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    NHL Jam '21

    Hey @seamorthis ROM looks/sounds f**king fun as s**t. Unfortunately (for me) I'm not really a gens player anymore and stick mostly to what i know, which these days is snes. So, uh, er, hmm, i guess my question is how many unique likes/subs/notifications do i need to round-up for your youtube channel in order to get you to f**k around and make a version of this for snes also? I'm only f**king around (for the most part), but just out of curiosity, do you mess around with snes ROMs ever also? Either way, nice work on this one. I'm looking forward to seeing it in action. DanK
  2. True and very well said, Mr. Kudelski (btw I absolutely LOVED your work when you were with Ottawa). And in my opinion the starkest example of what you just said is Dallas. Mike Modano, although he may have the teeth of a f**king horse, makes that team viable almost single-handedly. And then when you throw in the Russ "The Lesser Courtnall" Courtnall (h/t @TecmoJon), well then that collectively 67-rated bunch of fuckstains can make some goddamn noise. DanK
  3. I like to play CHI-DET and play as the Blackhawks because I'm a YUUUUUGE Blackhawks fan (esp when Roenick was 1st line at the motherfucking dot) but also because DeToilet always beats me in that matchup and I just fuuuuuucking hate myself. So it works! DanK
  4. Your missus sounds like she's..........not bad. Not bad at all. The f**king WHALE rules. And I won't hear anything to the contrary DanK
  5. Jesus tittyfucking christ, @illegalsmileIV:XX, between you and James Joyce you Irish sure are pithy with your storytelling yeah? Just f**king with you buddy. Based on your usage of the pound sign for money, i gather you're either in "naarthern eyerland" or in great britain, and based on your implied love of weed, booze and GoldenEye, once us f**king yanks are allowed to travel again i'm gonna have to stop by and challenge you to a weekend of "IS THAT ALL YA GOT?!?!?" where the first one to tap-out loses. Your story was f**king hilarious man, thank you for sharing. And i played australian rule
  6. Prior to buying myself a Switch for my 40th bday in March of 2019 (hey man, it was on sale!) I hadn't kept up with ANY console gaming whatsoever since the great Genesis/SNES wars of the 90's. I was a diehard Genesis kid back then and I played the absolute f**k of EA hockey (OG, 93 & 94) and Madden. My dog eventually murdered my Genesis and then when I moved to Colorado for college in '97 I discovered other ways to "spend my time". I moved back to Chicago after college in like 2002 and my best friend since the age of 6 (he was an SNES combatant in the great console wars) got me playing '94
  7. Your comment f**king cracked me up man, as I served in the 1st console wars as well (on the Genesis side). EA is a very different company these days, but they do have like a side-project/indie arm that releases decent games still (Unravel 1 & 2 come to mind). EA's offerings on the Switch are a sick joke (FIFA 21 is just a f**king re-skin of FIFA's 2018-2020, as far as i've read), but they also love money, so it'd just be a matter of getting enough pre-hype or proven interest/demand. The best thing the Switch has going for it is that it's still selling like crazy, so there's a s**t-ton of s
  8. *Caveat: I'm a rookie here and I have never attended a live tourney/event of any kind, so take my opinion with the Kilimanjaro-sized grain of salt that it deserves, but here goes: Question #1 : I live in Chicago, so Minny is all good w/ me. I’ve been there a bunch over the past 10+ years and have gotten smashed there a bunch. Fun town, s**t tons of hotels/bars/restaurants, all good. Question #2 : Again, I’m in Chicago, so Green Bay is easy for me too. But, if you could have all the f**king packers fans leave town for the weekend, that would be greeeeaaaaaat (just kidding, but Go BEAR
  9. #1: that "weird dude" with the plastic stairs has been my own personal "Property Brother" and I'll not have you besmirch that guy! He's inspired me to plastic all the stairs in my entire condo building (it's harder though, nowadays, to break into my neighbor's units undetected since everyone is working from home. Thanks for nothing, COVID!) and #5: honestly, @danTML7 f**king rules, as does most everybody around here. I'm just a rookie (and I'm one dumb cookie), but the amount of guys in this community who are willing to raise their hands to create new ROMS, start up side leagues, help foo
  10. You're a stud, @dangler, thanks for your work on this buddy! I'm looking forward to trying it out
  11. Heyyyyyy, so I hate to be "that guy" because it seems like you guys have a pretty cool thing going here, but I represent the acid-jazz-funk-black metal band "Heads in Asses" and I'm just letting you know that unless you take this post down (or change the name) then my firm will be forced to initiate legal proceedings for copyright infringement reasons. And trust me, I wanna be cool, I don't want to have to do that. But there can only be so many "Heads in Asses" in the world, sooooo Just kidding, i'm f**king pants-shitting drunk right now, I just really like the title of this post.
