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  1. Thanks for the kind words everyone. We're happy you like it. Remembered one more bullet point about the playoff brackets.
  2. I guess I'll start with the obvious. "What? But you two don't do NHL stuff!" True, normally we leave that to the other guys, but admittedly we started this project when it seemed that there was going to be no updated NHL ROM for this season. And admittedly it took us a while to complete, since you know, life stuff. But to whip out a tired old cliche; At the end of the day, we figured that third place was okay too, and we had gone in a different enough direction that this is more a companion piece to the other great updates that @AdamCatalyst and @seamor have released while we were dillydallying. To that end, @Jkline3 and I would like to submit: NHL 2023 Reverse Retro '94 Edition Defining Characteristics: Every team is geared up to use their Reverse Retro uniforms. Alternate uniforms are given preference when opportunity presents itself for whichever uniform is not the RR. Team Select screen features Reverse Retro logos with uniform background. The Team Select screen also features art changes like new "Home" and "Away" banners with colour sections adapted to the team's uniform colour. New player sprites for more versatility and accuracy in how team uniforms are presented. Might have to fix that ref staring off... Every player gets a player photo. From the first line cover athlete to the obscure third line winger. Logos and fonts also got an update too. So. Many. Photos.... Was originally even going to try the colour photo trick, but the team photographers were so wildly inconsistent that this proved a fools errand. Presentation brought to you by: Ray gives his pre-game analysis of newly minted Islander Bo Horvat [rosters updated as of 01 Feb, 2023] I keep wanting to call that place USB Arena... Main menu lineup scrolling has been expanded to allow viewing of the entire roster. And all those damn pictures. Player benches reduced to original size so no coach, but kept the goalie and grey rubber floor. Some teams had to use some creativity to get the on-ice logos to look right. Team banners got flashy new fonts too. Zamboni repainted with modern EA logo. ... same Cup though. Probably a bunch of other minor things that I don't recall anymore. Under the hood stuff: Original custom player attribute stats based on NHL23 updates. Weight bug fix is applied. SmozROM Ratings consistency fix - player ratings will match hot/cold overall. Freeze Bug applied so no player stats and player name on second line. User Records set to "ON" can still cause crashes with Vegas, Washington and Winnipeg so caution is advised. Tighter puck collision on boards and net making for pucks that hit closer to the boards sprites and a slighter smaller scoring area on the nets. Expanded goalie roaming area. Go out to the edge of the trapezoid out to the faceoff dots to cut down the angle. Goalie can also carry the puck out to the blue line before the automatic whistle. [if play isn't blown for holding the puck too long] The three stars calculator hack didn't seem to play nice in our games, so we left it out. Might revisit it in an update if it seems like it needs fixing. Probably forgetting something... well let us know if I missed some info or credits. Hope you all enjoy it. Ah. Remembered what it was. Went through and made sure that every possible divisional home and away matchup was possible in playoff mode. NHL2023 RR94 Ed - V1.0.bin
  3. Curious how you added the extra strip option in there. Tell me it's not as easy as just opening up the .ini in notepad and typing another listing in there. Also, not necessarily related to '94, but if you're looking into NOSE's guts, have you perhaps seen anything related to the default Menu tab for '96? I know that the navigation is different in those games so they don't translate as well as in '92-'95, but it would be nice to figure out how to set the default matchup at the very least.
  4. That's a shame. I really liked Elvis when I'd see him playing for Latvia in the World Championships. Granted Latvia also plays a better defensive system that Columbus so that helps. But he would be lights out in those short tournaments, sometimes single-handedly keeping the score closer than it has any business being. I do wonder how he might do if he was able to land a trade to a better team. It's quite possible that, similar to how Edmonton's poor management led to some demoralizingly bad seasons that almost scuttled the careers of young Jordan Eberle and Taylor Hall before they got out, the change in scenery is what he needs. Nuge at least made it to the McDavid/Draisaitl era, but then without better defence and goaltending, all three might end up bouncing around in the back 9 of their careers still chasing that first Cup. Not to make excuses for the guy, but I have talked to a couple guys from the expansion Ottawa Senators and they were basically joking in the dressing room before a game on the over/under of how badly they were going to lose. It's not surprising that some of those guys were not only out of Ottawa, but also the League by the time the likes of Alfredsson and Spezza showed up and they started turning things around. And with goaltending being such a cerebral position, Elvis is probably getting into his own head too much, just wondering when the tide is going to turn. And of course that's when it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy and the entire team says "Here we go again" and then it goes again.
