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  1. I'd have no issue with a couple of the home kits being tweaked slightly to add colours that are missing. I was thinking about doing that before I lost my patience with my awful editing skills! Thanks a million for this. I am sure that @MonkeyHead would agree that we both owe you a virtual beer! And, @MonkeyHead - we will have to try and work out some online thing at some point, so we can put the rosters to the test! I will be all over updating the '94 ROM as soon as the rosters for next season are announced (assuming that the bloody league does not fold!).
  2. The rankings from @MonkeyHead's ROM? That makes sense to be, but the rosters might be slightly different due to me using a combination of Elite Prospects and each team's website for the rosters (with some two-way youth team players included in a couple of the teams). It is a shame that there is no easy import / export of the changed rankings (unless there is a tool that I have not seen). Inputting the stats must be a pain in the ass!
  3. That is outstanding work. Take a bow! (And you are goddamn right that we had the best tendy in the league! God knows if he is coming back in the autumn, although it looks unlikely if he keeps being bounced around the ECHL.)
  4. That looks great. That's the edited logo I sent over, right? It looks a lot better than the standard one, which would probably look ridiculous when shrunk. Hopefully it looks half as good in the NHL '94 version!
  5. This has clearly taken you a lot of time to do, so thanks a million. If only there was an easy way to import the ratings into a ROM!
  6. This is excellent. Thanks, @Limpan!
  7. It's a bit of a Mickey Mouse league, so most of the above are rather unimaginative by comparison. "Top Scorer", "Netminder of the Year" etc. The top prize is simply the "Play-Off Trophy". There is a cup competition, called the Challenge Cup, but that's something different.
  8. This is no substitute for the physical edition, but this might be worth a look nonetheless: https://forum.nhl94.com/index.php?/topic/20375-nhl-94-game-card-set-full-set-1200-dpi.
  9. You've already done the ratings? I might take some inspiration from them once the ROM is done! I am still trying to finalise a ratings system based on the Elite Prospects data from last season. And my better half is distraught that Ginn has gone back to Canada now. He is the only reason we didn't lose every game last season!
  10. If you are using RetroArch or anything like it, you might be interested in this: https://forum.nhl94.com/index.php?/topic/20083-la-tormentas-cover-collection-work-in-progress
  11. I'm just about to message @UltraMagnus with a load of graphics and it includes a decent picture of Aaron Murphy and a Premier Sports logo (I cannot bring myself to include the Free Sports branding!). I'd use that for Ron Barr. What are you struggling with, lines wise? Working them out? If so, I can send you what I have done if it helps? I saved a load of the EIHL tweets on lines a while back just in case, as I am always too, well, tiddly to remember everything after the games! I have managed to sort the lines for all 10 teams, including PP and PK lines. I have had to fudge a few of them but they look broadly okay from my perspective.
  12. This looks awesome. Great work! @UltraMagnus - I've got your DM. Thanks. I'll get the ROM over to you in a day or two (with all of the the graphics I have collected to date), as I'm currently in a world of hurt at work.
  13. Mate, if you don't mind that'd be awesome. It's causing me a massive headache. Want me to DM you a .zip file of everything I have to date?
  14. If you need an extra team, add Milton Keynes Lightning, as they are likely to join the EIHL in the near future. Leeds Chiefs might also join in due course. The other Scottish and Irish teams are awful by comparison (essentially part-timers) and it'd be a bit of a farce having any of them in a final against an EIHL team. The last time I recall a friendly between an EIHL team and another UK team taking place, it was a bloodbath. I will continue working on the '94 version of the game but feel free to continue to use this thread for the '95 discussion, although I will not have much to add as I do not play '95 all that often.
  15. @UltraMagnus - I should have mentioned this before, but if you end up working on an NHL '95 ROM, I can send you me cleaned-up versions of the EIHL team logos if that would be helpful? Some of them are a little "busy", so I have tried to rework them within reason for NHL '94 but they might also do the trick for NHL '95.
