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  1. Clockwise, the link is dead. Do you have the rom and if so can you send it to me by email please?
  2. Thank you Clockwise I will look into it. I like the default full speed that you get with the precise passes but god it's a struggle to play when it slows down and feels like you''re skating through mud. Or other times the game starts out slow and is like that through the whole game.
  3. Hello: I was looking at this website and I wanted to ask you if there is anyway to have the speed of the game edited? I like the stock fastest speed with the precise passing involved and I don't like it when the stock game slows down the and it just drags out and the players are skating real slow and aren't going after the puck etc.., but when you have a fast game with someone or against the computer and it's fast throughout the whole game, it's great. You can have some really great games. There are a lot of different things I'd like to edit but the first is the speed? Or are ther