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  1. what is "long gone"? dead? why can't someone take a 2 year break of a 5 year break and then come back and be hardcore again? people have kids, get wives, etc.... then kids grow up, wives get boring, and they need more excitement!
  2. On Sega, you can't. You have to soft reset. Sucks for sure! But play 100 games on NHL94, and then go back to 95, and see if you still prefer.
  3. @seventieslord did a nice comprehensive review of 94 vs 97, because we played 97 for the last 22 years. Maybe he'll weigh in.
  4. Hey you. Yeah the one who quit a few years ago and wrote off the league for a variety of reasons previously discussed and that don't really need to be re-hashed. Okay, I'll re-hash a few: 1) gens is confusing and annoying - We are all on Retroarch now. it's not perfect, but it's easier and better and we have dedicated people who can try a bunch of stuff to fix it. 2) people are tryhards/ assholes/ douchebags - okay lay off @Uncle Seth, but pretty much everyone else is nice and fun to play against. This season, we had enough players to have a C division, and next year if most stay, we'll be able to balance competition even more! 3) AOL IM sucks - LOL we use discord. I'm so glad I wasn't here in the days of AOL IM or I would have laughed this group into obscurity. 4) people don't play their games - @kingraph or @halifax can correct me, but I think we had like 95% league games and 100% playoff games played this last Classic. 5) soandso's not here anymore, so I quit - be your own man. There's lots more good people here to play with. even Halifax plays online now. 6) laaaaaaaaaaaaaaagolas - generally speaking, this keeps getting better not only because of general internet quality (like fiberoptics, and higher speeds, lower latency), but also because of chaos and other tech guys who can help with retroarch settings and computer settings to enable/disable/change things to tweak. Need more reasons? 1) lately we stream an average of 10 hours of high quality NHL94 action per week to various twitch channels. Okay, some is high quality, some is low, and some f**king weird dude has plastic stairs, but it's great fun to hang, drink, and chat with the other viewers. 2) There's some thing in Korea called "NHL 94 Rewind". We have no idea what it is or what system it's for, but this could be optimized for internet gameplay (unlike our original version), and could make finding and playing games all over the world easier. Or it could be a massive f**king flop. But either way, come join the party! 3) Just recently, a player named @Tickenest created an online ELO based player ranking/rating type of system. Since there may not be (m)any live tourneys for NHL94 that would qualify as official events and change rankings, an online system is a good way to find out where you rank against all the other players around North America and try to climb the ladder. 4) there's more exis available than ever, at all hours of the day. "Primetime" is still 7-11EST, but we have players who post for games as late as 5am EST, and as early as 7am EST haha. And imagine if YOU and ten others come back and post when you want exis? No more waiting for games. 5) who the f**k is danTML anyway? Never heard of him - I'm just a guy who accidentally skipped over nhl94 in the franchise due to being poor as a kid. Owned 93, 95, 97, and then stuck with 97 for 22 years. I'm very saddened and embarrassed, but I've been in this community now for a while and I realize 97 is trash and I've played thousands of games of 94 since and I'm always learning and improving. I started a YouTube and Twitch channel to help spread the joy to others. I exi anyone and everyone and also help chaos with tech support. 6) I'm considering helping to fire up Plablegs old league as it seems like it was thoroughly enjoyed and missed. The list could go on, but those are the main ones I can think of. I'm going to tag some names that I've seen around lately in tickenest's data that he's shared. Feel free to ignore, or wake up from your long retirement/hiatus/slumber, find us on discord and I'll help you get set up! @Zalex @Freydey @Depch @NorthwayNative @Carse @Bigfoot @minpind @dangleisious @Fitzo @donnybrook @Sicarius @Buc @flasox24 @Wittgenstein @nahkahomo @eggink444 @orangeblack92 @da94wookiee @skoolyardpuck @Sebe_The_Legend @Snyder @ba55i5t @Bo Knows NHL94 @Skeletor @jackandjose @redbonzai @JackVandal @xdeathsbloodx @Pearate @Burntman @The Dopefish @kylewat @VintageKing @jbalicki10 @Samuel Quirion There is 100% I tagged someone that I probably shouldn't have, like someone who was banned or someone who died, or whatever, but I don't care. I hope you're all okay in COVID times and you'll join us all with some NHL94 self-isolation (immolation???) To anyone else reading, feel free to tag a bug or two. To you @Brutus, how much can we as the NHL94 community pay you to spam text all those cell numbers you have in your phone and get them to come back for a tourney or some exis to see if they still got it? LOL. Thanks all.
