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  1. No, unfortunately I'm just pointing out my issues with the Sega mini. I think project lunar just allows you to add games and still just uses the in house stock emulator which I believe is the m2 gigadrive . My sony ps classic mini, modded and with retroarch did not have these issues with the 15 or so 94 roms I had on there, I was using Pico and the other core with no issues. I think all the issue are related to the stock Sega Mini emulator. I played a couple of games last night, just the standard NHL94 version and also noticed some odd goalie play. After the play is over the goalie
  2. I think it's an issue with the stock emulator, I just loaded Lunar on my sega this week, I've noticed this and that the goalies face backwards toward the stands rather than facing forward. I've got the original nhl94 , the 2019 and the way too early 2020 on there all play fine but have the issue. I had to remove 93 it would freeze at the puck intro. I also had to remove about 10 games because I got some strange black screen glitch and I couldnt figure out what game it was, it wasnt any of the NHL roms though.
  3. Thats my favorite uni, just classic. I saw a few New Haven Senator games, at first I wasnt too pleased with the re branding of NIghthawks, but thats the Uni they wore barely any noticeable difference from their NHL team. That 3d thing looked minor league to me.
  4. 1 White Whalers home CCM 2 Navy Whalers away Starter
  5. could be worse, least it taps into Seattle's maritime vibe. I liked the totems uni concepts I saw, I guess that name is too native related to be used in todays climate.
  6. i got the usb version today for my PS classic with autobleem/retroarch. Solid controller I need to remap/configure it for sega gameplay, the c and a buttons are reversed, still was able to get a 1 timer in almost imediately so much better than playing with the ps 1 controllers. The Sega Genesis mini is on sale for 59 bucks, they are doing a bunch of interesting hacks on that system as well, I may grab it and have it as my dedicated hockey 94 game system. That system comes with 2 , 3 button controllers, almost pays for itself.
  7. excellent, just grabbed it. Interesting they even changed the Hartford abbreviation of HFD to HRT.
  8. sweet, I have about 10 versions of NHL94 on my ps classic, looking forward to this one.