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  1. Yeah I didn't see any differences when I compared the ROMs. Other than the logo and I think the title screen has a blue goalie in one of them instead of orange/red or whatever, but that's about it. I never really paid mind to it until now and when I rewatched the movie Swingers and saw the EASN logo haha. I find myself playing my EA 93 more than 94 (and I LOOOVVE NHL 94) but scoring goals in 93 seems harder, but yet the goalies seem kind of stupid lol.
  2. Thanks. Are there any differences between the two like changes to the fighting or anything like that? I've always owned the EA version for my sega and never played the EASN "version".
  3. Got kind of a dumb question but I own NHLPA 93 for sega and mine says EA sports at the top and that is how it shows on the scoreboard, but yet most screenshots I see show EASN (ea sports network)on the scoreboard and the box reads EASN instead of EA Sports at top...did they re-release it or something at one point? I know ESPN tried to adopt that EASN and it never took off really. Just wanted to know why my copy differs from the ones I see on screenshots/youtube, etc. Other than the logos are there any other differences in the games? Is one better than the other? Thanks