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  1. I hacked my PSP and works really well (plus, the process is idiot proof). The battery life is awful though, regardless of whether you play ISO-based PSP games or old school games. Plus, in the UK anyway, they're still not that cheap second hand though.
  2. This is a common issue and you are not being daft, don't worry. You didn't mention if you are using Retroarch or something else with the system, so I will assume RA but the same point applies generally. You just need to remap the buttons for the core in question and either apply the settings specifically to NHL '94 or for all Genesis games that you have loaded up. I have about 12 systems installed on my GM and pretty much had to remap each core separately, which was a pain in the ass at the time but worth it now. Here is a video from YouTube that explains how to remap buttons for u
  3. If you could sort out our GODDAMN POWERPLAY while you're at it, it'd be appreciated!
  4. @Sauce - You are a beautiful, beautiful man. And no doubt, a warm and considerate lover. I have been really enjoying the versions of this ROM up to now and find it a damn sight more balanced than NHL Rewind (which, in fairness, is a blast in its own right). That said, if I find that you have reduced A. Mattthews' shooting rating because he's had a dry spell of late (save for the fluke on Saturday night), so help me God...!
  5. By way of a further update, I have updated @UltraMagnus's V.1 ROM from Monday (the one @MonkeyHead then edited as above) to capture the kit changes (but not the ice - ew!) and also to include 32 (I think) unique 8 team play-off brackets, following some advice from @CoachMac and @Sauce earlier this week. @UltraMagnus - If you don't mind, I will DM you the ROM on Saturday with the graphic required to "mask" the non-used teams (all of the banners for the non-EIHL teams will need replacing, but I don't think it's a huge job from the sound of things, just boring and mechanical!). I just need
  6. Agreed. @UltraMagnus, you are a God amongst (middle aged) men as far as I'm concerned. And a card carrying sadist given how much time you're willing to spend modding ROMs for strangers on the internet. Honestly, I doff my cap to thee.
  7. This is how it looks in GENS - Belfast vs Belfast. It's the same on my Genesis Mini.
  8. This is how the ROM looks in the version of NOSE I am running (with Clockwise's sprite patch): @UltraMagnus - Any ideas? Do I need to apply something to the ROM so that the kits show up correctly?
  9. Any chance of posting the updated ROM, albeit without your blasphemous white ice (you absolute savage)?! I don't remember using a pink colour for the Belfast kit. Random. Still, cheers for sorting it!
  10. Thanks, @UltraMagnus. I will play through it when I have some time this week and drop you a message with any points. They will only be minor, as the game runs really well!
  11. The weight bug should have been removed. I cannot remember though, to be honest. The kit tweaks were deliberate, just because of the impact on the rest of the kits when things were changed (from recollection). No issues with the Cardiff shorts being black though. I went through the kits and tried to be as accurate as possible, so let me know if there are any specific ones so I / we can look at them. Away kits are easy to fix. The home ones might be a pain if it buggers about with the ice logo.
  12. That's a really good shout and a helpful workaround. To be honest, I sorta knew it would be difficult / impossible to drop teams from the bracket, as that sounds more like a programming job than a straightforward mod. I might be being a bit dim here (I've been up since 5am catching up on the Leafs and Marlies games and am having a quick break from reviewing docs!), but I'm not sure how you could ensure that none of the non-EIHL teams don't progress if they are on the bracket. Wouldn't an EIHL team always end up facing an NIHL team at some point or does the "10 team" rule mean that, once
  13. It's the 4 team series I mentioned in the other thread. Coventry Blaze, Manchester Storm Nottingham Panthers and Sheffield Steelers. 24 games then a knock-out of sorts to determine, well, no-one really knows. A cup of some description!
  14. Evening all @UltraMagnus has just finished an awesome EIHL version of '94, which I have been putting through its paces this evening. The EIHL only features 10 teams, so I was wondering whether there is a way to amend the in-game play-off bracket screen so that it only shows the 10 teams in the league, rather than the hidden NHL teams. The ROM has already been tweaked in EARE so that only the 10 EIHL teams are selectable for a play-off run. I know you can change the brackets in NOSE but I couldn't see anything that allows you to actually delete teams from the brackets. Ign
  15. This is outstanding. Thanks a million, @UltraMagnus (and @MonkeyHead). If it had been left to me alone, I would still be trying to complete the ROM when I retire!
  16. @MonkeyHead - Here is the rosters and ratings spreadsheet, as promised. There is also a worksheet for the lines. EIHL 19-20 - Data v1 2021 03 14 (FINAL WITH RATINGS).xlsx
  17. @UltraMagnus - I forgot to send this to you a while back. I think I knocked it together when I did a load of custom covers for the other ROMs on the site.
  18. @MonkeyHead - I have had the pleasure of having a couple of games of the '94 version this evening (I needed to correct a few typos before @UltraMagnus posts it) and I am loving it! Honestly, the boy is a genius and I will be updating the ROM every year now once the season starts.
  19. @UltraMagnus - Once it is done (no rush!), would you mind DMing me the ROM before it is posted here? I have spotted a number of typos in player names and, after removing the spare goaltenders for Manchester Storm and a couple of other teams, the lines have gone awry. It won't take me long to fix but it's probably worth doing before the ROM goes live. Thanks!
  20. That is awesome progess, @UltraMagnus! I am really looking forward to this.
  21. @UltraMagnus - I suspected that it wouldn't be that easy. Once the 2019/20 '94 ROM is sorted, I will have a stab at trying to convert it (and see if I can work out TM!). I wasn't sure if there was a "move" option anywhere but I suspected not.
  22. @UltraMagnus is currently putting together a '94 ROM for the EIHL (British league), because he is an absolute legend. I have sorted the team and player details, along with the kits, and have nicked @MonkeyHead's ratings from a '95 ROM for the same league. It seems to be coming along quite nicely. The ROM is based on the rosters at the end of the 2019/20 season, which featured (as normal) 10 teams. Due to Covid, a full 20/21 season is not going ahead as normal, but... a massively shortened season / glorified tournament is going ahead with 4(!) teams only. When the '94 ROM is comple
  23. I remember seeing that clip online. Daneyko's response to his 46 rating was great: "The only number that matters is three, as in how many Stanley Cups I've won." Deadpan gold. It's nice that barns are so small / intimate by comparison to, say, football (soccer) stadiums, as it looks like you had a great view of the game without having to squint. If you tried using the "big" screen at Old Trafford (home of the godawful team that is Manchester United), you'd need a telescope. And, afterwards, vaccinating just in case you caught anything from the locals.
  24. I found the whole thing pretty weird, as they were still playing on / looking at small monitors from the look of things. Cool idea though. A while back, a group of us in Manchester hired a virtual golf simulator booth for the afternoon and played (take a deep breath) FIFA on a huge screen. It was outstanding (and boozy). When the EIHL '94 ROM gets finished, I am thinking of organising something in the Storm Shelter's bar and using projectors and the like. Not the same as this but it could be quite fun.