me to explain in weird bullet points: • I fell in love with hockey and started playing NHL 93 as the age of 12. • As a kid I played roller hockey (not much ice hockey in Kentucky lol) and carried a puck around in my pocket. Weird.... • NHL 94 came out and I was obsessed. I still say it's the best sports game ever made (NBA Jam and NFL 2k5 are runners up!) • I taped over my 5th grade talent show VHS with the 94 Stanley Cup Finals. Guess who beat my a**... my mom lol. • I grew up and finally started playing ice hockey. Became a coach and dabbled in reffing. I cannot wait to rekindle my love with this game! I'd be happy to get my ass kicked by you all sometime!