  12. I get it. Story of my life; always a bridesmaid, never the bride...
  13. Hey @dangler, put me in there for Smelly Cheli please! (that is, if there's no one else more deserving who has already reached out and/or if you'd just rather not put me in there lol) DanK
  14. Just wanted to join everyone else here in saying welcome, Dr Bill! And, as a fellow aficionado of swearing, I wanted to let you know that you can swear like a f**king sailor around here! Just do it with a s**t-eating grin on your face, always in good fun, never out of true anger (unless you're mad at yourself; I tell myself to f**k right off all the time whenever I s**t the bed switching to manual goalie). Also, just know that, while I haven't truly tested the limits of the PG-13 post-editing program in use, you can say s**t, f**k and b***h all day long around here, but the only way I've found
  15. I'm bored waiting on something to hit my inbox for work so I've been bouncing around the forums and ended up here. I think the constructive posts on this topic are f**king excellent, and since I'm also a rookie (new here as of April 2020) I'll focus primarily on the stuff that @kidswastedand @Decadent, all of which I think is great. 1. I don't know how hard it used to be get setup for online play, but i agree that the RA setup/links on the homepage is f**king dynamite now and it is suuuuuper welcoming for new guys to get up and running playing games, in my opinion. I'm a complete compute
  16. And I average 15 more body checks/game than most SNES players. Goals are pretty to look at and all, I guess, but body checks are memorable. It's just like my youth hockey coach told me (editor's note: Danny is referring to youth video game hockey here. He can barely f**king skate in real life.): "If you ain't hitting, then you'll be f**king sittin'!" In all seriousness, this is a dizzying amount of data, Tick, but it's really friggen interesting. Thank you for putting all of this together!
  17. These are graphs are friggen fascinating, @Tickenest. I don't know how to read them and/or what any of them mean, but thank you for putting them together, i'm sure someone will eventually be able to translate these to me whether I want them to or not, haha!
  18. I ran the math and what @koke_45 said actually checks out. So bet away!
  19. Can you bet on yourself?!?! Does a hobby horse have a wooden dick? Last time i checked this is still America, my friend: land of the free and home of more COVID cases than just about anywhere. You can do anything you damn well please! In fact it's practically encouraged!
  20. Welcome to the Playoff Preview for the C-Unit (SNES) 1st Round Series! This took quite a while and I’m too lazy to do another one, so you could say this will cover the entire playoff race. LFG! 1. Birdman8686 (PIT) - 1500 8. thatdrizzle (QUE) + 1500 Season Series (4-1 PIT) @birdman8686 must be a fan of dual-personality/schizophrenic celeb Miley Cyrus (AKA Hannah Montana), because he came into the C-Unit like a wrecking ball! Birdie’s Pittsburgh Penguins squad led the entire league in GF/G (6.08) AND in GA/G (2.88) and ended the regular season on a 17-game win streak en route to a 36-4
  21. This is f**king dynamite! A big "Thank You" to @Triple A and @Xstioph for the doing the dirty work on the ROM and setting the league stuff up. Also i swear i didn't look at the updated team rankings when i picked, but I took Chicago bc i figured they'd at least be "better than good" since it's still '94 and b/c i'm a total Blackhawks homer who may have a had few soda-pops while watching the CHI-EDM series wrap-up from the cu playoffs this year. And it looks like i got pretty lucky in terms of my pick (counterpoint: if i can't pick well at #3 then i deserve my lot in life). Regardless, I'm
  22. i found this here online community by me talking random s**t about what a demi-god i was at NHL'94 hockey on twitter. and now i'm here in the C division, which is either exactly where i belong or some kind of Make-A-Wish Foundation type s**t and i'm just not in on the joke. Bottom line, you guys around here are really f**king good, and i've had the time of my life getting my f**king face beaten in lo these past 4 or 5 months. Im looking forward to this SNES league, and to having an opportunity to play against, and probably lose to, a whole slew of new faces. Let's f**king Go!
  23. Gimme Vancouver please