  5. A lot of useful info here. In marketing, you have to walk a fine line between being everywhere so people find you, and being in one place so you look like you have your s**t together, haha. But then again, most companies have a website, facebook, instagram, Twitter. I will certainly admit it's weird to have the forum, nhl94.com, nhl94online.com, nhl94strategy.com, etc... but nothing would stop me right now from starting an nhl94tricks.com as well and making my own website. What can be done about this? Not sure, but I'll throw my hat in the ring if admins want another dedicated person to discuss branding and web strategies. Experience: 15 years of running my own business, 10 of that in marketing specifically and working with small businesses. I think the best tidbit here is minimizing info on the main page. It should be 100% dedicated to DOWNLOAD NOW AND GET STARTED, along with installation vid walkthroughs. Everything else can be buried in tabs. Thanks @Decadent for taking the time to write this.
  6. I've never heard of any of these guys. Go get them Jer!! Lot's of cool things going on now with stream and leagues and lots of exis!
  7. ok! you're up too. thanks for reminder. hard to keep track of all names. much love bro!!!
  8. done. my twitch subs go to top of list as it also helps to create more engagement on that platform. better for the whole community!
  9. Hey everyone, Big congrats to myself (lol) for winning my own tourney with Washington on only the 4th attempt. I've also determined that after 16 OHPLs, I will take the 16 winners and hold a battle royale where the top 16 compete for cash and prizes. I'll be relying on help from some of the vets of the community to handicap the matches properly. I'm trying something a little different this time. After realizing that the all-star teams never win a round 1 matchup, I'm going to expand to .... expansion teams *GASP*... good luck all! (This will likely be an experiment only for season 5, after which I will probably ban all expansion teams unless @kingraph @JSchmidt or @Uncle Seth ever join in the fun) Tier 0 - ASW/ASETier 1 - DET, CHI, BUFTier 2 - VAN, MTL, BOS Tier 3 - WPG, LA, CGY Tier 4 - DAL, TOR, QUE Tier 5 - NYR, PHI, EDM Tier 6 - PIT, STL, WSH Tier 7 - NJD, NYI, HFDTier 8 - TB, FLA, SJ, ANA, OTT 1) @dcicon5148 - TAMPA BAY 2) @hokkeefan - FLORIDA 3) @Scribe99 - SAN JOSE 4) @Tess - OTTAWA5) @Tickenest - HARTFORD6) @Thrillhouse - WASHINGTON7) @Mitch Kramer (Chris O) - EDMONTON 8) @seventieslord - TORONTO 9) @aepurniet - QUEBEC10) @sonoffett87 - LOS ANGELES 11) @Tecmo@DPS - BOSTON12) @NotThatJared - MONTREAL13) @lego - DETROIT 14) @TecmoJon - BUFFALO15) @Joe H - ALL STARS EAST16) @Hot_sauce - ALL STARS WEST May the odds be ever in your favour. I'm looking to stream a bunch of the games of course. We've had really good luck so far. My connecting and leaving the game appears to have no adverse affect on lag, as long as I'm not also hosting you. So if your game is good without me, it should be good with me there too! Waitlist for next tourney, or subs if someone needs to back out of this season: @BigValboski @kidswasted @chaos @boehm23@Mr. T@Carse@Triple A@#KentuckyWindage@sheehy @onceaguru @DoubleDown @matthew_d
  10. You do need to mention about the stream key. It's kind of hard to find, but needs to be put into the OBS settings. Cheers!!
