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  1. Wow, I feel like a new man. Now show me the username I will be confused with...
  2. This thread is definitive proof that I am indeed a noob, apparently a noob with an identity crisis @smozoma My final answer is........change me to Ozmataz_Buckshank
  3. I just always wanted to type those words out....So now I get it....Segathon---->Segathong.....Hahaha, let's all have a good laugh:P
  4. Oh man so it's true!! Is there a way I can alter my username? I remember being in a class once with about 3 Brandons and 2 Brendans and it was awful for them haha
  5. Haha, well for some reason his name was the first one to come to me, of all the great fighters from 93. Me and my brother used to play DET vs. DET. so we could try to get a fight that featured Probert vs. Probert, but Tony Twist was usually a valiant contender to Probert's throne. Anyway, quick update: I've downloaded the RetroArch software and it seems to work. I've played around with uploading the different customized ROMs. Also, I have access the chat app Discord, which I understand is the way to try and track down games with others.......I'm interested in testing it out and eventually
  6. Hey everybody, I'm also new here. I grew up with a Sega Genesis and as a wee lad played against my dad and brothers in NHL 93 (not so much 94). A few years back I got an old Sega and rediscovered the game. Originally we were most interested in setting up a good fight in 93 but I later on figured out how to deke the goalie and got hooked on the game I have ordered a Sega USB controller and I'm wondering how I can started, play a couple test games, etc. And maybe eventually play a league? I don't know, but any help would be appreciated