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  1. Might as well toss in the "10 minute misconduct for fighting" version of "Real Final Cut Edition" of 98 in here too. IIHF 98 F.bin
  2. With the Final Cut editions out of the way, it seems it is time to release the next installment in the series. And it gives me the chance to make another retro review so I'm going to take it. With EA outsourcing the development of the SEGA Genesis version of NHL 98 to THQ while they concentrated on the fancy new PlayStation and PC versions, Team 1920 still took care of the Genesis conversion for IIHF 98. However, when EA started work on the '99 installment of their hockey franchise, it would only see a release on the Playstaion, PC and N64. This would not normally have been an issue, howe
  3. The final of the Final Cuts is finally ready for the finale. IIHF 98 [Final Cut Edition] Most teams already had national program center ice logos, but they all do and they are actually period accurate. Uniform colours are also more period accurate now. A couple player names that slipped through the cracks were shortened for formatting constraints. Fixed Team Austria's "Mighty Ducks of Anaheim" Championship banner. A couple other minor fixes that I can't remember right now. Note that still unresolved are: Team selection ratings thing. ISO team
  4. I used to work with the guy that scored the first goal in modern Ottawa Senators history. That was kind of cool at the time.
  5. Lesser and/or Simmons might turn out to be the best chance. Similar to the story a couple years ago of former Team17 programmer Chris Blyth finding the original source code for Worms on an old Amiga that was sitting in his shed since the '90s. Here's hoping anyway.
  6. I guess the story would be that the double dipping wore thin, [and lacking an extra-teams mod] so there was no "Championship Edition" for '96, meaning fans had to wait for the new year. Still not a fan of this one, but at least it's better now. IIHF 97 [Final Cut Edition] Following the new licensing trend, center ice logos are modeled after sweater crests. Some uniform colours also corrected to period correct styles. Again most names were already modified for display. Fixed a few that didn't quite work. Fixed Team Austria's "Mighty Ducks of Anaheim" Championship
  7. The reconning is taking over now as we see the release of: IIHF 96 [Final Cut Edition] Full licensing is in full effect with the change over to center ice sweater logos. Uni colours are adjusted for period correctness. Most player names were already fixed by this point, but I think there were a few I missed so those are good now too. Speaking of missed, fixed the part where Team Austria used to say "Mighty Ducks of Anaheim" on their team photo when you win the championship with them. [I get the backwards name of the Ducks, but oddly the Avs and Coyotes had a sep
  8. For the third year in a row, its the late special edition. Kind of foreshadowing for the days to come of buying day one [and needing a day one patch] or waiting for the inevitable "Game of the Year" edition to come out. IIHF 95 World Championship Edition [Final Cut Edition] This edition sees the return to full IIHF licensing including all national team logos. Teams are increased from 28 to 34 as compared to the original IIHF 95. In most cases sweater logos are featured at center ice. As usual, team unis are adjusted for period accurate colours. Some player na
  9. It's 1995. Brad Pitt is the sexiest man alive, Michael Jordan ends his budding baseball career to try to win some more championships with the Bulls, Bill Gates releases a new operating system, Quebec decides to not split from Canada and EA releases it's fifth annual installment [seventh overall] in the IIHF hockey franchise. IIHF 95 [Final Cut Edition] In this edition, the one year licensing agreement for the Championship Edition of '94 is not held over, meaning a return to Coat of Arms based logos. Team uniforms are edited to match period accurate colours. [although the new p
  10. Kind of the unfortunate self-fulfilling prophecy wrapped in a feedback loop that one eh. EA wigs: Nintendo fans only spend their money on first party games anyway, so why should we bother putting any effort into porting our games?" Nintendo fans: EA doesn't bother putting any effort into porting their games anyway, so I should spend my money on this first party game."
  11. Alright, this is where things get interesting, because for this game I've started the retcon of the series. IIHF 94 - Championship Edition [Final Cut Edition] In this special edition game, the rosters are again expanded from 30 to 32. Team uniforms are again changed to better match their period correct styles. Player names are again modified where applicable to fit within formatting limitations. Extra branding for the World's which were held in Italy. For the first time ever, full league licensing! Center ice logos are now reflective of each team's uniform cr
  12. The one that started this journey is back upon us. Fitting that it also starts seeing the most drastic changes. IIHF 94 [Final Cut Edition] Starting with team uniform colours, quite a few ended up being changed yet still managed to accommodate the center ice logos. More fixing of some player names to accommodate formatting. Belarus. Dammit. Completely forgot about the four years they used their historic pre-Soviet era flag before adopting their current, kinda-like-the-Soviet-one flag in June of 1995. All markings have been corrected to reflect period accuracy. Cent
  13. Up next, the "licensed" version that was released later that same year: IIHF 93 [Final Cut Edition] Starting off again with more period accurate team uniform colours. Again, some names were condensed to fit. While accurate team logos could possibly have been employed for the first time, this game also happens to feature an expanded team list to accommodate all 32 member nations as of 1993. The compromise was that those two additional teams ended up using up the free bytes that previously belonged to center ice logos. This results in more branding for the IIHF, with
  14. Thanks man. I'll be honest, 2021 is on the list, however it's a long list and it's nearer the bottom. [and that was before I realized I wanted to fix the ones I've already done] On the plus side, I've figured out a bit more that I can do in the 96-98 base games, but <reasons> progress has been slowed a bit. I am curious though, I know '94 is obviously the most popular game to base mods on, [for good reason to be fair] but it's nice to play around with the other games once in a while too. Perhaps I need to take a poll to see the community would like to see. And if I want to deviate
  15. Moving right along (doog-a-doon doog-a-doon), the black sheep that was: International Hockey '93 [Final Cut Edition] This game still has the distinction of being the one that momentarily lost the IIHF licensing due to the new fighting features, but also being the first one where the various countries' player's associations agreed to lend their names to the game. Names which were occasionally truncated to fit into the allotted characters. Again, uniform colours were adjusted to better match the period correct look. Being unlicensed, the logos remain based on nationa
  16. Pity really. Aside from the old HNIC theme obviously, I thought it would be cool to have a version of the Blades of Steel theme. I know the NES has Famitracker, but so far the 16 bit music makers I've heard of don't seem to have a feature for letting you import <Genesis version of .NSF> files back into a game. So at least it's not just an "us" problem.
