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  1. Dan has been extremely helpful this year. He got me all set up to host, and always seems to find time to answer my Noob questions. He has run OHPL very well and tries to include everyone who would like to have a chance at it.
  2. Stats on stats on stats on stats in stats. Love it!
  3. C league please. If u need more for B I'm not shy.
  4. My choices. Thank you for the invite. Tier 1: DET, CHI, VAN, BUF Tier 2: LA, MTL, BOS, WPG, CGY Tier 3: NYR, QUE, TOR, DAL Tier 4: PHI, PIT, EDM, WSH Tier 5: NJD, STL, HFD, NYI Tier 6: ANA, SJ, OTW, TB, FLA
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