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  1. Good to see a slightly-modified return of the classic jersey!
  2. Welcome to the forum, @lego! Hope things are well in Quebec City!
  3. @Fiddz Thanks for posting the image of the cover, Fiddz! Got it! That helped big time. @Bob Kudelski I picked one up over at the Shoppers at Rideau Centre! Thanks for the heads-up, Bob! Hope you're having a great holiday season in Ottawa!
  4. @Fiddz - Are you a subscriber to The Hockey News? Do you know if Chapters carries the magazine? I'd be interested in having a read! I'll try to pick up a copy somewhere.
  5. @Bob Kudelski Thanks for the welcome note and reaching out to let me know that you're from Ottawa too! Nice username choice too, by the way. No worries at all -- SNES or Genesis, I am sure we will all meet up soon at some point! I'll explore the forum a bit more and circle back in a bit.
  6. Just joined. It's so great to be a part of an amazing community in honour of an iconic game! Thanks to my older cousins who introduced me to the NHL series on Sega and PC! I'm from Ottawa, Ontario. I see there are others from the area, as well. Look forward to some great conversations + gaming!
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