  17. Next up: IIHF Hockey '92 - Final Cut Edition. This game was another that mainly just needed uniform corrections. The logos are still not licensed as of this stage in the series, [the vertical orientation, inconsistent/smaller logo sizes, and the single 16-colour palette shared amongst all 24 teams, with the U.S. and Yugoslavia sharing a logo.... all make that task a bit more complicated] And as there are no player names, this one didn't have anything to change there either. Round Two - Fight IIHF Hockey 92 F.bin
  18. In honour of the return of the World Championships with this year's tournament in Latvia, I'm going to start posting some updated ROMs for my World Championship series. Mostly these are intended to resolve some anachronisms that came about due to some difficulties in finding complete information regarding logos, uniforms , etc [or in the case of Belarus, completely forgetting a four year span of their history.] Most obvious fixes will be uniform colours, which have been adjusted to be more period accurate. [as possible within the limits of the sprite art] Some player names have als
  19. Uh oh. Technically it's a "Nordic" rivalry as the region known as Scandinavia only refers to Sweden, Denmark and Norway. While English speakers have used the terms interchangeably, the region including Finland, Iceland the Faroes and Aland are only meant to be part of the greater Nordic region and to refer to them as "Scandinavian" will cause true Scandinavians to jovially smile while silently judging you for being an unbeautiful, simpleton, ie: a non-Scandinavian. [What Scandinavians think of Finland] Interested in trying this out by the way.
  20. Been quite some time, but it's finally time to release the final game in the Genesis/MegaDrive World Championship series. This one ended up having an unexpected amount of stuff to do [especially since I had always passed it off as yet another reskinning of the NHL 96 engine], not to mention simultaneously assembling a note file so I'll actually have some idea of what the hell I'm doing when I have to go back and fix something. Either way, this game feels like the game that EA was supposed to release in place of what would now be called the "Early Access" version that is NHL 97. Interesting t
  21. Huh, It could also be that I simply conflated the two, as dudes that are heavy and good at hitting, would obviously also enjoy going around handing out free hits. Still find it odd that checking preference would affect the player's overall score [as many as 6 points] when shooting and aggression rightly don't. I will say that I have been spending a lot of time recently, exclusively with the later games and the stats seem to be slightly different. And not just in that a "0" score translates to a 40-44 in-game rating, all 5's is a 100 overall player, and all 6's = 120 overall.
  22. I noted that Checking is a rated stat. [As in when the number is in/decreased it likewise affects the player's overall rating] and that it seems to influence a player's ability to execute a check. A 6 will mean that you can Scott Stevens anyone into oblivion while a 0 means you're basically just caressing their shoulders as they brush past you. Roughness and Aggressiveness don't affect overall rating, but seem to be there to influence preference. I'd always figured that Roughness would influence penchant for taking penalties and throwing hits, where Aggressiveness would be chasing the puc
  23. Just came across this guy in NHL 98 and figured it might qualify. We'll call him the Calgary Flames', Cale "Mr. Average" Hulse. Coincidentally enough, Right D is also the third position in the list. Too bad James Patrick already took number 3 and he didn't weigh 16 lbs less or he could have gone for the sweep.
  24. I always figured weirder than Beezer's short name was that he can face off against his clone in Florida. And if Florida plays the other New York team, Fitzpatrick gets to be the back up for both Beezer and Healy, just like back in the pre-Original 6 era. Weird because they did have a team of clones in NHL Hockey with San Jose [although you couldn't really tell with only player numbers], but they did a decent job of limiting clones in '93, only to mess up again with Anaheim and Florida a year later.
  25. I can confirm that this is "possible". The caveat however is that you will need to do a bit more to the ROM to prevent the game from crashing when it's trying to access those non-existent players in the Pre-Game Scouting Report or Line Editor menu. I guess it might depend if your play style is to ignore all of that.