  11. Can I take $500 usd on Seth to win outright? Also lol at Raph -700 in his own series. You can tell he wrote the post
  12. Being from Canada, it's a no from me with the current climate. Can't afford to self isolate after for 2 weeks, and my wife works in a senior care facility. Personally, I'm waiting for a vaccine, cure, or other such immunity information before planning other events in the other communities I'm in. I think by February, we'll know more but I wouldn't plan until then.
  13. If I can get confirmation from 23 more NHL94 pals in the next 2 days, I will create a tournament using the 2020 ROM, and we will play out the current 2020 playoff tree. All 24 players will be placed in a random lottery and will draft teams in that order. Take note, of course, that seeds 1-4 on each side automatically will get to first round. If you pick a qualifier team, it's a chance you won't make the final 16. Also note, you can pick your team based on who you DON'T want to face after they have already drafted. Example: if @angryjay93 takes Florida, maybe you might to choose not to take the Islanders, haha. Also, after the draft, team trades will be allowed. There's a lot of Leaf fans out there, so they may be in high demand. Especially with Anderson on the bench Once we are whittled down to 16 players, I will have @chaos upload it to the site where we will play best of 7s with the last 16 players. Thanks to @halifax for the idea. Who's in?!
  14. @Tickenest has taken over for hokkeefan who was unresponsive. hokkee has been added to the top of next season's waitlist unless continuously MIA. you all have 4-5 more days to play your series! please reach out asap.
  15. Hey everyone, First off, congrats to @CamKneely2, aka SOH aka Perenneal Choker. who found he DIDN'T choke at all, losing only 5 games on his way to winning the OHPL Season 3 title. He joins @angryjay93 and @corbettkb as season 1 and 2 champs. here's the line-up and ROM for season 4. The ROM is attached at bottom. Since there hasn't been many round 1 upsets, I'm going to handicap it further by giving better players even worse teams and seeing what happens! Remember: Once you win OHPL, you get your title and ride off into the sunset, making a chance for someone else to win. After we get 16 champions, we'll have an OHPL King of the Hill tournament or something. Tier 0 - ASW/ASE Tier 1 - DET, CHI, BUF Tier 2 - VAN, MTL, BOS Tier 3 - WPG, LA, CGY Tier 4 - DAL, TOR, QUE Tier 5 - NYR, PHI, EDM Tier 6 - PIT, STL, WSH Tier 7 - NJD, NYI, HFD Tier 8 - TB, FLA, SJ, ANA, OTT 1) @dcicon5148 - HARTFORD 2) @Tickenest - NEW JERSEY 3) @Scribe99 - NEW YORK ISLANDERS 4) @danTML7 - WASHINGTON 5) @Tess - ST. LOUIS 6) @Thrillhouse - PITTSBURGH 7) @Mitch Kramer (Chris O) - NEW YORK RANGERS 8) @sonoffett87 - EDMONTON 9) @aepurniet - TORONTO 10) @seventieslord - LA KINGS 11) @NotThatJared - VANCOUVER 12) @Tecmo@DPS - MONTREAL 13) @Hot_sauce - BUFFALO 14) @lego - CHICAGO 15)@TecmoJon - ALL STARS EAST 16) @Joe H - ALL STARS WEST This time teams are FIRST COME FIRST SERVE! So pick your team ASAP by replying here or messaging me privately. I'll remove teams from the list as they are chosen. Waitlist - or next season - players will be: @hokkeefan @Mr. T @Carse @kidswasted @Triple A @#KentuckyWindage @BigValboski @sheehy Plus, if any new players want to add your name here so you can get in on this, I plan to run one a month for the next ... 5 years? or until we can't get 16 people haha. Thanks!! OHPLv2.bin
  16. yes! I'm always on the cusp of A/B, so put me wherever it balances things best.
  17. got you! But why can't we tag you on discord lately? that'll be an issue if you can look into that.
  18. yes, should be ready to go by tonight!
  19. Hey guys, Sheehy never responded to me and so I was able to slot @TecmoJon into his spot. Schedule coming up today and then you can play your series, while we create the tourney on the nhl94.com site.
  20. I'm in! I'll take OMAHA MAVERICKS since I just lost $300 playing Omaha online poker :'( I'm dantml7 on discord as well
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