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  1. Team name: TML LW: Richer C: Sandstrom RW: Emerson LD: Patrick RD: Konstantov X: Ruzicka G: Moog
  2. OHPL Champions Tournament Rules and Regulations: Preamble: congrats to 14 of the 16 winners who will compete in the finals @angryjay93, @corbettkb, SOH (aka @CamKneely2), @danTML7, @dcicon5148, @sonoffett87, @Scribe99, @Thrillhouse, @kingraph, @Tickenest, @Mitch Kramer, @hokkeefan, @JSchmidt, @Sebe_The_Legend, and two from our dedicated play-in group of @szpakattack, @chaos, @Mr. T, and @kazelegend. Hopefully this post should answer all your questions and more! Please do not let the act of putting concrete rules in place imply there was a problem *before* as it's been a pretty damn drama-free 16 tourney period of time. This is about making sure there's no confusion or problems once all the chips are down and money/jerseys are on the line. 1) How will seeding be determined? A: A committee has been established between the top 2 seeds (angryjay93 and kingraph), tickenest (data master), and myself (administrator and savage exhibitionist). We each submitted our list and rankings will be averaged out, combined with tickenest’s ELO data and matchups will be set like that. Each round will be re-seeded so highest remaining seed plays lowest remaining seed. 2) How will teams be determined? A: Though previous OHPLs were not quite “50/50” as were originally intended, every effort will be made to ensure that for a higher seed to win, it should be so difficult that there’s a great chance they could also lose. Expect to see some round 1 upsets this time. Because of this, teams will be changed every round instead of sticking with the same team throughout entire tournament. For every matchup, a small subcommittee will be formed. It will be comprised of myself, and 3 others who have the most experience playing or watching the two players in the matchup. Lots of discussion will occur about what’s the most fair matchup possible that will also be entertaining for the audience. 3) How will prizes be awarded? A: Winner of A division receives $100USD + first choice of jersey. Loser of A league receives second choice of jersey. Winner of B division receives $50 USD + third choice of jersey. Loser of B division receives fourth choice of jersey. All other names will be placed in a draw and winner of the random draw will receive $50 USD or last remaining jersey. Available jerseys are: Adult L Rangers (blue) w/23 Beukaboom, Adult XL (black) team Canada w/15 Getzlaf, Adult XL (blue) Leafs w/93 Gilmour, Adult L (white) Capitals w/22 Konawalchuk, adult L (black) Canucks w/96 Bure, and adult L (blue) Sabres w/89 Mogilny. 4) How will the series be broadcast? A: There will be a maximum of one (1) series played per night. Every series is to be streamed mandatorily. If, due to lag, this cannot happen, it must be recorded and kept quiet until it’s broadcast. Ideally there’s a few days between each series to allow for hype and betting lines to be set. Ideally all series are so properly handicapped that each series will be -120 for each player. Please follow me on twitch to get notified when we go live, and check discord for updates. http://www.twitch.tv/dantml 5) What if we’re pissed off about our matchup? As soon as you get your matchup, if you feel it is too unfair in one direction (easy or hard), please feel free to reach out to me directly. You can request a formal review and another different panel will be convened. If the series is done and you’re mad that you lost, please remember that when handicapping series, mistakes can sometimes be made. The committees will all be doing their best to handicap things properly to give both people a 50/50 chance of winning. In the end, someone has to lose. Please say gg and move on with no negativity. If you’re thinking of saying something toxic, just take 24 hour timeout, or say it to me privately. Let’s keep this publicly positive and congratulate those who win. Anyone being publicly negative towards the group in any way will lose their chance at prizes. The players in this tourney have ALL won rounds against some of the best players in the world to achieve their titles, so it will be difficult. 