  5. I used to see a retro game seller at the farmer's market I would go to. While perusing one day, I overheard her talking to another couple of people. "What's this game like?" "Oh, It's about <insert back-of-the-box synopsis>." "What if I can't get it to work?" "Oh, sometimes you just need to take it out and blow into the cartridge." [WHAT?! NO!!!] "It's a bit pricey..." "Well I just go by ebay prices." People like this getting into the game, along with the rampant counterfeiting, are the reason why I don't buy original games that much anymore. That and I figure if I'm looking to buy a copy of City Connection, or maybe to stay topical Pro Sport Hockey, but Jaleco isn't getting a penny from me anyway, then I feel no problem with just going with a flashcart/emulator. I'm only interested in playing the games, not padding the wallets of speculators.
  6. @AdamCatalyst Ahh.. Sorry no. Although if you want to ramp them up, I might recommend the PAL versions... no? Funny, that never even occurred to me. But then I tend to mostly watch international events that are played in smaller, sometimes temporary, settings where the announcer will inevitably comment on how "This arena has some lively boards" and the dasher or older style stanchions will sometimes kick the puck out hard and possibly in a surprising direction.
  7. On a hunch I looked to see if 92 and 93 shared the same code as 94. The location was different, but doing a search for 0001 0005 0005 0018 yielded the same pairs of 0005's that determines the collision distances. Changing the 0's to F's made the puck bounce off the crowd's feet in every game. I actually just checked '95 to '98 and noticed the exact same thing for every game, so that was considerate of the coders. I pasted the locations into the comments of that original How To if you're interested.
  8. Figure I would share this here, since I figured out where the code was to do this same thing in all of the other Genesis games from NHL Hockey (92) to NHL '98. Turns out that every game follows the same pattern as '94, so the easy way is to just search for a Hex Value of 0001 0005 0005 0018. [Although in '95 it might be 0001 0005 0005 0001] It should be the only thing that comes up. That 0005 0005 is the only thing you want to change, but it will do the same thing in every game. OR The direct locations for each game if you prefer that is: For NHL HOCKEY [92] Location is D1BE & D1C0 For EA HOCKEY [92]PAL Location is CDEE & CDF0 FOR NHLPA'93 Location is 127F4 & 127F6 For NHL '94 Location is 017012 & 017014 For NHL '95 Location is A8CA & A8CC For NHL '96 Location is 21392 & 21394 For NHL '97 Location is 2653E & 26540 For NHL '98 Location is 2696E & 26970 By the way, I tested '95 with a collision of FFE5 and the boards were merely a suggestion. Rather than bouncing off anything, the puck would just sail into the crowd on any pass or shot that wasn't intercepted by a player first.
  9. Actually truth be known, I found the corresponding offset for the puck collision detection in EA [PAL] and NHL [NTSC] Hockey (92) games and it was the PAL version that I had modded. [I am slightly obsessed with the +20% "turbo mode" physics that playing the 50Hz game on the 60Hz setting gives you] It does seem to also make it harder for the CPU players to score so you might want to play around with it. I tried it out and had back-to-back 0-0 games, so results may vary. But the gist of it was that the whole team had a shot accuracy of 1 or 2 out of 6, so combined with the net collision being set to 0002 instead of the default 0005, it made for a play experience somewhere between complete frustration and masochistic joy, depending on how seriously you take your games. It's a weird one, so I'm not sure how much appeal it would have, but it's also only 90% complete. I can see about posting it when the progress bar reached 100% though.
