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  1. Update. I have finished most of the nhl98 rom. Cannot figure out how to add the new teams to create 32 total teams. What I did though was add the nsh, min, vgk, cbj, wpg to the usa, can, world and allstar rosters. I switched the original 98 allstar rosters with the EA and THQ rosters. Tile Editor is definitely a steep learning curve that I will not be taking on at this time. If anyone can hack 32 teams and edit the tiles for the new teams you'd be doing Gods work. I also may have figured out how to keep star player moves. Somehow Grandlund kept Kariya's zig zag move when I edited the nashville roster over the allstar west lineup. Has something to do with the HEX ID I think. PM for file.
  2. The Great 8 would have to avg 40 for the next 6 years (He'd be 40). Gordie is the only person to score 40 at age 40 or more (68-69). Bucyk was close in 75-76 with 36 and Selanne had 31 in the 2010-2011 season. So it's possible. Ovi will surely need to rely on the TB12 method to surpass THE GREAT ONE.
  3. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2019_FIBA_Basketball_World_Cup_squads
  4. Attached is a Screen Saver I made for Windows Should work with Windows 7/8.1/10 Compatible with Shockwave 7+ Enjoy! ShootOut94.exe
  5. YO! YO! YO! I stumbled on this site looking for good 98 info and found some cool editing tools. Decided to test my might by putting together a 98/20 build. Huge tip of the cap to all the devs and hockey fans here. I feel at home. LETS GO BLUES!
  6. I was a nintendo consumer most of my life so I never learned about special moves until a few years ago when I started collecting roms. Ive made some headway with that 98 bin file I started with using that NOSE editor. Some of the jerseys had already been done and had home darks and Ive almost gotten done with that. But then I noticed that the columbus and nashville team was using the EA and THQ team slots so I will have to switch those to the all star teams so that all 31 teams are available. Not sure how to make them available to use in season mode but that will be a bridge I cross when it presents itself. And after scouring the interwebs for the past few days I have come to the conclusion that 2-line pass cannot be removed so I will forgo that ominous endeavor. Should be a breeze when I get to rosters. I will be using current EA stats as best as possible. And I wont pull any little fanboy moves giving crosby all 99s. But it almost pains me to be able to edit rosters and not put Jagr on here. I mean cmon he was in EVERY nhl title until 19. I havent even thought about editing tiles yet... For the record I am a die hard Blues fan.
  7. No this was a life saver for me. Im a for real n00b when it comes to hacking roms. I just downloaded NOSE and got it to work and couldnt find a '98 .bin file anywhere (im sure there was some easy way I could have created one but again.. n00b) so thank you! I am trying to get the 2020 rosters on 98 with a few tweaks and adjustments. As for something I dont see anyone talking about anywhere. 98 on Genesis is the GREATEST hockey game of all time for the simple fact that star players had "Secret Moves" but I cant find them in the code anywhere to add them to 2020 players. Example if you are holding the D-Pad in a direction and press START while using Gretzky he will do a real neat zig-zag and Lindros has a checking while shooting ability. There are a total of 14 of these "Secret Moves" and supposedly 41 players have one but I can't find them all or locate them in the code. (not to mention I hardly know what I am doing) Maybe one of you fuzzywigs could help me out with this during this "social distancing" time. I would also love to add that 2020 94 spash screen that slapshot67 created. I am sure once you all figure out that this was the GREATEST old skool hockey game EVER! you will understand my plight. I will give updates if I have any (Doubtful) Love and Peace to all!
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