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  1. NHLPA 93 for the SNES was the version I played the most when I was little, so I have a soft spot for it despite the fact that it's sluggish and that it left out features that were in the Genesis version. It's also kind of a comfort thing for me because I played it while I was recovering from a really bad alergic reaction to a shot when I was little. I admit it isn't nearly as good as any of the other SNES/Genesis versions of the game, but I still like it the most out of all of them. You could easily say my bias toward the game is because of my experiences connected to it, and not a reflection
  2. whats your cell#

  3. To be perfectly accurate, no. I don't come here all that often.

  4. I don't really have much in the way of technical details. However, I have spent time on the menu screen swapping back and forth to a specific team, watching the frequency which each goalie appears on it and it definitely has a higher chance to select the goalie with the highest byte regardless of if the goalie is in the first slot in the roster. I found that the bytes themselves are taken from the GP stat from each goalie using the previous seasons stats and that I can accurately determine the goalie bytes for certain goalies by using the following formula. X = Y / (Z / 15) Where X is t
  5. In NHLPA 93, the Goalie bytes dictate how likely it is for that goalie to be the starter. For instance, if you were to change the Goalie bytes on Chicago to 111F, you'll see a lot of Ray Leblanc. So be sure Florida's goalie bytes are in favor if John Vanbiesbrouck instead of Mark Fitzpatrick. (Such as A300 or something)
  6. Yes, I do exist. I'm very quiet around here, but I am here. None the less, I'd much rather everyone would discuss the actual topic this thread was intended for instead of the fact that I'm female and play NHL games.
  7. I just made a new discovery involved in this bug. Kind of validating my choice to call it the "Red Card Bug." The glitch happened again because my team racked up a bunch of penalties after one of my players got a double minor, so it happened similarly to the first time I experienced the bug. After figured out the bug happened again, I decided randomly to use manual goalie and ended up conceding a goal, and I found out that if the team with the power play scores a goal on a team with an infinite penalty kill, the goal doesn't actually end the penalty kill. Meaning whoever is stuck in the box w
  8. Ok, so I was playing a version of NHL 97 in which I edited rosters of... I'm not sure if this bug had anything to do with that or not, but I was playing a season on it, on one of the games I played, one of my Defensemen got a double minor penalty. A while after that I ended up getting an interference penalty and then another double minor. Well, after the interference penalty ended and the one guy came out of the box, I noticed something odd... The following face off I was back down to three men. When the second double minor finished I realized the Defenseman that got the first double minor wa
  9. It doesn't really seem to matter for me, I play just about the same going both ways. Although when I was younger I played visitors about 90% of the time, but that was mainly because I liked the colored jerseys. (that and for the most part I played SNES NHLPA 93, and I'm not sure if anyone else abused the goalie getting stuck on the south net when you did wrap arounds quite like I did when I was a kid)
  10. Yes, I believe they should include NHL 94 on the Wii Virtual Console. And if they do include it, since the Virtual Console has both the SNES and the Genesis... I think they should include both versions of NHL 94, just to make everyone happy. ^.^
  11. I know I've been quiet lately, I've been busy with other things and haven't had many chances to come on until recently. But now I'm back. ^.^ Hopefully I'll be back for a while.