  10. Maybe it's because it was the second game I ever owned, [after the Mario/Duck Hunt pack-in] but I have to go Blades of Steel. I did play Ice Hockey a bunch because a friend had it back in the day, but while it was a lot of fun, I wasn't a fan of the 3-on-3 format. And sorry to contradict Seth's old comment, but there were some notable differences in team skills [although all players on a team were the same if that was his meaning] and you could employ some different game play strategies like picking your angle and using the arrow to your advantage. As well as putting your opponent at a literal disadvantage by winning fights. Maybe it was just the amount of time I sunk into each, but Ice Hockey's strategy, especially against the guys I played against all the time, was to just try to get open and get a quick shot or just blast it and hope. Could also be that most of my friends were good at offence and sucked on D, and I was the opposite, but we also tended to have a lot of 1-0, 2-1 games. Also, have to give a nod to Konami because they used to make games that were and they were totally awesome.
  11. Funny, I just got a message yesterday from my brother about a ROM I pranked him with. Small nets and awful shot accuracy. "What the hell did you do to my team?!" "Yeah. Sorry man. I'll fix that." "No! I'm losing 4-0! I love it!"
  12. Yeah it's the reverse angle, but that's pretty awesome. Just sad his comment of "lost media". As someone who appreciates historical records, never not annoyed and disappointed when I hear the phrase "The tapes were scrubbed to be reused and free up storage space."
  13. Oh. Okay this is a thing that I've been wanting to do for a long time. Hope I don't sound pushy, but I'm more artist than coder, so I still need some step-by-step guides if you find the time to put some together. I will of course be ever grateful and in your debt.
  14. I think it could work. In the 30 team 94 ROM, I added it to the tail end of the code and there was still quite a bit of room left over in the 2MB version. I believe you could essentially do the same thing in 95 unless there is some weird issue with available RAM. I had to slightly increase the amount of tiles to accommodate the player cards coming through, so I suspect this would be the case for 95. I'm not familiar with trying Drezz's method in '95, but I did notice that there are 727 unique tiles in the ROM data. while the menu background is 40x28=1120 tiles. I was able to use the less intrusive method of reordering them to get some different looks, but I was playing around with the 34-team ROM though and encountering a lot of glitches similar to @kingraph's playoff screen issue any time I tried to get too fancy with that and other assets. Haven't tried using the much-more-stable original 26-team ROM. Might yield better results. [assuming that RAM concern doesn't prove prophetic]
  15. Very interesting. Reminded me of how much I miss the longer individualized team descriptions when they were omitted from '94. I'm curious though, I had intended on taking a look into this version of '93 at some point, mainly for the same reasons as you, and party because I like the spinning EASN logos on the opening splash screen. The disconnect of the All-Star teams is a little bit of a draw back though. Makes me wonder if there is an easy way around that or if it's just how it is if you want to modify the teams in any way. [read: more trouble than it's worth]
  16. This is pretty cool. Sign me up for guys that would be interested if you're up for sharing notes. I've played around with that background for a few mods, but always gone with just editing and reordering the existing background tiles. Totally up for a less fiddly and time consuming option.
  17. Think we might need more information to go on to figure out where you are, but something comes to mind that we should get out of the way first. I'm curious, are you using the 30 or the 32-team ROM? The problem with the 32-team mod is that, like the original game, only the starting lineup gets a picture and every other player is stuck with default left/right-handed player/goalie image. Now if you're using the 30-team mod, you should already have an image in the ROM data for every player, so it should just be a matter of tracking that down and replacing it. [Once you've been able to determine where that player's data references are of course]
  18. Black seems a tad dark on the stark white ice, but it's interestng to see how it comes together. I'll PM you the resulting ROM.
  19. I think the issue with that is the fonts. There are, if I recall correctly, three "basic" fonts and four large that are visually identical to each other, but functionally are used in different contexts. One of which, in both cases, includes the transparent “mesh” or “checkerboard” or whatever you want to call it. It might[?] be as easy as also making the text background black as well. <pause for quick testing> Well, it's a start. Just used the original grey, but swapping the grey for black, and probably changing the fonts to the clearer older style since that drop shadow wouldn't show up anyway, would likely yeild the result you are looking for.