6) What if we can’t get a solid connection? Presuming everyone is hardwired and has disabled their wifi temporarily so the wifi doesn’t steal the connection, then DO NOT PLAY THROUGH THE LAG. This will only lead to a scenario where the winner can’t be proud and the loser will be salty. Try a few different third party hosts, try to close programs, restart computer, restart router, check for Windows Updates, and virus programs, but if nothing works… Try another day. Looking through the list, everyone should be hard-wired with stable connections. 7) What do we need to know about “time wasting” when you have a lead? A: There’s been lots of discussion lately about “time killing”, typically later in a game when someone is up 1-2 goals. If you want a GOOD example of how to kill time when you have a lead, watch the last 2 mins of this game: https://youtu.be/OT5oi58NaeU?t=4677. Acceptable actions are dumping it down the ice whenever you get it, or driving deep into your opponent’s zone and grinding in corners or behind net. Unacceptable actions are barely entering the blue line and then circling allllllll the way back to your end, and/or holding it behind your own net and circling your own net. Borderline (but acceptable) is holding the puck between red line and opponent’s blue line. If your opponent does this, you must simply attack them, especially if you are down a goal late. It’s not their job to bring the pressure to you, you must bring it to them. As long as they are not abusing the clock by circling back to their end constantly, it is legal. If it’s deemed that a player is going against these rules in a manner that is not befitting the spirit of the league (fun, friends, and parity/equality), they will be penalized with a goal against in the subsequent game. If it’s already game 7 or a clinching game, then literally ANYTHING goes. There is money and prizes on the line, so please realize everyone will be taking this pretty seriously. We do not want animosity after the fact though, so be very prepared to lose in any ugly fashion, and be very prepared to let that s**t go after you lose. 8) What other etiquette does this tourney follow? A: FORCED: only one attempt at a penalty shot. If you lose possession but clock keeps running, do not try to score again. Pull goalie only in your own zone or neutral zone, NOT in offensive zone. Frustration pauses, legal. Pausing after goal to flick up/down to say “nice goal”, legal. Pausing when you have the puck for some sort of family emergency or computer problem, legal. Pausing when your opponent has the puck, never. Confirm via discord that they are ready for an un-pause, and do not immediately attack, circle back to your zone before continuing. Instant replays of goals, encouraged. Instant replays of other amazing things, only if the play lulls to allow it. Since it’s recorded on Twitch, you don’t need to replay as you can always go watch it later. Timeouts, legal but useless lol. Line changes, anytime during stoppage, but try not to be excessive. Checking after whistle, legal. Goalie lock, do not score. Give the puck to your opponent who will give it back to you, or flip it out of play if you know how. Only exception is with under 1 min left in a game, then it’s all fair to score on goalie lock because changing possession would take too long and could kill rest of clock. SUGGESTED: say GL before each game and GG after each game or at least before and after the series. If the puck goes in after the whistle on a delayed penalty shot, it’s a goal. It’s not fair to give the guy a goal back, because then he’s lost the penalty shot chance. My opinion, goalies always block the net, and players try to remember not to shoot at net when you know you have a penalty shot. If you check a player after the whistle who got the “beep” and he gets a penalty shot, I suggest you just press A and dump the puck. Players can discuss and agree upon these before playing if they wish. Highly unlikely scenarios. 9) How can I support this event to make it as great as possible? A: Tune into the live stream. Share the stream on your facebook, Twitter, invite your friends. Subscribe! If anyone you know has an Amazon Prime account, tell them to register on Twitch, connect it, and sub to me. It costs them NOTHING but 5 minutes of their time, and gives $5 USD to me which I use to fund this tourney. Engage in the discourse on the discord page, put thought into matchups if you are in the committee, place a small wager for fun, chat on the stream, host or raid my channel if you are also a streamer. And be nice if/when you lose.
