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  1. Hey Raph, as much as I'd like to be the 1st seed, I'm of the understanding that we determine which 8 teams make the playoffs using this math, and then we seed those 8 teams using win percentage. I don't deserve that position or an 8th place opponent.
  2. yeah, i agree separating all of them could be tough at this point. However, maybe after a full season has been played, we could.
  3. Alright, cool. what's the thinking on doing it this way instead of trying to separate by skill and having A-B-C-D?
  4. sorry if this has been posted elsewhere, but if there's a B east and B west, does that mean we are separate leagues? do we play an interlocking schedule or are we really just two separate versions of B league?
  5. I'm trading pick numbers 57, 64, and 154 to Winnipeg for picks 50, 71, and 170
  6. I'm very interested in making an all-time greats ROM, if it's not too much work. I'm very well versed in all of the top 1000+ players of all-time, and wouldn't have much trouble building up all their attributes compared to eachother. I've read up a lot on what aspects of the game the attributes drive. But still, I don't know where to start. Here are my questions: 1. Could I do this using the recent mod that contains 32 teams, aggressiveness pinned down and the weight big fixed? I feel like that's an improvement even if it's not used in official league play. 2 . Should I just create
  7. I will select Detroit Red Wings. Originally the Cougars from 1926-1930, and the Falcons from 1930-1932, they began as the NHL rehash of the WHL's Victoria Cougars, Winners of the 1925 Stanley Cup FInals (and losers of the 1926 series). They took on the name Red Wings after the Notorious James Norris purchased the franchise. They won 7 stanley cups between 1937 and 1956, and four more in the past 13 years.... none between 1956 and 1996, though. Detroit has had many illustrious players in their long history, most notable among them Gordie Howe, arguably the greatest player of all
  8. Is there a thread with a complete guide of how this league works? I'd like to make sure I know everything before we start.
  9. Hi everyone. Happy to be joining this year's league. Dantml7 is my brother.
  10. Hey @chaos make me purple cause I did test games with @dantml7 and @schmidt please and thank you. I'm in for this year's league.