  16. Yeah, I'm struggling with the graphics. I sorta knew that was going to be the case but was hoping to plough through it. I have everything ready to go (save that I need to recolour the banners), it's just putting the stuff in the game, as I keep struggling with the kit colours vs. the logos and other annoying things. The tools are ace, I just seem to keep making silly mistakes.
  17. @UltraMagnus - That's a really kind offer and I suspect that @MonkeyHead will bite your hand off on the NHL '95 version. I tend to stick to NHL '94, so I will try and muddle along with that for the time being (and try not to smash my PC into bits), but I will definitely play any EIHL / NHL '95 version of the game that gets finalised.
  18. @EagleXIII and @MonkeyHead - To be honest, I have been struggling with finding time to do the graphics, as they have been driving me nuts. I keep trying, making an utter hash of it, deleting the working ROM and then trying afresh. My current version of the ROM has all the team details, player names / numbers, kits (subject to the graphics point below) and the lines sorted, using the 32 team ROM as a base for a number of reasons. @MonkeyHead - The EIHL Twitter account used to publish them before games before last season was mothballed, which you might find useful. I also have all of the simplified logos and splash screens ready to go but I am finding it inordinately difficult to get the damn things into the ROM, which is ridiculous especially given there are only 10 teams in the league! The only thing I have left to do after getting over that sizeable (for me) hurdle is to sort player ratings but I have an idea how to quickly manage this, as well as tweak the play-off brackets. I do intend on sorting the graphics but having been trying to resist the urge to throw a Hail Mary out there and ask for help, as I appreciate that people are (rightly) busy doing their own things. If anyone has any ideas how to do it quickly and easily (without resulting in me drop-kicking one of my many pets into space), I'm all ears!
  19. Thanls, @Sauce. At least the new Leafs roster cannot repeatedly clock "too many men" minors on this!
  20. Which core did you use, just in case anyone else is having the same problem? I have never had any problems with playing ROMs from this forum on my Mega Drive / Genesis Mini, as using Retroarch through a Hakchi CE build with Genesis Plus GX as the core seems to do the business.
  21. I have already joined, but my handle is "domokunwins" (also my Twitter handle).
  22. Yeah, I know what you mean about the motivation part. I have a list as long as my arm of "to do / finish" stuff and it's difficult, especially where the audience is relatively small by comparison to, say, an NHL' 21 deke guide. An updated website would be a good idea (I have the strategy site bookmarked!) and that would allow different people to contribute towards it, rather than you doing the lion's share (and having the burden of being responsible for it).
  23. @kidswasted - If you get stuck, download the .ISO and .BIN files from this link and lob them into a single directory. This is what I use and it works perfectly in Fusion or GENs. https://archive.org/download/vinylspinners8/NHL '94/ I, like @naples39, use a .CHD file when playing the game in RetroArch on my Genesis Mini. It works a treat and the files are easy enough to find online. (Admin - Feel free to delete this post if it it a "naughty step" thing. Given that the game is available for download here anyway, I assume sharing this public link is fine but let me know if not!)
  24. This is stating the obvious, I guess, but the lack of different difficulty settings in the game itself is an issue for me. Anyone can give an AI opponent a regular kicking in the game but it is no substitute for going mano a mano with a human opponent, which is where people like me (solid C level players) can hone their skills. Then, it is a catch-22 of sorts, as unless you play against better players (B & A), you just revert to the old tricks that will work against lesser opponents but will get batted away by others, or you chance your arm and play a big boy and then spend ages licking your wounds. A video guide of sorts for certain things would be helpful (and I know that @kingraph and @danTML7 have a couple knocking about on YouTube) but these can be pretty involved and time-consuming to create. Alternatively, I would certainly buy a self-published book if anyone ever has the spare time (ha, what's that then?!) to brain dump everything into a Word document.
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