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  1. Offense: Yzerman, Mogilny, Roenick Defense: Chelios, Housley, Bourque Goalies: Belfour, Hasek, Tugnutt
  2. hey all! and thanks @chaos for helping me sign up im down for a SNES game. Unfortunate thing is I cant host because it lags so damn much, but I can join games no problem. Im on retro and use this same name @jmomonyc
  3. LOL, back in HS I remember playing three (3) versions, both Sega and Sega CD and the SNES....memories heres the link for Swingers in case anyone wants to see it:
  4. will be sipping on some Gentlemen's Jack enjoying a day of hockey among avid gamers....only in NY
  5. thanks buddy! I will be sure to get plenty of practice in before April. Not sure if it will help any but I am looking forward to it.
  6. I set up the emulator and was watching computer play last night to get reacquainted with the Sega version, you are right it looks so unpredictable what AI does with the players on the ice. One thing I noticed that can be a HUGE problem is AI control of the goalies...they wander off to get the puck randomly and that can spell bad news if anyone hustles to get to the pucks first. One timers are so unpredictably fast in Sega too. Defenses seem to overskate a lot...good analogy with a RPG scenario. I read/heard about the light/heavy checking glitch but will have to deal with it as that is how the game was programmed....I can tell already I will not like making this switch. ESPECIALLY with the lack of one button push for manual goalie control, that makes a HUGE difference in many head to head games I have been involved in with SNES gamers....sheesh
  7. Now you're talking! Cash games can definitely make for interesting play, it could like you say draw more people out of the woodworks too... Lets get a keg going, or everyone BYOB, or recession specials beverages of the 'malt' kind, that should do the trick to ease the pain of a butt whoopin. Personally, I am looking forward to the online P2P games and playing other gamers around the NHL94 Universe. I might even consider changing my name to Nature Boy
  8. Understood....love that it was a SNES tournament. I thought people want to play to win LOL. Amazing there's a good following still for this 25 years strong! It's one of the only reasons I keep my SNES around is to host games whenever the guys are around...crazy 40 year olds still have a devout addiction to the best hockey game ever.
  9. how many total players in this? at least 12 or 15? Measuring the skill level will always be a challenge, but then if gamers dont want their butts kicked why bother participating? LOL Where are the SNES gamers at damn it!?!?!
  10. 10-15% true disciples of the game LOL, to make the journey to the city that never sleeps for some NHL94 shenanigans, only in New York... On another note, I was able to download Retroarch and Discord last night successfully, now I need to figure out how to navigate on both apps and make sure the settings are good for P2P play. Figure I can get in some good practice before April comes around...
  11. is the tournament the only thing going on that Saturday? Or are people going to be around on Friday for exis? (i take it this means exhibition games)
  12. Add me to the list of SNES big fans group. I, on the contrary, am not a fan of the Sega Genesis version but to each their own (sipping tea)
  13. muscle memory is enough to make a grown man reconsider going into these tournaments....separates the true gamers from the wanna be's...looking forward to making it out to one of these events, first time for everything! KUDOS to all involved in setting up these events, forums, podcasts, videos...the community is the real deal!
  14. Thanks Raph, looking forward to getting set up and get my online skills going. I am going to need practice for this NYC tournament! LOL if I have any questions or doubts I will be back on the forum posting, hopefully this is not too hard to setup!
  15. Hey all, new user in 2020. Is Discord the preferred way for gamers and online play? I have a PC at home and am a SNES gamer so any feedback or suggestions will be greatly appreciated. I will play with the emulators when I get home tonight after work and see about setting this up!
  16. I need to see this to believe it. BIG PROPS on an epic comeback, that is one for the ages...I'd probably never get over a loss like that LOL
  17. I've heard whispers too! should I bring another SNES and accessories to double the fun? We could have another tournament set up! LOL
  18. JUST SIGNED UP! Hope I made the list....wish you had a SNES tournament going on at the same time, that I am down for! Looking forward to meeting you gamers, should be a good day for hockey
  19. I will be travelling abroad but should be back just in time for this tournament, even though I am an avid SNES gamer, I will give this a go and test my Sega skills. Hope everyone is well! Will there be an updated list of confirmed players soon? before it fills up
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