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  1. Chillivend


    So you wanna waste your time on a forum about NHL 94 whining about how 94 isnt as good as 95, when you could just be playing 95, or doing something else in the real world that is actually productive? Well, I don't know what to tell you except to get off the computer and get some help. Let people enjoy things.
  2. About the NHL 2K games, you talking about stuff like NHL 2K and 2K2 on Dreamcast? Was any of that your work?
  3. Thank you! I think I'm really gonna like this place! Already done, halifax. Already done. Haha, thanks, clockwise. Thanks for welcoming me in with such open arms. I can't wait to really get active (I'll be on daily, but I cant do much in the way of participating in online games, etc., but there are just a few life issues that I still need to sort out first. I have had bad lick finding employment, and by the end of the year, I'll be facing eviction for not being able to pay my share of the apartment's bills (we all pay a share of the total costs.) Once I have some money coming in, I can really enjoy myself here. I'm planning on picking up a real physical copy of NHL 94 for GEN, and an Analogue Mega SG for some 1080p60 EA 16-bit hockey action. Til then, I have my emu roms for Genesis and GBA (been getting a kick out of NHL 02, as its essentially a 32 bit upgrade of the 16 bit Genesis games. Still working on getting 94 SCD working.... Anyway, thanks again, and I hope to make a big splash here soon enough. -Chilli P.S. in the meantime, I made this not too long ago. Thought I might as well add it here.
  4. Well, I promised myself I would step up and make an account here. Now here we are. My name is Nick Tobolski, known online as Chilli or Chillivend, and while I have formerly attempted to develop games for a living, I've decided to do something else... celebrate and support the greatest sport in the world... HOCKEY. From my local NHL team the Boston Bruins, to witnessing the birth (and death), of the Worcester IceCats, and Worcester Sharks (where I saw my very first hockey game in person), and the birth of the ECHL Worcester Railers, Ive lived almost my whole life in a little town called Webster, passively enjoying this great sport, but never really actively keeping up on it. That is... until now. I love hockey video games, especially the EA Genesis to PS2 games. Now picking up as many games as I can, I want to spend every day living, breathing, and feeling the thrills, spills, and chills of a good game of hockey. I picked up NHL 94 a year or two ago, and thought it was quite fun, not knowing a huge community existed for the game. Now, I wanna jump in. I'll pop in at least once a day, and along the way, I hope to play a few matches, make a few friends, and cherish a few memories. I hope I am welcomed here with relatively open arms, and can't wait to get out on the ice again. -Chillivend