  20. After a long hiatus, it's finally time to revisit the World Championships. ...with a twist. The story behind this entry is that as the new millennium approaches, it is now the time of the PlayStation and EA games have fully embraced the era of low-poly 3D models, janky animation and really learning what the word "clipping" means. As for the IIHF series, it is also reaching a milestone in releasing its tenth game. I do not have this game. However, as a bonus Tenth Birthday surprise, the Anniversary Edition of this game has an Easter egg in the menu where you can load up an retro version of the game based on the NHL'94 ROM. So, presenting the retro review of: First thing one will notice is that the game art is more of a reference to NHL'94 rather than IIHF'94. This is mostly due to the game being built on the architecture of the PlayStation version of the game and some limitations imposed with that. There are a few differences that will show up between this version and the original, starting with how Team 1920 got the call to adapt it to the IIHF, but the rest of the old credit scroll was disabled. When the main menu comes up, the Play Mode is the second difference, [third counting the missing second splash screen] You start with a "Play Now" option and the User Records were disabled. Likely due to not having a way to save them on the PlayStation. Another big change is that there is no Ron Barr introducing the game [for obvious licensing reasons] and while, unlike the retro NHL'94 version with fake random player names, this game does have the real player names, but the connection to the photos had been severed and only these staticy silhouettes remained. [which meant that the researcher didn't have to spend any time trying to find photos of all of the players, so hey, that's fine] An interesting difference for the playoffs, the updated IIHF World Championship trophy makes an appearance [in it's final form before being retired in favour of a new trophy unveiled at next year's tournament] Player cards get some nice updated logos, but of course no photos. Another interesting difference with the PlayStation version is that the code for the player stats is wholly dependant on a "blank defenceman" being listed in the code for the players or else the stat screen completely breaks. No idea why this is, just that it takes up bytes. Also in the "no idea" file, the "Press A to Switch teams" text on the bottom of this screen was removed. Trying to put it back just breaks things, but the text not being there doesn't mean that you can't still press A to view your opponent's player stats anyway. One on-ice improvement over the original IIHF'94 is that the full licensing agreement by this time means that ice logos are based on team uniform logos as opposed to each country's flag or coat of arms. It's tiny, and not quite the right colour, but the World Champs trophy makes an on-ice appearance once you win the playoffs as well. A final note. Since the game is not being emulated within a PlayStation game, this End Game menu item doesn't actually do anything. Apparently an interview with a Team 1920 spokesperson at the time revealed that while this game was "an interesting challenge to work with, it is unlikely that we will be revisiting it for any future releases." So there you have it. IIHF 2000 [10AE].bin
  21. Have to say, I like the look of that rink. I've been sketching ideas for my own outdor rink, but in leaning for a much older style without glass means I can't borrow that awesome transparent look.
  22. This is the kind of interesting thing that you don't think about as a kid. Design iteration? Supply chain changes? Why wouldn't they just make them all the same? Seems I have a model 2 [grey and SEGA branded cord], which sounds like the better model? but admittedly I don't use it much as I prefer my 6-button.
  23. Looks like Jkline beat me by 5 minutes. If you're interested, I have tinkered with it for my IIHF Roms, sadly I have not found how to change the colour palette so you're kind of stuck with silver But the only thing I can add is that save states and two player head-to-head are your friends. Unless of course you want to play four games in a row every time you make a tweak...
  24. If I may offer some more info I've acquired on the refs, I was chatting with Jkline3 about them and how every ref/linesman image other than the faceoff popup seems to have some really crazy compression going on there. To the point where the animation, arrangement and image data even looks like it's all smashed into a single tile. Even simple recolouring [him, dasherboards; me, zebra suit] seems to be verboten and guarantees a glitch. Luckily I got to do some of that giant-shoulder standing thing and didn't waste as much time on it as I could have. Definitely more big-brain stuff than I can pull off, but if one of the real big-brains around here is able to dissect those guys, that would be awesome. I just suspect that it was not a big enough priority to look into thus far. Annoyingly, this seems to also be the reason why there doesn't appear to be any graphics tiles for the EA Sports "watermarks" in the background of all of the stats/pregame screens. As someone who likes to rebrand the games, necessitating a different watermark, it would be nice to, likely, redirect these backgrounds to a different section of the rom where one could put any watermark one pleases. So far the only solution I've found is just setting all of the background colours to the same shade.
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