  3. Congrats to 5th seed @Lupz27 on capturing the title with WASHINGTON! All of the final 7 series went to 7 games. BEST SEASON YET! Thank you for your continued participation. We are ALMOST at the finish line! Just 3 chances left. I've bumped out a couple people who lost both series to add in a few others who had messaged to play. We'll keep rotating in the last 2 seasons to try to give everyone who wants a shot, their last kick at the can! 1) @JSchmidt - NEW JERSEY 2) @Sebe_The_Legend - NEW YORK ISLANDERS 3) @kazelegend - HARTFORD 4) @chaos - PITTSBURGH 5) @hokkeefan - ST LOUIS 6) @mrt1974 - WASHINGTON 7) @szpakattack - EDMONTON 8) @sheehy - WINNIPEG 9) @niuhuskie224 - LOS ANGELES 10) @aepurniet - BOSTON 11) @DPS - CALGARY 12) @Raidercanuck1329 - DETROIT 13) @TecmoJon- BUFFALO 14) @kidswasted - CHICAGO 15) @jessebaran (bombjack) - ALL STARS WEST 16) @jay22 (whalersmightwin)- ALL STARS EAST Waitlist: @SlapshotSean @Joe H @lego @onceaguru @DoubleDown Tier 0 - ASW/ASETier 1 - DET, CHI, BUFTier 2 - VAN, MTL, BOS Tier 3 - WPG, LA, CGY Tier 4 - DAL, TOR, QUE Tier 5 - NYR, PHI, EDM Tier 6 - PIT, STL, WSH Tier 7 - NJD, NYI, HFDTier 8 - TB, FLA, SJ, ANA, OTT
  4. Team: Toronto LW: Gilmour C: Clark RW: Emerson LD: Lowe RD: Wilson G: McLean Extra: Amonte
  5. sounds fun! love the idea of a farm league. good luck to all C players
  6. Congrats to @Mitch Kramer (AKA Chris O) ... Down 3-0 to someone who I would say is around 4th-8th best in the world, and somehow finds 4 wins in a row to take the title. Well deserved, and great entertainment for all!!! Thanks for allowing me to stream that. Here's our season 13 lineup below. My wait list is all out of whack, so I'm just throwing in people who have been badgering me to get in for a while, and so I apologize if you aren't in when you think you could/should be. Make sure to badger me in DMs and I'll get YOU in the next one!! Good luck to all participants!! Only 4 more chances to win and punch your ticket to the OHPL Master Series where the 16 winners will face off for cool cash and prizes. Nobody *really* voted much, but whatever... we'll ditch All Star Teams for the foreseeable future. Trading allowed between players, or changing teams within same tier or below. GOOD LUCK! Please reply here or DM on discord about your team and matchup. Thanks for your continue participation!! 1) @JSchmidt - FLORIDA 2) @Sebe_The_Legend - TAMPA BAY 3) @kazelegend - ST. LOUIS 4) @hokkeefan - NEW YORK RANGERS 5) @Lupz27- WASHINGTON 6) @mrt1974 - EDMONTON 7) @szpakattack - PHILLY 8) @sheehy - TORONTO 9) @DPS -QUEBEC 10) @niuhuskie224 - DALLAS 11) @aepurniet - LOS ANGELES 12) @Raidercanuck1329 - WINNIPEG 13) @jay22 (whalersmightwin)- MONTREAL 14) @Joe H- BOSTON 15) @SlapshotSean - BUFFALO 16) @jessebaran (bombjack) - DETROIT Waitlist: @chaos @TecmoJon @lego @onceaguru @DoubleDown Tier 0 - ASW/ASETier 1 - DET, CHI, BUFTier 2 - VAN, MTL, BOS Tier 3 - WPG, LA, CGY Tier 4 - DAL, TOR, QUE Tier 5 - NYR, PHI, EDM Tier 6 - PIT, STL, WSH Tier 7 - NJD, NYI, HFDTier 8 - TB, FLA, SJ, ANA, OTT
  7. the only "b***h" move is not using your goalie to stop the cross crease lol. then the next move to beat the goalie control is the reverse spinorama flip. I LOVE the meta in this game!!!
  8. This guy was ahead of his time and I wish this mentality permeated the community more at the time. Sorry I wasn't here to back you up on this.
  9. Congrats to @MikeGartner22... Game 6 against chaos in a tight final. was tied 2-2, and gartner won the next 2 by a goal each. Coulda went either way! Here's our season 12 lineup below. Good luck to all participants!! Only 5 more chances to win and punch your ticket to the OHPL Master Series where the 16 winners will face off for cool cash and prizes. Trading allowed between players, or changing teams within same tier or below. GOOD LUCK! 1) @JSchmidt - TAMPA BAY 2) @chaos - PHILADELPHIA3) @Mitch Kramer - EDMONTON4) @hokkeefan - QUEBEC 5) @Mr. T - TORONTO 6) @sheehy - DALLAS7) @cronning - CALGARY 8) @DPS - LOS ANGELES9) @Raidercanuck1329 - VANCOUVER10) @seventieslord - BOSTON 11) @Joe H - BUFFALO 12) @lego - MONTREAL 13) @aepurniet - CHICAGO 14) @TecmoJon - DETROIT 15) @BigValboski - ALL STARS EAST 16) @SlapshotSean - ALL STARS WEST Waitlist: @niuhuskie224 @onceaguru @DoubleDown @#KentuckyWindage Tier 0 - ASW/ASETier 1 - DET, CHI, BUFTier 2 - VAN, MTL, BOS Tier 3 - WPG, LA, CGY Tier 4 - DAL, TOR, QUE Tier 5 - NYR, PHI, EDM Tier 6 - PIT, STL, WSH Tier 7 - NJD, NYI, HFDTier 8 - TB, FLA, SJ, ANA, OTT
  10. If it helps, on a 6 button, holding Mode and pressing start at the same time brings up that menu. So maybe there's some combination in a 3 button. Takes some digging tho
  11. Toronto, whichever division you need to balance. Hopefully B.
  12. Congrats to @Tickenest... Game 7 against Schmidt. 19 viewers tuned in to watch that amazing back and forth series. Here's our season 11 lineup below. Good luck to all participants!! Only 5 more chances to win and punch your ticket to the OHPL Master Series where the 16 winners will face off for cool cash and prizes. Because the B division isn't done yet, I just randomly swapped out some players for those on the waitlist to get some new blood in. We'll get at least the next 3 on the wait list in for season 12. Trading allowed between players, or changing teams within same tier or below. GOOD LUCK! 1) @JSchmidt - SAN JOSE2) @MikeGartner22 - ST. LOUIS3) @Mitch Kramer - WASHINGTON4) @chaos - QUEBEC 5) @hokkeefan - TORONTO 6) @TecmoJon - DALLAS7) @cronning - CALGARY 8) @DPS - WINNIPEG9) @sheehy - LOS ANGELES10) @Mr. T - BOSTON 11) @Raidercanuck1329 - MONTREAL 12) @seventieslord - VANCOUVER 13) @SlapshotSean - DETROIT 14) @Joe H - CHICAGO 15) @aepurniet - ALL STARS WEST 16) @lego - ALL STARS EAST Waitlist: @Sebe_The_Legend @BigValboski @onceaguru @DoubleDown @#KentuckyWindage Tier 0 - ASW/ASETier 1 - DET, CHI, BUFTier 2 - VAN, MTL, BOS Tier 3 - WPG, LA, CGY Tier 4 - DAL, TOR, QUE Tier 5 - NYR, PHI, EDM Tier 6 - PIT, STL, WSH Tier 7 - NJD, NYI, HFDTier 8 - TB, FLA, SJ, ANA, OTT
  13. These two specifically. When your star player pumps multiple one timers into the chest of the goalie when there's two open sides to choose from... He cold baby. And when your goalie is "there" but lets in that wide angle one timer... Same thing.
  14. I told this to @Uncle Sethand he doesn't believe me yet, which I can't blame him... But we're all ABOUT the same age, and about the same life cycles. We're all middle-aged white dudes (mostly), and seems like most even have 1-5 kids about the same age. Well, once the kids get a certain age, the adults like us who are just big kids at heart go back to our true love. NHL94. I think that is happening now. And I hope that some of the people we saw in KO94 stick around, and I hope that ISPs get better with latency and jitter so that lag goes away. These are my Christmas wishes for 2021.
  15. I do know HTML! I mean... I think I did about the same as you did. I was pretty well versed in it, and then CSS came out, and I said f**k that s**t. I think if we did some screenshares and had me watch what you do, I could be ready to take over some responsibilities.
  16. Good points @Sauce. I look at all my votes and basically all 16 are from those who participated (or are participating) in my new OHPL league. So that's clearly important to them. And many I've also helped get their port forwarding working. Then I look at the votes on others, and a lot of names I don't recognize. In fact, I've never associated yet with @Jkline3, one of the other nominees. Only because I don't seek out those other ROMs. But clearly with 1000+ downloads, he's definitely using NHL94 to create and spread joy to thousands of others. When I voted for @smozoma, I did so because I thought he would get the fewest votes and I really appreciate the effort he puts into going on cam all the time and streaming the BIG TIME games. I was happy to see so many others appreciate him too. And @chaos!! I've begged him repeatedly to give me more responsibilities and train me on the website because we would 100% be fucked without him or a replacement (as raph said). Quick shout out to @Tickenestwhose simple gifs have changed our social media game as well. Everyone loves those 10second clips. Very easy to take in and have gotten lots of reactions both on discord and twitter. Plus his SNES Cup Chase league is................. another league....... which is always good.
  17. @illegalsmileIV:XX, I love the love! but who are you? like what's your real name or your name on the socials? I'm glad I'm keeping you up to date a bit, and appreciate all the views. Smoz does all the "BIG TIME" games. My channel is mostly a snapshot into my leagues. But sometimes I stream other big time playas too. Also, you gotta click on my name above and click submit for your vote to be counted I think. Don't want to have any Georgia problems here..... Just did some digging. Over 3500 video views on youtube and over 200 hours of twitch streaming this year... I .... have no life. lol
  18. Thanks for the nomination! Means a lot
  19. I dunno man. I'm a sticky guy. All this new streaming tech is appealing. But let's get real... soon we'll all start dying, and then we'll really have an excuse for this community dying too. Until then... EXIS?!
  20. why did you delete your post? accidentally @Uncle Seth. You started saying "Would be nice to see talented A coaches like Sebe & Habs come back and play regularly online again like they did years ago. But I'm a realist, it... So far Sebe (Raph's teacher apparently?!) and his buds have played a ton in the last few days. Also, HABS reached out to me last night and watched some 2v2. He's hooked back in again. LET'S GOOOO
  21. @Pearate and @HABS....... I'm here all day and night and whenever for EXIS!! (that means exhibition games if you've forgotten :P) And now apparently I'm the DUKE of NHL94 SNES, and future WINNER of Sega King Consolation bracket this weekend also. So you can play against such royalty as myself lol
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